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2011/7/20 12:19:58
Interface & Timeline Can we move the start position back in time? I sometimes find that I need to add stuff at the beginning of the movie - a case in point is adding a new character who needs to be lying down,we only have the falling into grave animation for that so I need him to start falling before the current start point.
2011/7/20 11:37:56
Update fail. Doh!
I HAD seen that but hadn't tied that in in with THIS update.

2011/7/20 11:03:04
Update fail. mcmillan-ra wrote:
Hi Simon,

A new version (0.16b) was released on Monday. If you are getting a failed update then you can download the 32-bit update from here and the 64-bit update from here.

Fab - release notes?
2011/7/20 9:03:22
up loader problem Hi Mysto,
Well, I did check and 5.0 insists it's up to date. Its probably an add-on causing a conflict or something.
2011/7/19 20:40:24
Update fail. When I run Muvizu I get a message:
"An update exists for Muvizu, would you like to download and install it?"

I was a little puzzled as I thought I had the latest update: v0.15b build: 2011.05.25.0R1 (64 bit).
Anywhere I can check that's the latest?

Anyway I clicked on Yes and got:

"An error has occurred:Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determined."

Any thoughts?

2011/7/19 20:33:05
up loader problem I've had problems with the uploader using FireFox 5. When I select Upload file from the upload menu I just get a blank window with "upload video" at the bottom. If I switch to IE (using IE tab) it's OK.
2011/7/15 18:00:28
Sound Effects / Background Audio.....want more? I'll add a request for fading/vol ctrl animation while I'm at it.
2011/7/14 9:54:27
Interface & Timeline Wizaerd wrote:
Emily wrote:
Just out of interest, would you prefer a short, fast swooping camera movement, or no movement at all?

When I right click on a character to view and/or edit their properties (objects too), I expect to see the character or object I am wishing to affect. I don't mind the swooping, although it could be mucho faster, but if you want to just cut to their position I am fine with that as well. I would hate to blindly change properties without seeing the effect of those changes.

As I work with Visual Studio/Eclipse most days one feature that I find useful is a properties window that's there permanently, which changes as I select different objects. It's always in the same place and types of properties are grouped together in the same order. It also has a dropdown to allow me to select an object by name without having to find it and select it. This latter would require some internal default name generation (wall-1,wall-2) as I don't name every object in Muvizu.

I think generally as more features become available docked windows may become increasingly necessary in order to tidy away the clutter from scene view (optionally floating, of course).

I guess this take it away from the fun,"let's get to it" presentation but should allow faster working at the end of the day.
2011/7/13 14:22:57
Textures everywhere Danimal wrote:
I don't mind the hair, but I would most definitely back the ability to add custom textures to anything.

And wow, a Max Headroom reference?!? I'm sad to admit I got it...

Reminds me of my former CEO, Steve Kelly...
2011/7/13 14:06:34
Textures everywhere barrys wrote:

Importing clothes and attachment for the character isn't possible I'm afraid. It's on a to-do list and may pop up in the future. We've just not had time to expose those features and wrap them up in a user-friendly set of controls.

But...Jon Bez's suggestion...a few comments back about fully-painted characters...?

Watch this space.


Ho-hum - and I just read that you'd done stuff "including animated Shakespeare shorts for the BBC" - where's my ruff?!!!
2011/7/13 12:34:51
Textures everywhere So what's the prospect for importing body characteristics? I'm mainly talking clothes of course.
I had some Shakespeare-related ideas (esp as those scripts are not copyrighted!) but obviously the standard set doesn't include much suitable. I'm sure there are hats, shoes out there for importing. I can see the import would be tricky as you'd need to scale and attach the model appropriately.
2011/7/13 11:12:14
Interface & Timeline Luscan wrote:
Hi Si,

A lot of really good feedback here, thank you.

I'd just like to make a quick point that you can move the time-bar (the line with the pink triangle on the time-line) between cue points by clicking on the skip backwards and forwards buttons on the time-line. The skip buttons are the ones with the single triangle and the lines.

Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, I'm doing that and it works OK but only helps with, say, making sure the speech starts at the right point, if it stopped at the next cue point I'd know the speech finished in time too. Maybe a 'play until next cue-point' button which looks like the slow play button on your video player e.g. II>

More requests whilst I'm here, these may be there but I haven't found them yet.
Play in full screen. (my (poor old) eyes still can't make out everything in the camera window, some stuff isn't apparent until you make the video)
Play without timeline.(it is a bit big after all and I like to view the action from different angles so I can see if there's another camera view that's useful). Or maybe make the time-line a real window so it can sit outside the main Muvizu window (which then applies to other windows heh-heh!)
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2011/7/12 21:41:05
Interface & Timeline So loving the new UI and the cue points. Obviously there's a request (or two) coming...

can we label the cue points?
Can we play between two cue points? (useful for sound cues when the dialogue is snappy)
I'd like some minimal sound editing. I know it can be done elsewhere and the oft asked for multiple channels would help but I still find the action has to follow the sound, which means the timing has to be spot on when recorded. So I'd like the options to:
a) insert some silence
b) insert a new sound (eg a new line from the script).
c) paint the tracks for each character (eg fred speaks from here to here) - I guess one of those wavy lines would be handy there too. I believe I made this suggestion way back before the timeline came along and it still sounds good to me (sounds good - geddit?). We sort of have it but maybe inserting a talk event which we can then stretch would do it.
d) a non-timeline thing here would be a toggle rather than talk+shush would be easier than watching the timeline for the next cuepoint and moving the mouse at the same time. Hitting talk twice gives strange results!
e) on the same point when directing the current point marker(?) is quite close to the right hand-side which doesn't give much lead into the next cuepoint.

Thanks for listening,
2010/7/28 13:32:00
My Wishlist for Muvizu Thanks Jim,
I had more in mind a separate audio editor so that there's no rendering or animation to compute along with the audio (unless you add the face shot option).
2010/7/27 12:16:15
My Wishlist for Muvizu Hi Jim/Scott,

I had another thought about the 'dialogue editor' idea and whether separate audio tracks were the right way to go. In the end I guess it depends on what other tools you have access to. If you already have an audio track with all your dialogue on it then separating the tracks may be tricky even using e.g. Audacity.

My suggestion would be something similar to the timeline edior with the audio track at the top (ideally with the wave pattern showing so you at least know where the gaps are) and then a line for each character. You could then add talk/shush segments in situ by dragging a selection out using the mouse and using the anchor points for fine control (as now). This would be easy to line up with the wave on the audio track. This method would fit in with your current functionlity as you're just tracking the talk/shush events (as now) and there's no actual need for separate tracks for each character.

Possible additions to this idea:
Face shots of the characters so you can play+animate the audio track before recording. Easy to check who's saying what line that way.
Add/remove gaps in the audio track itself (ie match the audio to the animation eg someone's moving and you want to wait til they stop to start talking)
Add background audio track and FX tracks for synchronisation of all audio elements.
Zoom - like adobe première - zoom in/out for finer control (also for the timeline editor)

2010/7/26 14:29:24
Locomotion/ clothing Hi guys,

It would be nice for some extra locomotion animations other than walking,running: hopping,jumping,skipping(?), forward roll.

Clothing: coats e.g. trench coat, jackets, suits, etc.

2010/7/26 14:19:39
My Wishlist for Muvizu Hi,

Yes I quite agree with point 2. Although this has vastly improved from the original release , having to cut between actors in real-time is a pain and can be quite tricky. If you had a channel per actor you could almost do away with the speak/hush buttons entirely.

2009/11/18 11:58:32
Dialogue timing

I think having to anticpate in real-time when a particular character has the next line is a bit tricky. Even in the tutorial Barry has a buffer to help out.
Perhaps we could allow the Shush/Talk buttons to be effective when the recorder is paused. This way you can pause at the end of a line, shush the current actor, talk the next actor etc.
Maybe (later) a dialoue editor with a track for each actor so you can easily see who is speaking when.

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