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2011/9/9 16:30:42
Latest update freezing.. Forgot to add... I'm using Windows 7 Home 64 bit. Muvizu(64 bit)..
2011/9/7 7:18:42
Latest update freezing.. I ran through a bunch of different things today trying out the new software. One thing I noticed was that if I log into my account through the software. Anytime I try to create something the software hangs. I have to do a complete shutdown of the program in order to resolve the issue. Hence I don't log in now. Didn't know if anyone else had/has this issue. Some sort of bug somewhere I presume.

That is all.
2011/7/31 17:47:23
Can't save favourite character Awesome. That did it. I had a custom decal on a shirt.

Thank you very much.
2011/7/30 18:44:44
Can't save favourite character When I try to save a character I've created into my "favourites", I see "rename" "delete" and "save".. But they are all greyed out. I can only return to the "Edit" screen. Any one know why I can't save? Thanks.
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