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2014/3/4 16:51:57
A new 'King of the Hill' video... Luanne Platter sings "One Tin Soldier"

From the U.S. TV Series, 'King of the Hill'.

Propane! Watch in HD.

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2014/3/2 14:44:52
Asset Creation GeneralVeers wrote:
If I may.

From my prospective, I think it would be a shame if the asset creation were to be infringed upon. Many of us newer users are (currently) able to download a set and look around it and see how the effects are created. We have a saying in the U.S. > "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." On the other hand I see the point of the ones who actually pay for the storage space for these great creations. Herein lies the dilemma.

But on the other side of the coin....When I first discovered Muvizu I thought it was awesome. But in the past few months I've witnessed the advent of use of other software being integrated into the assets. (like the addition of RL faces and such) I don't particularly care for these assets as it takes something away from the beauty of the original idea of Muvizu. (in other words, why can't you guys just use what they give you, and improvise?)
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Don't assume that every mogul or near-mogul has the super-duper play plus version. Some of us grunts are doing it using the everyday free version. Someday, though...
2014/3/2 14:38:49
wink? Within Muvizu, you can't. But if you have a good video editor, here's a kludge. Film your character twice: a) with normal eyes blinking and b) with blinking turned off. You cannot have the character's head moving too much. Then load them into your editor and create a split-screen, one half where the don't blink and the other where they do blink, putting the dividing line right between the eyes.

Here's an example:

It's not a perfect solution, but it does work to some degree.
2014/2/18 11:01:46
Toon Shading Thanks so much for your responses.
2014/2/16 20:04:43
Toon Shading Simple question, is Toon Shading even working? I tried to create a video using toon shading and it's a no-go. The video is produced with regular shading. While the toon shading appears in the editing window, it doesn't show anywhere else, including the final output.

Wasted so much time and effort.
2014/2/13 17:17:19
"Unable to load Muvizu.dll (Exception 0x8007007E) Are you saying it didn't work?
2014/1/28 18:07:51
Backdrop Panes - Video overlays not working Thanks for the step-by-step lesson on using VirtualDub, but, they're still not animated. The avi's only appear as still pics.

The avi's only appear as still pics in Muvizu.
In VirtualDub, they work beautifully!
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2014/1/28 15:33:48
Backdrop Panes - Video overlays not working > BUMP <

bigwally wrote:
Tried my hand at making a quick video, using an .avi file on a backdrop. It was either blank, a still image, or just the first second of the video, starting over and over. How do I get a video imported to a backdrop without it messing up?

My Muvizu version: MZASS - v1.2 - build: 2013.10.28.01R (32-bit)
2014/1/28 15:32:44
Lip Syncing? Glad to see you up an running. Much thanks to Zev_Dynamite for explaining how to do it. I couldn't explain it without confusing people.
2014/1/27 23:45:34
Lip Syncing? SonOfKong wrote:
All the same. It would be great to have our characters seem to be actually mouthing their lines.

Look at other videos on this site. I think you will notice that 90% of the time, lip-sync is right on cue. One of the problems with many users is when the dialog is complete with other sounds "tainting" the mix, such as music, sound effects, noise, other characters talking over others, etc. If you use a track with pure dialog, from one character, without any other noise, I think you would find that Muvizu does an amazing job of lip-sync. It's just up to the animator/filmmaker to figure out how to separate these sounds for use with Muvizu.
2014/1/27 23:33:50
Lip Syncing? primaveranz wrote:
Yeah, I tried to make a character whistle recently. Don't bother trying it

Here's my half-assed attempt:
2014/1/27 23:29:13
Backdrop Panes - Video overlays not working Tried my hand at making a quick video, using an .avi file on a backdrop. It was either blank, a still image, or just the first second of the video, starting over and over. How do I get a video imported to a backdrop without it messing up?

My Muvizu version: MZASS - v1.2 - build: 2013.10.28.01R (32-bit)
2014/1/25 12:32:46
Muvizu Workflow ukBerty wrote:
Don't know if you've seen this blog post - very interesting.

This has highlighted a kind of fundamental difference in the approach you can take in Muvizu and the more productive one Disney use. Let me elaborate....

When blocking out a scene you concentrate on character movement. Where are they, where do they move and what do they do. This should be the first thing to do as demonstrated by Disney. But in Muvizu it's the last thing you do. You have to build the set and then put the characters in rather than the other way round.

Building a set is a very, very time consuming task. If you wanted to emulate the workflow demonstrated by Disney you would have to build the set around each character movement. You'd have to build it piece by piece for each shot. You can see that Disney just plop the whole thing in.

Hmmmm... I personally am a minimalist when it comes to set design. I think people would be shocked/amused when they see how sparse my actual sets are. In Nick Danger - Cut 'Em Off at the Past, many of the "sets" are just photo backgrounds, using invisible platforms to put the actors in the proper places.

After all, were are trying to emulate Hollywood (in many ways) when making videos. If a Hollywood director wants the Taj Mahal for his movie, he doesn't build a replica of the Taj Mahal, he fakes it. Hollywood is all about "faking it". If you need an interior of a jet plane, you don't build an entire jet plane, you build localize sets that are needed.
2014/1/25 12:09:44
Graphic bug (large white streaks) with Play+ gimmick wrote:

I have a boring problem with Play+ : large white streaks when any window is moved. This graphical bug appears only with Play+ . Not with Muvizu 0.23. Not with my other 3D & video softwares.

I use Muvizu Play+ 2013.12.19.01R_x64 on a laptop with Intel i7 processor
The drivers of my NVidia GT230M graphic card are updated
Would you have an idea? Drink

*** BEWARE *** This post is not for technically weak of heart. Do not use if you aren't sure. One false move and your computer becomes a doorstop.

You might consider overclocking your graphics card using an program like nTune (from Nvidia) or MSI iAfterburner (msi). My GT240 chip does a similar thing as yours, depending on my computer's attitude. Overclocking keeps my computer and Muvizu happy (six years running). Also consider downloading a CPU/GPU Temp Reporting program, to keep an eye on the temps. I use "Real Temp" to keep an eye on things.
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2014/1/21 9:43:46
Hitfilm Express currently FREE For Mac and Windows 64-bit ONLY. Even though they didn't say so. Had to dig around on their site to find the requirements.
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2014/1/14 12:53:06
NOMINATED FOR A SHORTY AWARD! HELP NEEDED! I would vote for you, but I don't have a Twit account.
2014/1/14 12:47:55
Muvizu Artist Needed for Commercial Use I responded as well. I'm assuming that your silence means you are not interested?
2014/1/14 12:35:17
NOMINATED FOR A SHORTY AWARD! HELP NEEDED! I'm confused (normally, but) why are asking for us to nominate you when you said you've been nominated already?
2013/12/30 1:08:16
Guessing Contest! octo-crab wrote:
Hey guys! I've made a little contest here. If anybody guesses what the following picture is, I'll post a special link here! Wave
So work together and guess! If nobody guesses before Feb. 1st 2014, I won't post anything. Now go and guess!

(And the answer is not "octo-crab's user picture")

UPDATE: A wallpaper will be given too if answer if given before Jan. 20th
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It's the Marvelous Breadfish.
2013/12/18 10:26:55
"Not enough room" Error - Revisited That was exactly it. It was placed in the 'Spam' folder. I fixed that. Thanks for the response.
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