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2012/11/23 20:58:16
Magical Misery Tour Warning: Explicit Lyrics! - My latest video (if approved by the Muvizu staff) is a John Lennon & Yoko Ono spoof with lyrics culled from an infamous Rolling Stones magazine interview with him.

Warning: Explicit Lyrics! Cursing
2012/11/10 4:19:44
Huh? barrys wrote:
Hi BigWally

Moguls are exemplary Muvizu users who are prolific creators, community leaders or all-round good eggs. The chap (I think) you're referring to has been incredibly helpful with the Italian language version of Muvizu and has made dozens of videos with the software. We've recognised his contribution to the Muvizu project by naming him as a Mogul.

Now, unfortunately we can't 'make' him upload to this site, nor can we 'make' him even choose YouTube but nonetheless for activities you're not aware of and in service to a fledgling Italian community he's now a well-deserved Mogul.

Oh, and we're working on changing our video-hosting system so that his (and others') videos can be brought across to ours. So, hopefully, you'll see his creations soon enough.

Thanks for a great question.


Sounds good! Hope he comes through with something. Maybe it's the English we use that intimidates him from coming here.
2012/11/9 12:23:42
Huh? How does one become a mogul by never uploading a single video to Muvizu?
2012/11/2 15:08:38
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Congrats to Ziggy72 and Woztoons! I was pulling for you (in more ways than one.)

(Somehow that doesn't sound right... Duhh
2012/11/2 12:51:00
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Kimberley228K wrote:
Hi everyone!

We are happy to announce that Artpen is the spooky Halloween competition winner!

Artpen will be recieving a Bamboo Wacom tablet!

"Ooohhh, ahhhh!"

Everyone done such a great job and we think you all deserve a round of applause! Applause

Thank you so much for being patient and waiting to hear who won!

Well done Artpen!

Congrats to Artpen!!!

Now, who are the other two winners? You did say three winners, so we're still waiting.
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2012/11/2 5:59:10
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! WozToons wrote:
I have a gun and I'm not afraid to use it.
Now if I could only learn to pick it up you lot would really suffer!

However, as Muvizu HQ probably finish at about 5pm I gave up hope shortly after 4:45. I will check back tomorrow to see if their collective genius has finally managed to remove the blindfold and see where the pin ended up.Brick Wall

Darts would be easier. Hammer Time
2012/11/1 21:44:45
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! They always keep us in suspenders after a competition, like with the 10 Second AMD Fusion contest. (I really, really, really, really, wanted that AMD machine.) Duhh
2012/10/25 18:14:30
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! MrDrWho13 wrote:
bigwally wrote:
Here's my entry. Not spooky... think whimsy.

ooh, careful bigwally, 'Here’s what you have to do - By the 30th October we want you to create an amazing, beautiful Halloween video using Muvizu. It has to be good, Halloween related and 60 seconds long.'
edited by MrDrWho13 on 25/10/2012

Yeah, I know it's a little long. I'm leaving that up to the wonderful, good-looking, staff at Muvizu. Wave

Anywho, it's still a video. Happy Halloween!
2012/10/25 17:06:22
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Here's my entry. Not spooky... think whimsy.
2012/9/18 14:03:05 down this morning? Problems with the server? ( does work, however).
2012/9/17 11:13:33
Eyes wide shut Lev_Dynamite wrote:
HMMM. Literally just did exactly what you've done in this video and it's working fine here. This is definitely build 2012.09.11.01R you're using? Not that this problem should be present in any version, right enough, as I tend to test head & eye movement myself with each test version and have never noticed a problem!

Dreeko's correct. The eyes will not open and shut. I, too, have the latest version (32 bit). All I did was create a character (Beefy), made no changes, tried the eyes. No go.
edited by bigwally on 17/09/2012
2012/9/8 15:49:46
New version? I have seen a Twit and a forum post (from a staff member) hinting at a new release of Muvizu coming soon. Is there any truth in that?
2012/8/29 22:56:37
Super 10 (seconds) ziggy72 wrote:
Couldn't see any way to post anything on your Facebook page - no doubt because I'm not (and never will be) a member. Still, here's my tuppence worth anyway

Kudos to you Ziggy! The very first Muvizu clip where my sons actually laughed! ("Now we're talking!" was their response.) No offense to anybody, they just have a certain sense of humor. Don't even get them started on my videos. They're completely sick of them.

My pathetic attempt was buried and is now moribund. (It wasn't any good.) That's what I get for not even playing with the new characters when they were first released.

Well done!
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edited by bigwally on 29/08/2012
2012/8/21 19:50:44
ERROR MESSAGES HELP! Not sure if it will help, but here's a link to an older post that might help you...
2012/8/21 14:35:41
What 10-second Superhero Competition?!? KerryK wrote:
How about this - if you guys are struggling by Thursday afternoon and don't think you can make it by Sunday night, we can definitely look into extending it a couple days. How does that work for you?

Good deal!
2012/8/21 14:35:22
What 10-second Superhero Competition?!? Dreeko wrote:
It's only 10 secs Wally. It shouldn't take that long to produce me thinks..

No, it shouldn't. (Famous Last Words)

Remember, in the last competition, my video "Jolly Green Ginormous" was the only entry that even came close to 10 seconds (if you shorten or eliminated the titles.)
2012/8/21 13:46:55
What 10-second Superhero Competition?!? My problem is that now I've lost a weekend to get started on anything. Since I have to work all week, I "might" have time over the next weekend to churn out 1 or 2. It really isn't fair that some users have a 3 to 4 day head start. Seeing that the deadline date is rather nebulous, is it possible to extend the deadline?
2012/8/21 13:03:21
What 10-second Superhero Competition?!? I'm confused. Surely if there was a competition, it would be posted on this website.

2012/8/20 13:06:58
Is everyone on a holiday? Seems a little slow on the Muvizu site (except for the forum).
2012/8/17 14:53:48
me first real muvizu movie Loads of fun! Keep it up! Old time radio is a great resource for Muvizu videos.

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