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2012/8/10 12:10:05
I can't install Muvizu I have the same problem when I download from Muvizu. I ended up using a download manager. Any one, your choice.
2012/8/7 14:16:29
Get well soon Eef! Hope you feel better soon. We need you here!
2012/7/18 2:46:32
Goin in for 1st ever emergency hernia surgery this A speedy recovery for you, 'Filmz! (Make a Muvizu about it!)

BTW- That's a pain I wouldn't want. Sounds painful. Even my groin injury wasn't as painful sounding as that. That's right, I said "groin". :P
2012/6/23 14:21:07
Part 4 - Nick Danger & the case of the Missing Sho Just uploaded and ready for your enjoyment. Nick really walks into it this time...

2012/6/16 12:19:36
news Où allez-vous?
2012/6/15 18:51:12
Even More Nick Danger than anyone asked for! tripfreak wrote:
Nearly forgot to thank you for your answer ! Cool

Never heard of them but I love it and your 3rd part too ! Thumbs Up

Hope, you've got more material for the next episodes !?

I'm not sure if there will be any more Nick Danger. I've exhausted their multi-part episodes, but they do have at least some shorter episodes that may be usable. Strange, but usable. (Nick Danger encounters a talking dog who turns out to be a gatekeeper for the entrance to Hell. Stuff like that.)

Instead, I may do another reoccuring character they've created, "Mark Time of the Circum-Solar Federation". But even they get somewhat weird.

EDIT: Not to be mistaken, I still have 2 more parts for "The Case of the Missing Shoe".
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2012/6/15 15:05:57
Banging my head against a wall... Dylly wrote:
Dreeko wrote:

Dylly - I feel your pain. I tried, I really did but codecs are not my bag!

..I do images and videos I do!


The effort and what it cost you was much appreciated!

Just found what I think is another glitch with regard to codecs. After installing the latest codecs both 32 and 64 bit...Muvizu will no longer accept MP3 sound files. Wav's...not a problem but MP3's come out all distorted and the pitch sounds like a 78 played at 331/3 .

I have *never* been able to use MP3s with Muvizu without getting the same problems. I believe that I one time saw this being addressed, but with no resolution. As far as codecs are concerned, I like the sharpest image possible. I use an uncompressed codec (sp?) that I need to (slooooowly) convert in able to load it into my editor. None of the codecs available produce a video that is usable on Pinnacle Studio. Something to do with AVI-1 versus AVI-2 standards, with Pinnacle only able to use the less popular one.
2012/6/15 0:37:36
New logo animation MrDrWho13 wrote:
Do you like my new possible logo animation?

(I know its short and not brilliant)

Harkens back to the days of the old Atari 8-bit computer graphics demos that came out of Germany, Poland and the U.K..
2012/6/13 13:05:20
Movies not showing. I just updated and everything works fine. Use this site to double-check your add-ons
( ).
2012/6/11 17:06:35
Thumbs Down. Does it even work? Marco_D wrote:
Hi Wally,

Thanks for your feedback.

The like and dislike system is done through Youtube, so sometimes it takes a while to update.
The only reason it might prevent the system to work is if you don't have an Youtube account or if you're not login.

We will keep an eye on it.


That explains everything. Thx.
2012/6/11 16:39:17
Thumbs Down. Does it even work? Tried to thumb down a video (That's right, thumbs down) and it refuses to register. I think you may know which one that was.

Thumbs up works, thumbs down does not.
2012/6/11 12:02:16
Muvizu needs you! I'm there!
2012/6/10 17:12:43
Even More Nick Danger than anyone asked for! tripfreak wrote:
You can get mine, after wiping 'em off ! naughty

Very funny clip ! Eat popcorn
Where do you get the voices ?

These voices come from a Firesign Theatre album. The Firesign Theatre have been around since the '60's and left their mark as (deserved or not) as a "Counter-culture" comedy group. They also have had a long running radio show in Los Angeles and, more recently, XM radio. Most of their work will shoot right over our heads (They have been compared with James Joyce's "Ulysses") if it weren't for the fact that the record labels sometimes demanded "something funny" when the record execs "didn't get it". They now have over 40 (commercial) album releases and countless non-commercial releases.

They have also provided voices for the American animated TV shows, "The Tick" and "Rugrats" and created the movie "Everything You Know Is Wrong" and wrote the screenplays for the movies "Zachariah!", "Tunnelvision" and "Americathon". Direct to video, "The Case of the Missing Yolks".

All this and the average American has never heard of them.

Am I a Firehead (term used to describe a FST fan)? Oh, golly yes I am!Applause

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2012/6/9 23:54:28
Pt 3 - Nick Danger & the Case of the Missing Shoe Now ready for your enjoyment, PART THREE! Nick trips on a clue in his latest case.

2012/6/8 7:11:12
Argh! Error: There was an error Making your movie SOLVED!

I seem to be having a problem with a codec (Matrox VFW Uncompressed HD), so I switched to the Lagarith uncompressed HD codec and voila! My Muvizu is working again. Tried uninstalling the Matros ones and the re-installing them, but they still will not work.


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2012/6/7 14:46:38
Argh! Error: There was an error Making your movie NEVER MIND! I feel foolish. After some detective work, and noticing that this was happening to all my set files, I searched for conflicts in my computer. Sure enough, I had a previous version of Muvizu installed on my external drive (even though my start menu only shows the one). Since I couldn't uninstall it, I just deleted the folder. Now, everything works! Funny how this hasn't affected me until now.

File this incident as "Never mind" or "Oops!".
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2012/6/7 14:32:19
Argh! Error: There was an error Making your movie Double Argh! I just tried to remake the scene, starting from scratch. Only placed 4 elements on the set and did a test to see if it will make the movie. The same error appeared. This is a very simple set. The last thing I added before the error was the 2nd soundtrack. I will upload this one as well.

Edit: I tried to remove the soundtracks, but it still gives out the same error.
2012/6/7 12:39:40
Argh! Error: There was an error Making your movie Marco_D wrote:
Hi bigwally,

Sorry to hear that you are having problems with Muvizu.

Can you please send us the set to so we can have look?
I assume you are using the latest release?


That's a can-do! The file will be called "Octoglomerate.set". And it is the latest release of muvizu.
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2012/6/7 12:30:28
Argh! Error: There was an error Making your movie HELP! I had just finished making a simple set (but one that included intricate timing and placement of objects) that simply will not work when trying to make a movie. The set itself will load and save with no problems, I just refuses to become a video.

2012/5/31 23:41:11
Gun_in_Hand Nick Danger needs a gun!
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