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2012/5/29 13:05:11
Bug or my machine? I haven't unleashed any bug reports for the new releases because they usually don't repeat themselves when I reboot the system. I have to assume that it's my poor 4 year old computer slaving along in the +100 degree weather we get in Arizona in the summertime. (A/C is not always a solution in today's American economy). Just wanted to get that off my chest, lest anyone thinks I'm lazy about it.

I do have one minor problem. One of my characters (Announcer Guy) seems to be unable to move its eyes. Head Movement works but not the eyes. I compromised by moving his head a lot, but it is very curious.
2012/5/28 19:03:25
Even More Nick Danger than anyone asked for! Part 2 of NICK DANGER - CASE OF THE MISSING SHOE is now ready for your viewing pleasure. Nick stumbles along in his latest case.

2012/5/28 16:07:00
Slow-mo recording Jamie wrote:
How do you mean slow-mo recording? Like the character does the animation in slow-mo while you record it and it plays back at the normal speed? Or being able to slow down an animation so that it always plays slower than the default?

I read it as slow-motion direction/editing, normal playback. I second that emoticon!
2012/5/19 22:06:45
More Nick Danger than anyone asked for! Yes, that's right, BigWally has braved the Arizona weather
and churned out another masterpiece on his creaky computer,
"Nick Danger and the Case of the Missing Shoe! (Part 1)".

More parts to follow.

2012/5/14 0:56:15
Stereoscopic 3d how to Played around with it (Muvizu makes it pretty easy) using the cross-eyed method. That is, until it started my migraines up again. So, no more of that for me.
2012/5/6 15:32:19
Muvizu withdrawals.. Not really. I usually finish one, breathe a sigh of relief and walk away from the computer. After a couple of days, I can't wait to get to the next one. (Much to my son's behest.) (It behooves me to use such words as behest.)

My big question for all you moguls out there in Muvizuland, how many (approximately) projects have you worked on that have never seen the light of day? Maybe something didn't work, or it just wasn't right in some fashion. I've counted about 5 of them that aren't working for me. What about everyone else?

Thread Hijack! (Sorry!)
2012/4/30 13:16:29
Whatever Happened To...? ... the weekly staff reviews of videos?
2012/4/18 16:21:16
Stop video looping. The only way I know (that I have used) is to add a long blank filler to the video, via your video editor.
2012/4/6 23:30:33
Oh my Muvizu unworkable it'l have to go.... I may not ultimately have the answer, but, does it 'BSOD' on you before or after Windows loads? What is the last thing on the screen before the BSOD?

Other questions:

What version of Windows are you using? 32 or 64 bit?
Have you tried earlier versions of Muvizu? They are listed on the download page.
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2012/4/6 15:42:37
What is Muvizu? fullmetall wrote:
I use muvizu for creating worlds that do not exist, with colors eclectic and tempos unlikely. it is a source of creativity "intarrissable" (translate no found).

music+Muvizu = audiovisual bomb full eyes and ears too
@++ all

intarrissable > endless(ly)
2012/4/6 15:39:52
Oh my Muvizu unworkable it'l have to go.... Ed-Wood wrote:
1) Cant load AVI files to b/drops even after using XVID and Virtual dub - not recognised format

Neither have I. I ended up using Xilisoft's Video Converter (trial). The trial limits you to only 3 minute clips, but that's plenty when working with individual scenes. No watermark or other restrictions added. Very usable .
2012/4/6 15:34:02
Oh my Muvizu unworkable it'l have to go.... Ed-Wood wrote:
1) Cant load AVI files to b/drops even after using XVID and Virtual dub - not recognised format

2) Wont record movie - error message half way through Then prog crashes

3)Cant do camera close ups - prog crashes

4)Pc wont boot up correctly after downlaoding program - even safe mode not accessable. I have to do full recovery which allows me access then I delete Muvizu - PC works fine

Shame......... as I really liked Muvizu

Oh and no access in tech forum Thats why i posted here

Win vista Home
32 OS
Service pk 2
Intel core 2 Quad cpu 2.40 GHz
600gig hd
3gig ram

Number 4 really concerns me. How can just downloading a file (and not installing it) cause ANY problems whatsoever? That sounds more like a problem with your file system. Possibly a corrupted master file table.

Plus you haven't disclosed the make and model of your graphics card (very important).

Ed-Wood wrote:
Never had so many probs with a software before

Then you haven't been trying hard enough! Green Tongue
2012/4/6 15:21:46
Problems uploading / commenting on videos jonbez wrote:
The Private one is delete it think. The first time it uploaded a wrong version. So made it private till I uploaded the correct version.
This should be the only version up on youtube now.

Here is a picture of the two upload buttons I see. I used the top one and then skipped the second when prompted.

If it has to do something with Flash, make sure you a) Clear your cache, b) Make sure you have the latest version. (That's what they kept telling me at
2012/3/23 4:19:38
(Stupid) Question ziggy72 wrote:
Hi Ericksone. Unfortunately, Muvizu doesn't do the whole text-to-speech thing automatically, but you can use programs like Text To Speech Maker :

2012/3/21 22:42:46
GO THE DISTANCE Jamie wrote:
I've updated the mogul's on here now, there was some problems before with accounts disappearing from the list. Sorted now though

Thanks, and I truly am humbled. Only discovered it recently.

Jamie wrote:
The featured list is pretty much listing the best, most recent, videos - maybe you're next video will make it in...

Working on it as we speak. Here's the publicity pic with the cast posing for the celebrity cameras.

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2012/3/21 12:29:00
GO THE DISTANCE wizplace wrote:
No matter how much I try I never end up in the featured videos.

Just keep trying. I used to be in there, now it's like I've never existed. I'm a "Muvizu Mogul" on their YouTube site, but not here. Of course, I haven't uploaded anything for the last 2 and a half months, so that may have something to do with it.
2012/3/16 20:30:47
Problem with walking (not me, Muvizu) mcmillan-ra wrote:
Just out of curiosity, did you re-scale the character - after creating the movement? We discovered the other day it would also cause the problem.

Funny you should say that. I don't know why, but scaling my characters different sizes comes into play when I direct. At times, I will scale a character up or down to "fit" a camera shot, instead of moving the camera.

I will try to"re"/"un" scale the character to rid those spots before my eyes.
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2012/3/16 15:17:46
Problem with walking (not me, Muvizu) Danimal - I didn't re-render it, I re-did the entire sequence.

McMillian-RA - I have the latest version v0.19 . I have run across it again in this scene I was working on. I am re-doing the character, yet the same glitch re-appears.

EDIT - Okay. Now I've closed Muvizu and when I re-loaded it, the pink dots are gone.
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2012/3/10 15:46:50
Problem with walking (not me, Muvizu) I re-did the scene and the pink dots did not appear this time. Must have been a slight glitch.
2012/3/10 14:21:32
Problem with walking (not me, Muvizu) Just did this scene and the walk lines show up, those pink dots. Why and what do I do to get rid of them?

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