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2011/3/30 11:40:17
My video count . . . IanS wrote:
Yes bigWally, I can confirm we're not able to access this video due to the audio. These videos get automatically removed by our system.

I can understand that. I've run into overreaching by YouTube before. I have one video where the music is attributed to some small, untalented, Beatles-soundalike band called "Beat Less", when the original was actually some small band called the Beatles. (That error, by YouTube, is it's saving grace).

I will fix!
2011/3/30 11:03:55
My video count . . . Jamie wrote:
Looks like you've been bad bigwally. On youtube when you view the BatDork video there is a notice

"NOTICE This video contains an audio track that has not been authorised by WMG. The audio has been disabled."

This will have disabled the video from being displayed on other sites or embedded.

Arrrrghhh! I downloaded this version of "Flight of the Valkiries" from and it was listed as public domain! I will look into it.
2011/3/30 2:19:14
My video count . . . I am missing a listing for my "BatDork" animation. I am listed with 4 videos, when it should be 5. Glitch with the site?

Yes, it's still on YouTube.
2011/3/29 1:29:53
Warning: Downloading Muvizu from external websites Places like Rapidshare & Megaupload will remove the downloads from their respective site upon request by the owner (Copyright infringement. Doesn't matter if the program is free.) You need to assign someone to keep on top of these things.

One good thing, though. The fact that these hackers are trying to entice people to download your program shows that Muvizu is starting to take off and wanted by the general public.

Final thought. People downloading from such sites, know that they may be infected.

>>>>>> "You knew the job was dangerous when
>>>>>> you took it, Fred!" - Super Chicken
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2011/3/28 3:58:44
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Working with my last project showed me what is needed (what *I* needed) . The ability to hold other objects other than musical instruments (i.e.; telephone hand set, pickles(!), tools, anything, everything).

Also, how about multiple soundtrack channels for smoother dialogue direction. No more characters mouthing to other characters dialogue.

I actually had to cut my project short because of the lack of these abilities. Part 2 will need to wait until the new version comes out. Hopefully, there will be new features that will allow me to do what I needed to do (or at least, fake it).
2011/3/28 0:51:47
Nick Danger in Muvizu Just uploaded my newest video, based on the comedy recording by the Firesign Theatre. It is only part one because (thanks to poor planning) many parts of the recording would require props and actions that Muvizu, in it's current version, cannot do.

Please comment, subscribe, and all that good stuff.
2011/3/18 2:54:48
Wrong english English? American? I think Muvizu should be translated into Esperanto.

In actuality, I find that English, Scottish and Irish accents are very charming and work nicely with Muvizu toons. Hearing my own American accent makes me cringe, but does allow myself to do good American accents and dialects. Mixed that with the Filipino and German and Scottish and Irish and Dutch in me, well, that's quite a mixed bag. If I gain the courage to do so, I might upload some samples of my vocal "talent".

Side note: I was amazed at Hugh Laurie's American accent on House., but my kids thought that he was speaking in an English accent! I had to show them what he really sounded like using clips from the Blackadder series.
2011/3/16 4:30:10
Youtube Uploading Hey guys, how about my 2 cents.... YouTube (as well as several certain sites) is having problems with Firefox. Or I should say, Firefox is having problems with YouTube. This is due to (alledgedly) Flash failing and crashing. In actuality, Firefox has been crashing if I look at it cross-eyed. Chrome is not much better.

Try using Internet Explorer or Opera to upload instead.
2011/3/10 0:31:47
Animated facemask Dreeko wrote:
....3: Could the facemask be altered to include a moving jaw (I'm thinking ventriloquist dummy/jibjab style mouth here) which would move in relation to the spoken audio and possibly blinking eyes.


I know this is an old thread, but, I was trying to create a mask with the mouth and jaw area transparent. So far, it's a no-go. I think that if transparencies were allowed, it would be a decent workaround to make moving mouths available just by using Muvizu's built-in features.
2011/3/3 11:45:05
Favourite ever cartoon? My all time favorite short cartoon... (Tex Avery)

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2011/3/2 12:18:18
this Muvizu is AWESOME!! I'm surrounded by former Sinclair (Timex) and Atari users who love animation! My very first computer was a Timex/Sinclair 1000 (ZX-81). Next came Atari, then various flavors of PC's. Couple all this with the fact that I a descendent from a Scottish clan (Collins)...

Somehow, I feel right at home, here. Toast
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2011/3/1 12:21:43
this Muvizu is AWESOME!! I've waited almost 40 years for something like Muvizu. Everything else was too clumsy to be of any use. I've even created real animation on an old Atari 8-bit computer back in the early 90's. Muvizu is the shizz!
2011/2/11 13:33:16
Batdork completed claireq wrote:
like the use of effects!

Effects are an easy way to make your video more "visual". Almost always need to keep the characters moving,.
2011/2/11 13:31:52
Batdork completed Emily wrote:

Love the effects, is this character going to be developed?

Not really sure, yet. Maybe if I toned down the action (more work than I thought), but most importantly, I need real stories to make it work. Still mulling it over.
2011/2/1 16:10:30
Batdork completed This one actually took me a while to "complete". I probably set a goal too high for one of my first attempts, but that's how I am. I basically wanted to do special effects using a man flying like a superhero.

You may have seen me post this earlier, but that was just the start and this one is the completed project. It is now on my permanent Youtube page along with the others.

I used these products to make this video:

Pinnacle Studio 14
Partical Illusion 3.0
Paint Shop Pro 10
Free Hamster Video converter

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2011/1/30 22:44:45
Dancin' on the White House Lawn (Dancin' Obama) Simple toon of the Prez hoofing it in HD. This is my first completed Muvizu video. Still having problems with the compatibility between the various formats. More to come...

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2011/1/19 0:45:43
Making character fly I made a short test video testing my special effects skills. Flying ain't easy!

Please, any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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2011/1/17 15:09:16
Hank Hill in Muvizu (Test video) Hi! Just made a short animations based on a short clip from the US TV series "King of the Hill". It was just an exercise on developing characters. Any comments would be appreciated.


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