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2016/7/12 15:16:27
To Urbanlamb Regarding Radio Shows? Rocque wrote:
I have been waiting to see the Nick Danger series for those special moments when I need some pure insanity. I am sure once the school year gets on a roll, that will be a great treat. I did not know Fireside Theater was in the public domain. I am really only familiar with Nick Danger so it should be fun to watch. I will have to sit here in the waiting room or wait here in the sitting room.

Just to be clear, anything by the Firesign Theatre is not in the public domain. It only would be removed if the copyright owners do not have an agreement with Youtube. In the past I've only have 4 videos that that were removed by Youtube. Two of them made with Muvizu.

  • An experimental video using Godley & Creme's song "Cry".
  • "Hobo's Blues" by Paul Simon for my video "One Small Step".
  • "Back In the U.S.S.R." The Beatles. (I suspect that any Beatles song used would suffer the same fate).
  • A Family Guy clip that did very well. You can still see it on YouTube, as others pilfered the clip and uploaded it themselves. Funny how they pulled my copy, but have allowed others to stay, even though it's the exact same video as I edited it.

Other than those 4 examples, everything else has been left unscathed.
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2016/7/12 14:52:46
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) PatMarrNC wrote:
do we have 5 contest entries yet?

if not, is there anyone out there who is still working on an entry? As I recall, from the beginning when the topic came up there were only 7 people who expressed an interest in a contest if the prize consisted of assets

For me, I had to move my family to another state, so I knew I wouldn't have time to finish any entry. So, raise that number from 7 to 8. I just didn't respond knowing full well I couldn't complete it.

On the bright side, at least I'm no longer living in the Steekin' Desert.Woo Hoo!
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2016/7/10 7:11:43
New South Asian character pack available! Thank you, Pat.
2016/7/10 5:39:18
New South Asian character pack available! Let me start over...

Muvizu is easy to use 3D animation software that allows anyone to create high quality animations quickly and easily. Muvizu’s animation engine is ideal for storytellers, animators, teachers and businesses looking to engage, enchant and delight audiences with animated content.
2016/7/10 5:05:36
New South Asian character pack available! urbanlamb wrote:
bigwally wrote:
Wow. Bit of a downer if you ask me. I have always been a cheerleader for Muvizu, but, hearing my mentors' criticisms are a letdown. I say if you are bored or have moved beyond what Muvizu can do, use something else. Positive feedback is always welcome, but comments here are bordering on the negative.

Let others have the spotlight.

I wasn't going to say anything but in looking at when the response was reposted I believe this was directed at me. I have not posted a single video to this site and have finally decided to engage in a conversation for the first time here in over a year. The only time I post on this forum is like once a week when I breeze by and answer a question that has been posted and appears not to be answered 100 different ways on this forum already.

So I just wont bother to even browse these forums or try to have a conversation or fill in the blanks to a questions when someone else hasn't been able to provide the answer to yet.. because it appears I am trying to take a spotlight I never had. (my videos are not that good to take one in the first place)
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Not directed at you, personally. I just saw a couple of posts of negative criticism from those who made one or no videos at all. Then others joining in on the "Let's trash Muvizu - fest". Of course, once I spoke out with an honest opinion, I have people threatening to not post anymore. My mistake. I won't be posting any more negative posts, anymore. I have too much respect and admiration for you, Urbanlamb.

Just trying to be honest here since others have decided to be honest. It won't happen again.
2016/7/8 22:40:36
New South Asian character pack available! Wow. Bit of a downer if you ask me. I have always been a cheerleader for Muvizu, but, hearing my mentors' criticisms are a letdown. I say if you are bored or have moved beyond what Muvizu can do, use something else. Positive feedback is always welcome, but comments here are bordering on the negative.

Let others have the spotlight.
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2016/7/7 18:34:45
New South Asian character pack available! ziggy72 wrote:
Is it just me or do they look Mexican?

2016/6/21 19:41:29
Download Mandy Use of a download manager would help. In fact, it was the only way I could download anything from Muvizu, until recently.
2016/6/16 23:32:08
Nick Danger is back! PatMarrNC wrote:
that was awesome!

And I really like the idea of taking Firesign theater skits and using them as the script for an animation! They are so well done and clever that you're guaranteed to hit a home run with the end product!

I'm glad Nick Danger is back! Thanks, BigWally!
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The Firesign Theatre can also be confusion and over-the-heads for most people. (Not to mention, dated.) Even though Part One here worked well with minimal editing, Part Two will be a doozy. Probably will wrap it all up with Part Two.
2016/6/16 14:43:41
Nick Danger is back! Newest Nick Danger episode up now on Muvizu or Youtube.

2016/6/9 15:15:59
All of my Star Wars Characters for "FREE" clayster2012 wrote:
Well everyone, I'm now mogul, seems someone thinks Im good for it, thanks!, now it's PatMarrNC's turn

This is great news! You definitely deserve it. It also means that the "mogul" title still means something, not just a thing they inherited from the old Muvizu. PatMarr is next (make more videos, Pat).
2016/6/9 2:59:05
Competition? eugenecheese wrote:
The last tine I entered a competition many years ago (AMD fusion?) the winner was the person who did a blatant advert for the prize ! The actual competition said it could be anything lasting one minute or less.
Basically they picked the one they could use themselves !

Actually, the original rules were for videos 10 seconds or less. By the time I had finished 2 ten-second videos, enough people complained about not being able to make any and they changed the rules. (Boo. hiss!)

P.S. - Glad to see you back Mr. Chuckles.
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2016/5/17 14:43:12
Gallery of videos changed Don't like it. No more moguls and staffs' videos. No more "Most Liked".
2016/5/13 16:00:13
Muvizu not working after latest Windows 10 update? Try Googling "windows 10 and dx9". I have DX9 installed on my windows 10 machine.
2016/4/19 1:06:00
Need help for two scenes of Muvizu film PatMarrNC wrote:

Wow! That's extremely clever Wally! Let's see if I understand what you did:
1) You lined up your 6 bots...
2) you put a backdrop behind them...
3) you pointed a camera at the bots and at the backdrop behind the bots...
4) you set the backdrop to use the output from the camera as its texture...
5) and because the camera was capturing a mirror image of itself, it has the effect of a hall of mirrors... correct?

Bingo!Thumbs Up

PatMarrNC wrote:
And FWIW, that isn't totally broken in the current version... the only part that doesn't work is the menu text where you select the camera... for some reason a text description of the camera doesn't show up as an option.. BUT... if you go ahead and click where the menu option would normally show up... IT WORKS! (the only thing missing is the text... but the link itself is there, even though its invisible)

Thanks for the tip. I suspected that, somewhat, especially when an old saved set (using the mirror effect) still works on the latest version.
2016/4/18 23:29:49
Need help for two scenes of Muvizu film Unfortunately, the mirror effect using a background panel is broken, otherwise I imagine you could have done something similar to what I did in this video...

I never used more than 6 robot models at any time.
2016/4/16 17:47:34
avi import GiveAwayOfTheDay for April 16, 2016 is a copy of iClone 5 Standard. Tried looking up the company "Videosoft" and Google has no listing for it.

EDIT - Sorry, the iClone 5 display was for a previous offer.
EDIT - Now I see the company's name is Wondershare and the software name is "4videosoft".
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2016/4/16 17:28:24
avi import Just a little confusing...
Is there a link? Nag screens for Freeware? Name of the converter? (Videosoft is the name of the company, not the software).

PatMarrNC wrote:
Interesting combination of two threads:

Today's GiveAwayOfTheDay product is a video converter utility (VIDEOSOFT), which has a HUGE selection of export formats. So, on a hunch, I took a video file and started exporting it as each of the AVI variants offered by this utility. (there are many!)

While most of the resulting AVI files did NOT load successfully into a backdrop in Muvizu, the export option named "AVI audio-video interleaved (*.AVI)" DID load! (there may be more.. I stopped as soon as one of them worked)

Thought I'd report this while its early enough for others to snag the freebie... meanwhile I'm going back to see if changing settings yields different results, and if it works on other videos besides the random one I selected


After more testing, I can add that I was able to convert several MP4 clips that were longer than a few seconds, and with no special settings, they each converted to an AVI that could be loaded into a backdrop! (Rodrisilva's technique required that the video be only a few seconds long, and with specific settings... so this buys back a little bit of flexibility)

There was some visual pixellation artifact occurring... especially at fades/transitions. Also the lower res videos had more of it than the higher res video. All in all, for a free utility, it temporarily gives us a way to continue adding AVIs to backdrops until Muvizu dev team has a chance to fix the core problem

Caveat: the utility is free and functional, but there is a nag screen every time you convert anything.
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2016/4/10 14:47:39
avi import I use a video converter and change the codec to "Microsoft MPEG-4" codec. Somewhere in the settings or "advance settings" should be a setting that allows the changing of the codec. The video works like a charm every time.

I use the Xilisoft Ultimate Converter (Trial Version). The trial only allows the first 3 minutes to convert, but I never need more than .that
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2016/2/25 11:08:29
Recovering from missing file issues? braj wrote:
I didn't do any head or character movement yet that I recall Anyhow, it is a good lesson learned, and I'm breaking my sets up smaller, my world will be bigger in the process anyhow. I can make composites for whatever grand vistas I imagine.

Same thing happens to me. Has happened for several months. I don't understand how anyone can finish a film with such a HUGE limitation. Still waiting for a fix.
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