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2011/1/15 19:19:14
Troubleshooting Dialog Recording Hey Everyone,

New to Muvizu here. So far loving it and making some good progress. The issue I have is that I am unable to "record" dialog to a character. When I press record and try, nothing is heard during playback. At first I thought it was my microphone but I'm able to use the camera with audio using a webcam in Microsoft Movie Maker.

I've tried 3 types of microphones (2 USB, one via the mic port). How can I tell what Muvizu "thinks" is the input microphone. Is there a "config" that I can look at to verify?

Thanks everyone. Once I get this, my first video will be published for either praise or mocking (either is

2011/1/14 12:40:42
Noob Questions: CODEC Error and Importing Music Thanks everyone. To answer one question, the Vostro has an Intel x3100 video card. I can also try some other sound files. The sound seems better during playback in QuickTime.

Now I just need to get my mic to work for the lip-syncing and I'll be off and running.

2011/1/14 3:37:01
video to a song I want to do the same thing...I'm going to watch and see how you did yours. Did you have any issues importing the song file? My song files don't sound as good as in ITunes.
2011/1/14 2:28:48
Noob Questions: CODEC Error and Importing Music Ok, I figured out the CODEC and am using Quicktime to view the video. It looks ok, but there are times when it looks like the video "pauses" for a split second. Is that a hardware issue? I am using a Dell Vistro 1510 with Dual CPU (2.0Ghz) and 3GB of RAM. That should be powerful enough, right?
2011/1/14 1:14:07
Noob Questions: CODEC Error and Importing Music Hey Everyone,

I just downloaded Muvizu and so far I am loving it........I have some experience with Maya but this is such a great tool that allows me to start animating quickly.

Ok, so I have 2 quick questions:

- My first scene as practice is to animate a band (guitar, drums and bass) with music imported as the "background" music. The sound file (.mp3) seems to be a little distorted in Muvizu but when I listen to it in ITunes there isn't a problem. Is there a trick or configuration to importing audio?

- I finished the movie above and "rendered" it but when I play it within Microsoft Media Player (on XP), I get the CODEC error. I set it at the "normal Youtube" setting. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Thanks everyone. I'm really looking forward to learning more about this tool and starting to share some of my videos.

Chris, Baltimore
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