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2016/9/12 20:26:17
Easy not perfect face attachment Wow guys thank you all so much for the answers☺
Since it is so many different characters I need for the memory palaces, I am gonna try with the masks at first.
2016/9/1 12:29:11
Easy not perfect face attachment Thank you! Is there a tutorial showing how to put a face from a picture found on the internet in a custom texture?
I saw already the tutorial shown on this website, but putting the face up is much more difficult than that.
2016/9/1 10:11:04
Easy not perfect face attachment Ok I actually played around with sizes of pictures and the result is pretty what I was looking for.
Just another question (sorry for stressing ): if I remove the lips on photoshop and then put the picture as a mask, why can´t I see the lips of the character beneath? It is not that important, but it would give it just a better look with little work.

Thank you!
2016/9/1 7:11:40
Easy not perfect face attachment Thank you so much for the answer.
To get it the right size, should I modify my picture somehow in photoshop?
2016/8/31 22:23:53
Easy not perfect face attachment Hello everybody
Here is a medical student trying to use this amazing software to build some "memory palaces".
For the moment, since I have exams in front of me, I do not want to invest too much time in a beautiful result; it just has to work.

Since I need to use a lot of celebrity faces to remember certaing things, is there a way somebody could suggest me to make that pretty quick?

Thank you everybody!
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