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2012/6/7 10:17:54
Muvizu art team help?UV's distorting creating .ase I'm stumped! I'm trying to import a model into Muvizu, but for some reason when I export as .ase from 3ds Max the UV's on a portion of the model are distorting.Whaaaaa?

Everything looks great in Max, fine and dandy from the outside in Muvizu, I even got the most complex collision mesh I've made to work...

I've made the model the exact same way as I did the top floor, the only difference being an extra mapped area and the collision mesh. I've split the model into different sections, uvw mapping each section, attaching edges then exporting as .ase.

Yet when I import the .ase into Muvizu I get weird UV's on a section of the model. I've rebuilt the model twice now and on each occasion this has happened but on a different section. First time it was the outside of the building, this time it's the stairs.

Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?
2012/6/6 11:15:12
I uploaded a a New Toon at least a few days ago... EEF...get yourself a twitter account...post the link on there and start following the other Muvizu users on Twitter (there are a lot of us out there) ...that way you will get the feedback and spread the word.
2012/6/6 8:58:56
I uploaded a a New Toon at least a few days ago... Yesterday 09:25 by Dylly

Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and of Her other Realms and Territories, Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith gave us an extra holiday for Her Jubilee!

Even those of Scottish persuasion got an extra day, plus the normal bank holiday...think get drunk from Friday til Monday with an extra sober up day! So team Muvizu have two extra days off over the weekend!

  • Yesterday 16:33 by ziggy72

    Dylly's right you know - it'll be Wednesday at the earliest before they sober up

  • 2012/6/5 17:26:48
    Flying Check Out Wabby's vid's and Dreeko's tutorials! I think between them they have it covered! Genius.es...Genii? ...They are a bit good!
    2012/6/5 1:13:08
    Sketchup to Muvizu Thanks Jamie...sorry to have to do this but...you've been kidnapped! Jamie in High Bridge Woman in Black moment! http://animationworkshop.co.uk/?p=145

    Update on the work so far!

    The basic level

    Jamies Woman in Black Moment

    And the interior...did I mention I double skinned the walls?
    2012/6/4 9:20:28
    Error on exit
    I'm running Muvizu on Windows 7, so the 64 bit version I assume

    Ah but Hugmyster...everything is not as it seems... when downloading did you take the red pill or the blue pill...

    That would make a good concept for a Movie! I occasionally have the same problem but Muvizu shuts down before I can save the screen shot. I'm on 64 bit too but I tend to put this problem down to the length of time I've had Muvizu running.
    2012/6/3 9:27:52
    Sketchup to Muvizu The second part of my 'Dismantling High Bridge' blog dealing with finishing off the roof section, UVW unwrapping, basic collision, parents and pubs, beagles and edible graphic tablets, and importing into Muvizu is now available on my website http://animationworkshop.co.uk/?p=131
    2012/6/1 22:59:39
    Random requests! It's not just you Ziggy. Once my scene is built I spend most of my time in the 'make video' section titivating the shots, checking for 'poke through' etc etc. I also noticed making my last clip that whenever I popped out of make video to any other operation, direct, prepare Muvizu always went via the timeline, which made the whole process longer than Peter Jackson film!
    2012/5/31 21:16:21
    Gun_in_Hand Barry? Are we there yet?
    2012/5/31 13:25:38
    Banging my head against a wall... Add another bug type thing...just received this error message before Muvizu shut down

    This application requested the runtime be shut down in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team fro more information.

    What I was doing at the time was unchecking the antaliace as I had another dodgy render.
    2012/5/31 12:13:37
    Banging my head against a wall... Dreeko wrote:

    Dylly - I feel your pain. I tried, I really did but codecs are not my bag!

    ..I do images and videos I do!


    The effort and what it cost you was much appreciated!

    Just found what I think is another glitch with regard to codecs. After installing the latest codecs both 32 and 64 bit...Muvizu will no longer accept MP3 sound files. Wav's...not a problem but MP3's come out all distorted and the pitch sounds like a 78 played at 331/3 .
    2012/5/31 11:52:15
    Urgent Problem Directing Object Movement This has happened to me usually when Muvizu has been running for some time...hours. The only indicator that it has happened is that the control windows don't pop up but other than that no other indicators. So far its only happened with the direct object dialogue. I'm running windows 7 64 bit Muvizu and DX11. Hope that helps.
    2012/5/31 11:08:57
    Banging my head against a wall... Gimmick you are a genius....cured it! Its the quantizer settings needed dropping to 4. Now have perfect Vid from Muvizu!Woo Hoo!
    2012/5/31 9:33:10
    Banging my head against a wall... I was unsure which section on the new site to place this post...now let me lie down on the Trick Cyclists couch...

    I had an uneventful childhood... adolescence...{sound effect of tape machine fast forwarding}...Marriages ...{sound effect of tape machine fast forwarding...for a long time...a really long time} and then last night...

    I ran into a number of problems whilst making a Muvizu clip last night. Problems I could only partially resolve or totally failed to resolve and have me frustrated & banging my head against the wall. I can totally empathize with some of the problem's that new users have been having of late.


    Could someone from the team please take a look at this area. It's like wading through a quagmire. Dreeko bravely tried to address the subject & ended up nearly trashing his system. The only codec I can get to work is the Xvid codec. Which is OK until you come to try and edit the clips. Most of the video editing software I have cannot handle this codec for some reason. Even Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 (now that's a gob full) struggled. Whenever I edited a clip with Sony the resulting edit was so pixelated it was unusable. (thanks clamtom and gimmick for helping out there). On top of this Sony is ghosting the scenes, like its adding extra frames into a clip...very messy.

    In desperation I checked my codecs were up to date and downloaded the latest versions. A new problem...
    EEF's greying out of clip thumbnails...it happened to me! Whenever a clip is rendered from Muvizu using the Xvid codec the thumbnail of the resulting clip just shows a grey area and not a frame of the clip it represents...annoying! This must be something to do with the latest codecs I presume.

    As a last desperate attempt to get my film made I used the Muvizu clip editor thingy...it crashed everytime. But then like a pillock I didn't take a screen shot for the testers...it was 3am and my temper was a little frayed.

    Now I wouldn't class myself as a new user but in some respects I'm...oh look I have a brain like a computer in that you have to 'punch information into me'...I'm a bit thick in other words.

    Please guys could someone have a look at this area of using Muvizu, if I'm finding it frustrating then new users must be too.

    Thanks for listening.
    My name is Tim and I'm a Muvizuholic!

    I'm using 64bit Muvizu
    Have 32bit and 64 bit K-lite codec packs installed
    2012/5/30 20:56:49
    Moving limbs i agree
    2012/5/30 19:47:24
    Random answers to random questions A request oh Great One...

    Any chance of a Sony Vegas Tutorial? Just the basics...like cutting up clips, stitching them together...real noddy stuff, as I'm a real noddy with this software...I'm having a nightmare just cutting & stitching clips together.

    Fingers crossed!
    2012/5/30 14:04:48
    Urgent Problem Directing Object Movement Just shut down and rebooted Muvizu and PC and I now have the windows back!...Panic over! Thanks Marco!
    2012/5/30 13:42:43
    Urgent Problem Directing Object Movement Now I could be doing something wrong, but when I come to direct an objects movement...in this case the tea trolley to move towards the bed,

    I do not get a window allowing me to adjust the directors perspective, speed of object etc. All I get is the recording timeline, and the object I selected has changed to one of the camera's I have in the clip.

    Am I doing something wrong or is it Muvizu?
    2012/5/30 13:04:48
    Introductions! glasgowjim wrote:
    Welcome aboard! I am sure that you will love working at Muvizu - just don't feed Dave after midnight!

    P.S. A dog can run halfway into a forest, after that it is running out!

    How can you run out of dog? Surely a dog is for life not just for a forest!
    2012/5/29 15:04:03
    Introductions! Welcome to the madhouse...dare we say you fit right in? Avast!
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