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2012/3/22 19:46:27
sketchup materials on models Hi gimmick,
this looks like a mapping problem, can you set down the steps you took in the creation & export of the plane. What I'm getting at here is did you use the material tools in sketchup to align your initial texture?
2012/3/22 8:15:25
Error while saving This is caused by importing a model you have made but not assigned materials to....I get this a lot! You need to go back to Skletchup and apply materials to the props you have made.
2012/3/21 20:47:25
Sketchup to Muvizu Light switches should be ready to upload tomorrow Danimal, sorry I got sidetracked. I will be worse than ever on Friday when the instruction book for 3ds Max gets delivered!

I said I got easily distracted...what I meant to say was...here's a link to the light switch if needed!


As with the majority of my models import into Muvizu with the following settings

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2012/3/21 11:14:52
A Screenshot Cripes! That was fast work Jamie! Now here's a thought...could we have a 'projector' tool with an opacity slider, sort of combining the lighting abilities with the camera abilities?
2012/3/21 10:45:47
A Screenshot Daft question coming up! So is there a way around putting a reflection of someone looking through a window and then the actual scene through a window?
2012/3/16 1:38:45
Sketchup to Muvizu Well it's been an evening with a couple of little triumphs...not the bike kind but tables and curtains. Can't remember who, but someone was having a spot of bother importing curtain models from sketchup to Muvizu. The problem with this kind of model is the thickness, or lack, in the model.

So needing some curtains I set too to try and model some. After a lot of faffing about, I finally found the right technique, and strangely enough it all comes down to making the model ...thin.

Start with a plane and draw the shape of the curtains onto the plain. Now indicate the folds by drawing lines using the arc tool. Now use the push and pull tool to lift up the fold sections of the model, take away the end caps and now use the divide and smooth tool from Artisan with 1 iteration. recap the ends of the model and paint. Finally curtains with no white bits twinkling through.

I've also finished making and texturing the tables so it's on with the lighting next. Hope fully start shooting on this set next week.

2012/3/15 1:21:35
Measuring Stick - Let me explain... Thanks Barry & Scorpy...

After much fiddling around I'm in need of someone to do the math (still having troubles with numbers) but..I've got a fixed height to work a scale from in Sketchup.

So for a Muvizu character to sit comfortably on a box the height of the box in Sketchup needs to be 47cm. Now what I'm struggling with is the math to sort out the ratio's for other objects.

2012/3/14 18:25:05
Ambient Occlusion Maps Yes we went a bit off topic there Scorpy. I was just putting in a request 'to the man' so we can have normal mapping added to Muvizu. Please can we have some normal mapping?
2012/3/14 14:45:26
Ambient Occlusion Maps OK I gotta give that round to jamesriley...I mean...Whaaaaa? wtf

It's work of art, and not just the bloke with the trackie & bowl cut but that spavined bint in the boots with the hand action at the end.... and the one in the jacket.... and and and...

the windows in that studio must have been sparkling by the end!
2012/3/14 12:00:23
Ambient Occlusion Maps I'll raise you a...Whaaaaa?

2012/3/14 8:16:57
Ambient Occlusion Maps Good Morning Luscan and welcome to..... WOGAN WEDNESDAY!

and things don't get much darker than this!
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2012/3/13 23:08:03
Measuring Stick - Let me explain... Hi Barry,

Thanks for answering that question and for the helper objects, but you did realize that as soon as you popped your head over the barricade you would become subject to a barrage of daft questions so get ready:

So this would roughly give me a scale of 2cm to the Unreal Unit and our Muvizu guy will be 176cm in French money?

Is it true that a standard unreal character is a whacking 196cm?

So if you guys are working on a Maya, Unreal, Muvizu cycle and I've got Maya 2012 would a better plan of action to get myself in cinque be to switch to Maya and redownload the UDK?

Oh and is the 16 units to the foot the reason why so many American women have car crashes?
2012/3/13 1:35:32
Sketchup to Muvizu The last four months have been one hell of a learning curve and I've enjoyed every minute of it..yet it seems like I've come full circle & I'm back struggling with the same problem's I had at the start of this thread. Namely Ambient Occlusion Maps.

Way back in December I was struggling with getting detail onto the model via the texture and I'm glad to say I think I've cracked it, but I'm back to the begining again with regard to the ao maps.

My latest project has a lot more detail in it than usual, and when I imported the prototype into Muvizu, I could not get any definition onto the model, so I set out to try and find a way around it. Some weeks ago I read about Multi sub-object materials and I've finally managed to utilize this in a model. The only problem now is...how the hell do I generate a separate ambient occlusion map for the model bearing in mind each of the four main components is individually UVW unwrapped in this process?

2012/3/12 16:13:12
(SOLVED)Problem with Sketchup-to-Muvizu importing. If it was me that was doing it I would start again with the basic cockpit model that you downloaded initially. Strip out the windows and save them as a separate model.

Now simply add Ziggy's Matchbox collision to the cockpit.

Add the cube making sure that both cube & cock pit have 'can be stood on' unchecked.

Now assuming you can now get the pilot into the cockpit and sitting on the cube (rescale cube if need be), prepare to import the windows into Muvizu. You will need a texture for the windows (created in Photoshop or Gimp) that is semi transparent, in other words has an Alpha channel applied. Import the windows into Muvizu making sure that on import you select the following options:

don't use id textures
Map alpha to opacity
Facing:single sided.

Now assuming you have the collision on the cockpit as Ziggy's Matchbox, you will be able to slide the windows into position. I would put the pilot in place first though.

If you are still not having any joy, send me a link to your cock pit model and I will take a look.

2012/3/12 11:31:49
Ambient Occlusion Maps Why Sir, I'm planning to tweak the nose of audaciousness and spank the bottom of SketchUp with the set I'm working on for my next clip which is set in my favourite coffee house. Indeed so much time have I spent in this location that the models are getting a little....erm detailed...

Here's the reference image

and here's the interior set I'm working on at the minute

and when I've finished this...world domination should be a simple matter!Whaaaaa?
2012/3/12 5:28:11
(SOLVED)Problem with Sketchup-to-Muvizu importing. Here you go, this should get you to where you need to be

2012/3/11 20:08:31
Ambient Occlusion Maps Would it be possible to have a 'slider control' on the 'has ambient occlusion map' on import, so we can tweak a model's settings in Muvizu, more shadow or less, rather than taking the model back out and correcting the map itself and then re-importing? Oh yeah and normal maps!
2012/3/11 19:54:10
Sketchup to Muvizu Excellent work! Looking forward to trying these out!
2012/3/11 19:52:52
Codecs I got 720 Hd here too with a choice of 4 codecs plus 'none'.
2012/3/11 11:57:49
(SOLVED)Problem with Sketchup-to-Muvizu importing. Take another look at the collision mesh that you created in sketchup and only make a mesh..where you actually need one.

So in the case of the cockpit just make a collision mesh for the seat area, making sure that it is small enough to allow the character to sit down (I tend to make a simple box shape just below the characters knees and just below their backside when seated.) If the character sinks a little into the seat makes for a better illusion.

Another alternative is to use the DIB method otherwise known as Dreeko's Invisible Box (pat pending). Turn off the collision of your model (unclicking can be stood on) as Berty says, and then use the small box object in Muvizu. Change the properties of the box image to 'none' and the box is now invisible and you can slip it inside the pilot's seat. The box now acts as a semi permanent collision mesh, yet has the added benefit of being size adjustable in Muvizu.

Dreeko has made a couple of Tutorials available in the 'How To' section concerning the use of ground planes and boxes as collision meshes.
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