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2012/3/10 21:08:09
Upload 3D Assets to the muvizu program. Double click on the file you downloaded...windows will do the rest.
2012/3/10 18:49:29
Upload 3D Assets to the muvizu program. In that case all you need do is navigate to the asset you want to use, down load the file, unzip it and import the asset into Muvizu in the same manner as you would a sketchup .ase file.

Once the file is unzipped got to Create/Objects/Import...

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2012/3/10 14:32:04
Missing Data Hi there,

I think what you need to do is install the patch that can be found here http://muvizu.com/forum/topic1502-feedback-thread--v019b-release-january-2012.aspx?p=f#post8286

The link is a little difficult to spot but it is in the post from mcmillian-ra...just click on the word here in the second paragraph.

Once installed that should cure the problem.
Hope this helps!
2012/3/10 11:34:16
Upload 3D Assets to the muvizu program. If you mean upload to the Muvizu website its the same procedure as uploading a clip. Go to your profile, click upload a file (on the left hand side) and then follow the on screen instructions, selecting what type of file you wish to upload, anything from a set, to a 3d asset, from a Movie to a script.

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2012/3/10 2:18:50
Sketchup to Muvizu Hi Ziggy... Errr wow! Great Prop!

Now I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong...which I probably am...BUT this is how I think it works and how I get around it.

The textures as applied in Sketchup are tiles, and as such work fine on certain surfaces, usually of the square type. As soon as you start dropping a 'definite' image onto a surface such as a decal it will tile the image. Round images I noticed are a complete pain as they seem to tile in really tiny tiles.

I've been trying to find a plug in for Sketchup that will handle UVW mapping, but so far I've not been successful. There is such a thing as the UV tool kit on sketchucation.com as a free download but it didn't seem to do what I wanted it to do.

Now since I started this modelling malarkey the only sure fire method I found to texture and generate the ambient occlusion maps was to UVW unwrap a model in 3ds Max. I tried blender and it was just too complicated for me, I still struggle with numbers and complex instructions (like tidying up according to my Mrs).

I think there must be a difference between UV mapping as done by Sketchup and UVW mapping as applied in 3ds Max, Maya et al.

This is pure guess work and conjecture coincidentally and just my musings as I've tried to struggle through all the tutorials (some of the best ones always seem to be by some Indian guy with a dodgy accent).

If you would like me to generate a UVW map for your props drop me a line and I will make a UVW map for you to add your own textures along with an ao map!

If the rest of the Kitchen props are the same standard as the pan they are superb quality.

2012/3/9 22:18:47
Codecs What version of Muvizu are you using? 64 0r 32 bit? When I moved onto the 64 bit I found that I needed to install the 64 bit version of the K-lite pack.
2012/3/9 21:00:02
Measuring Stick - Let me explain... I never thought about smaller props Ziggy, that would be even harder to gauge as the nature of the characters mean that the hands are not strictly to scale...or are they? Whaaaaa?

Here's a site I ran across just now that's been a little useful as it lists things like the height of chairs, tables, doors, ladders etc etc http://www.roymech.co.uk/Useful_Tables/Drawing/Human_Dimensions.html

But here's an illustration of the problem, the door on the right is a standard scale UK door 'hole', but Muvizu seems a little out of kilter. I've made the walls 4m tall as opposed to 3 and doubled the thickness to 30cm.

2012/3/9 19:53:53
Measuring Stick - Let me explain... Please could one of the Muvizu Modelers make us a measuring stick in .skp file format, with the heights of the characters on them?

I keep trying to make such a thing myself but I'm having great difficulty as I need to export an object out of Muvizu to make it accurate. It would be nice to have a means of getting the Muvizu scale accurate as there is a lot of disparity between various modeling programs and the Unreal game engine.
2012/3/9 1:05:44
Staundoone Uncovered Brilliant brilliant stuff! The writing and voice work are just sublime!
2012/3/9 0:58:50
Sketchup to Muvizu Just uploaded part one of a three part prop set....The Lair...a modular building set where the detail is on the inside!

These props are designed to represent a Super Villains hideout, or caves, or a spaceship corridor well just about anything. I've included two sets of textures one in TARGA format, the other as Photoshop files so the textures can be customised.

The first set includes a straigh section and a right angle along with a door and wheel locking thingy doofah. The doors emply the radical ZMB collision technology (or Ziggy's Match Box Collision) whilst the tunnels themselves just have collision on the floor sections. I found quite a good sewer effect was achieved by animating a ground plane onto the floor and turning off the collision on the tunnels (can be stood on).

2012/3/8 18:03:06
64 bit 19b and 32 bit 18b side by side? I might risk a quid on the action replay!
2012/3/8 2:46:25
How do i... Here you go Wiz...take a look at this here tutorial, it should explain it for you.


Hope it helps!
2012/3/6 11:48:54
Software conflict and error’s on import. Error on Import

Over the last twelve hours I’ve developed a bit of a problem with regard to creating content for Muvizu.

I keep getting an error message on importing an .ase file, which states ‘ There was an error importing the object. The file is an unknown format.’

After a lot of trial and error I’ve worked out that the fault lies with the TARGA image that forms my texture. I’m creating the image in Gimp, but flatten it, merge it...whatever I try, the image won’t allow the model to import into Muvizu.

I’ve managed to get the model imported into Muvizu on two occasions. The first was using a TARGA image created by rendering in 3d Max. The second was by using a PNG image format instead of the TARGA I normally use.

Anyone got any ideas as to what is happening?

Software Conflict
Now this is only partially related but I imagine it may effect Muvizu users.
I’ve found a software conflict between Sketchup and Audacity. If Audacity is open in the background and you attempt a complex operation in Sketchup (Bool Tools or Sub-divide and Smooth) then Sketchup will crash.
2012/3/5 23:11:57
hello from France Excellent clip...I like the brilliants colours and textures!

Don't worry about murdering the language of Shakespeare, he was from Birmingham so the language would have been mangled anyway! That's probably why Lenny Henry did a good Othello.
2012/3/5 23:06:55
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Excellent props Ziggy, especially the detailing! More please!
2012/3/5 11:27:30
Character circles after movement For me the circles initially started following a straight double click and walk to a point. The circling seemed to get worse when I attempted to delete and then re-record the action. It continued even when I deleted the character instance and replaced it with identical character.

After closing Muvizu and reopening it the problem seems to have stopped and I can't recreate it.
2012/3/5 8:47:39
Sketchup Texture Images You need a separate bit of kit to UVW unwrap a model. On the free side there is blender and many other free (often complicated) but workable apps.

I use 3ds Max and occasionally Mudbox as the process seems to be much simpler for creating UVW, AO and id maps.

It took me about 3 months of trial and error and constant 'buggering about' to hit on a method but I'm afraid it's one of those where there is no quick way around it.

I'm still looking for an appropriate script or tool set to UVW unwrap in Sketchup...will post if I ever find such a thing.
2012/3/4 12:42:07
Character circles after movement Now I can't duplicate the problem! Will try again when I get home! What kind of world is it when I start getting annoyed when I don't get cock-ups?Whaaaaa?
2012/3/4 9:28:16
Character circles after movement This is something I noticed just yesterday...and couldn't work out how to stop it. Any ideas anyone?
2012/3/2 18:02:41
Group Movement Hi there,
You've run slap bang into one of those areas where you have to think a little outside the box as for the minute Muvizu won't let you move grouped objects.

The easiest way around this problem is to leave the car, effects and lights static and move everything else around them. The simplest method is to employ an animated image on a backdrop

A second alternative is to move the camera as opposed to the objects.

By adding a moving backdrop and moving the camera a little more realism can be added.

Another alternative is to shoot everything on a green background and use a video editor with a chromakeyer to 'Greenscreen' the effect.

There are some great animators out there,,,and I'm thinking of Mysto and Drychalice here, that have a knack of moving props and objects independently yet at together.

For my latest project I needed to have a witch fly on a broomstick through my scene. In the end I ended up modelling a whole new prop of a character and broomstick as one unit to get around the grouping problem.

The simple answer is to basically...CHEAT! To be honest Muvizu has the odd idiosyncrasy but then finding a way around them is part of the fun.

I hope this helps Whaaaaa?
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