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2015/8/17 1:28:42
Collision Am I right in assuming FBX collision is still...erm twaddle at the minute and the best way of dealing with walls and floors etc is through .ASE ?
2015/8/14 8:48:28
Toonish Cartoon Guidelines I'm trying really hard to phrase this question, but finding it difficult. Perhaps this is why I'm having little or no success finding the answer myself on the internet...if of course there is an answer.

What I wanted to know is what makes something a toon shape or cartoon? I'm currently modelling a set but props and features are looking too realistic, they are not looking cartoon enough. Randomly moving angles on vertices sort of gives a cartoon or toon appearance as does adding hand painted textures...but what exactly is the trick to producing cartoon type props?

Disney and Pixar etc have some in depth academic papers available on various aspects of 3D animation but try as I might I cannot find a simple set of do's and don'ts of making things look 'toon'.

Has anyone come across something that will satisfy my curiosity?
2015/8/7 18:51:22
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:
Don't you ever do anything with fluffy bunnies and kittens, Fazz? Big Grin

I'm biting muh tongue! Whaaaaa?
2015/8/7 7:05:25
Character Proportions On our visit to Muvizu Towers to celebrate the release of Muvizu Play+ we were given a tour of the offices and a demonstration of the new software. Gasps emanated from the assorted users and Moguls, the poor chap demonstrating thought our reaction a little over the top and the flow of his demonstration faltered as he slowly craned to see what his audience was actually watching. You see...we had spotted the concept drawings of horses which were pinned to the back wall...that...and the buffet...and let's not forget the liquid hospitality! Buddies
2015/8/6 22:16:15
Character Proportions Realistic human's and dragons, of course goes without saying, but Unicorns? Having said that Australia all out for 60 before lunch?...Miracles do happen!
2015/8/2 9:42:23
Collision still a smash? Just building a new set and while I'm waiting to upgrade my play+ just wondered if there has been any improvement in collision? Is the Ziggy Matchbox Technology still the way to approach this or has the 'ole Zu had some advances?
2015/8/1 16:59:45
Update my copy of Play+ Ok..daft question number 2....

I've got every email, mail tweet and notification Muvizu have ever sent me...everything except the email with my play+ code on it. Where will I find the damned thing? Whaaaaa?
2015/8/1 14:50:48
Update my copy of Play+ OK guys...daft question time...

I've upgraded my computer...script written etc etc....how do I upgrade my version of Muvizu Play + to the latest version with all the new characters and doohickies?
2015/7/14 9:20:27
Kicks the shed door open and coughs Kicks the shed door open and coughs from the dust and cobwebs....

"I'm back!"

OK so news of exciting things happening at Muvizu have brought me back from the boat and into the animation shed...what's happening folks?
2015/1/13 3:22:26
I aint dead you know! Just a quick note to let folks know I have not snuffed it! I am indeed alive and kicking but currently up to my eyeballs in boat restoration. In true Dylly style I decided that I just had to learn the skills myself...still a lot to learn but I've almost finished the major structural jobs. Just one section of deck to replace, one bulkhead to replace and then several coats of varnish & paint. I was lucky enough to find that the same spirit of help and comradeship that exists in Muvizu also exists among the historic boat community...although the on-line community is not up to the standard of Muvizu's.

In other news I'm now a two beagle household with Dylly the Beagle's litter mate Toby joining the family since the eldest lad, partner & my Granddaughter Gracie moved back home until their new house is ready. However when they move out ...Toby will be staying with me. He's already used to the boat & posing for the holiday makers.

I'm still animating with Muvizu and 3D modelling, although I've now moved onto 3Ds Max & Maya solely, although that is now something that I save for the winter months although I do regularly keep up with Muvizu throughout the year...often spotted lurking outside of Tesco in Stalham or various riverside pubs wherever I can get a free broadband signal.
2014/6/24 2:11:05
Coming Soon... fazz68 wrote:
today ive been mostly making..... horrible shiny stuff in jars.....

2014/5/26 7:49:22
Prop items and effect needed Just spotted your post...

Bar of soap...load a cube and change the colour.
Soap Wrapper...cube again or plane

All of the above easily created in SketchUp and imported into Muvizu.

Dog Poop...you are in luck here, if I remember rightly I made such a prop for someone so check out the assets page or search for the thread on the muvizu site and see who I made the prop for and see if they still have it.

Water effect...its a case of going back to good old fashioned animation, render out your Muvizu frames as a Targa sequence and add your water effects via Photoshop or Gimp. Its not as hard as it sounds.

Music is the easiest. Google Kevin Mcleod or Dan O .Both have websites that contain music they have composed which you can use.
2014/5/26 7:37:51
Hello... I'm a new member. Hi Brian...welcome to the madhouse! I dunno about Muvizu as therapy...I tried that...it does work... but its a bit like taking laudanum for a hangover. OMG!...Have you seen the elephants? So I said to the giraffe...oops mind the Green Fairy!
2014/4/28 20:02:33
Will there be a new version of Muvizu this year? There's a mailing list? Whaaaaa? Am I on it? If not why not?
2014/4/26 19:49:00
New experimental video Indeed my desk is filled with a variety of notebooks of all sizes one for each subject from 3D models to animation, history, archaeology and three or four concerned with the boat and fishing.

Mysto I have box upon box of calligraphy pens, mapping pens and even a few quills that I use when I'm illustrating. Not to mention umpteen bottles of ink which I tend to use to bring out a more vibrant shade in my watercolours. I got into calligraphy when I was a kid due to my junior school teacher Mr Widdowson (Spitfire to the kids, he flew Spits during the war and that shows how old I am).

I'm sinister like UrbanLamb although thanks to the strokes I now have to do everything right handed which is a nightmare, although I still roll cigarettes left handed and all of my fishing reels are still all left handed (I collect and use vintage fishing tackle).

One Christmas Eve I walked home from work and thought about popping into my local for a quick snifter before getting down to the annual wrapping marathon. I looked through the window of the smoke room where around twenty customers all sat with a pint in front of them, not talking to one another as they were all sat texting on their phones. I didn't bother going for a pint and went home instead.
2014/4/26 9:24:06
New experimental video You're not a dinosaur UrbanLamb! I have the ultimate in mobile devices, superb graphics, word processing function, data storage & retrieval, ability to plan animations, novels and things that need fixing on a boat. Easily stores business cards, has an appointment reminder function, and aids in the design of 3D models and has a price tag to suit all pockets!

2014/4/22 6:52:15
Sketchup to Muvizu Thanks guys. The modelling is finished now, as well as the basic textures. got it imported into Muvizu just need to work on the normals and specular mapping to cut down on the shine a bit.

2014/4/21 13:46:11
Sketchup to Muvizu Been a bit busy of late, but here's a quick heads up on some ongoing work for a client. I've been asked to make some sets and props that will be used to illustrate a children's story book. First set is a bedroom set. The remit is to give the props a 'toon' feel without over much distortion yet with an illustrated feel to them. Here's the work so far, just the bed frame finished, got to work on the mattress and duvet set now...without too many poly's. I have to admit I've enjoyed hand painting the textures for this project and getting the Wacom out of the cupboard.
2014/4/18 23:46:59
Keep Getting shot down. Me too Ziggy! There was I, listening to some 'tunes' Whaaaaa? and I missed it all!
2014/4/10 22:50:47
Just One Piece Competition urbanlamb wrote:
If I have an epiphony I will do something with it.

"... epiphany, epiphany... oh I know! Bananas are an excellent source of potassium!"
Homer J Simpson
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