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2013/9/18 16:31:40
looking for freelance muvizu talent Do you have any samples of what you have done to date?
2013/9/4 22:31:32
looking for freelance muvizu talent looking for freelance talent for a project like -> Introducing Operating Leverage
2012/6/11 12:15:02
Muvizu needs you! Count me in - Truth, Justice, and theMuvzu way!
2012/5/9 22:08:36
Directing Effects Thanks Marco, knew it had to be there!! I will give it a try tonight.
2012/5/9 17:53:35
Need objects besides instruments that can be held Need objects like books, cell phones, pointers, guns, etc. that can be held like the music instruments (although the zombie head is cool, it isn't practical for many videos).
2012/5/9 17:51:49
Directing Effects Need to be able to turn the effects on/off during recording. Right now I do multi-pass (one pass with the effect and another without) and then edit in Premiere. It would also be better if we could direct the parameters of the effects. This suggestion also applies to the body effects (BTW - need electrical head effect for the robots). Awesome product muvizuers!
2011/11/27 16:59:20
Secret Lab - AMD Fusion

This is an entry for Muvizu's AMD Fusion competition. HP's new laptop is a fusion of great ideas and technology. Produced, written and directed by Ken Hubbell Wish and a Prayer Studios(sm) 2011 Free Royalty Free Music by
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