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2015/11/2 14:54:54
The BIG Ol' Codec**t and Windows 10... That would be pretty perfect then - thanks! I dismissed Targa sequences due to their size, but as external drives get cheaper, I may check it out. The fact that Vagas imported them backward didn't help, haha.
2015/11/2 13:47:20
The BIG Ol' Codec**t and Windows 10... How about audio? Does it export that too? I never use the Muvizu audio output in the final project, but I do use it to sync to the actual audio track.

Thanks for your help!
2015/11/2 12:07:07
The BIG Ol' Codec**t and Windows 10... MrDrWho13 wrote:
Also, to import the targa sequence into sony vegas you have to check this box after selecting the first frame:

The one time I tried this Targa funny business and I imported into Vegas, it ran the video backwards. I'm guessing it's because I didn't have this checked?
2015/10/26 19:15:55
The Users content output store......errm promised? urbanlamb wrote:
Your encountering annoyance because your posting more then one thread asking. If you get silence you dont like that either so some of us answer. Asking repeatedly and bumping threads wont help you and that is what your doing. The thread was dead and gone you nuked it and replied to fazz one month later. Just relax if they have no info to post they wont answer and obviously they have no info to post.


There should be a "don't feed the trolls" smiley too...
2015/10/23 12:29:55
How to make an object "appear" Select one of the spheres. Then either right click and select Prepare -> object properties or use the Prepare menu at the top and select object properties. In the Track dropdown, select "Visible" then select "Animate" in the dropdown below that. You'll get a little checkbox. Check means visible, unchecked means invisible. Switch to direct and check and uncheck as you see fit. Repeat for each part of your thought bubble.

Hope this helps!
2015/10/7 12:28:25
Free motions from Mixamo for a limited time toonarama wrote:

Excellent resource and indeed useful for the hopeful future!
2015/10/5 12:17:06
Saw this TV commercial tonight Love it!
2015/10/2 12:40:24
Hello to you all! Welcome aboard!

Background in camera work, eh? Well then steer completely clear of the cameras in Muvizu, you may say a bad word or two.

But I kid the program! You will have fun! Be sure to check out the tutorials and feel free to ask any questions you may have as they arise, such as "how come these &%^*$ cameras are so ^$%@#& hard to &$^%^ move around?!?!?!" laugh
2015/10/2 2:16:14
Why can't I use my free Content Packs? The content is still free, you just have to buy the software to use it. Not a bad deal by any stretch of the imagination.
2015/10/1 15:36:33
Content store opens it's doors! PCollimonster wrote:
vast majority opted to keep their content free.

Ah, the people who remembered that this was a community and enjoyed sharing their own work with others and not just business-minded people worrying about turning a buck.

The store is a good idea. People wanting to share their work because they enjoy doing so is also a good idea.
2015/10/1 10:51:07
Combining Actions on a character You would still be able to attach the bass to him, put a mic stand in front of him, then use the Lip Sync to make his mouth move for the parts where he's singing, would that not do the trick?
2015/9/30 17:05:38
Update - content store Or scratch that, looks like it's live as of now
2015/9/30 12:47:25
Update - content store CloudNinja wrote:
Any updates/news about this from the Staff, Moguls or Testers?

I can confirm that I have personally seen it as a part of a test, though how finished it is or when it's going live I don't know. It's very certainly being developed though.
2015/9/25 23:11:07
Help with recommended hardware 4 MZu? Night and day, that's how! My old version ran at 24 FPS and the beta versions at a pitiful 9 FPS. With the new cards they're up to 55 FPS! I never knew the program was supposed to look so smooth! Thanks again for the advice.
2015/9/25 14:24:30
Help with recommended hardware 4 MZu? ...which I did do. GTX 750 Ti (2GB) which should be here today. Maybe with that I won't be so afraid of using some of these new features! Thanks again!
2015/9/20 0:29:56
Help with recommended hardware 4 MZu? All this talk of graphics cards is making me want to get a new one. Thanks a lot for the advice! And for pushing me to buy something I really don't need! laugh
2015/9/11 20:08:55
Camera setings during directing Select the camera and then go Prepare --> Object Properties.
2015/9/11 12:09:52
Hello! If jonbez can't find the exact texture, it looks like it's just the Photo Face Mask attachment (last option under "Face" in the character edit menu) with an image on it showing the eye cutouts. I used a similar technique for a different ninja character but didn't do the eye cutouts. I'm beginning to think I need to go back and change that after re-watching that video...
2015/9/11 11:53:49
ase too big keawman wrote:
ase too big

I used to get that message a lot from people so I cut down beer and stepped up the exercising.

Oh wait... "asE" too big. Never mind... carry on...
2015/9/7 12:08:38
20/08/15 reelase feedback ziggy72 wrote:
Okay, I will never need the beta versions again, but I so distrusted Play until v1.2 that I kept them, just in case.

Same here. I've got every version since I joined saved. I'm not sure which current version I'm using, but it's at least three updates old and as more and more glitches turn up, even in the patched version, I have no desire to upgrade. I'm pretty sure I'll never use layers given how simple my workflow is, though it doesn't seem anyone is having luck using them anyway and with all the crashes they seem to be causing, I'll sit tight for a version that works. Riiiight.
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