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2014/11/4 15:14:41
Neutral mood? Well that isn't exactly the fabulous news I was hoping for, haha. 100 years ago there was talk of adding a Neutral Mood for all the characters, nothing ever came of this? Or how about a way to override the auto stand/sit?

Maybe I'm just getting too hung up on this...
2014/11/4 15:01:55
Character Movement Character movement is tricky and you should play around with it to get the hang of it. As for being a resource hog, the biggest offender there are the lights. Hit F12 to go into non-lighting mode and things will pick up considerably.
2014/11/4 14:59:45
How to make your Charcter fall You could create an elevated set with the hole in it, then add an invisible ground plane for the character to walk on, but end the plane where the hole is. Just one thought, I'm sure there's others.
2014/11/4 14:10:11
Neutral mood? Well, I couldn't be bitter and hold out any longer, I bought a license for Play+ and have been tinkering around a bit. Way back when Muvizu first switched over to "Play" I noted that while it's great that characters will automatically change poses depending on the action (sit or stand), that also eliminates the "hack" of using Guitar Idle or Drum Idle to achieve a neutral facial expression.

I used those two extensively in my animations. Is there a new hack? I didn't see a Neutral Mood, how can you keep the characters from all standing around smiling like nitwits?

2013/10/25 18:34:44
Dog Character's Teeth chuckles wrote:
With all the other "normal, original" Characters

2013/10/13 2:46:35
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) That answered it, yes. Thanks.
2013/10/13 0:55:18
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) What exactly do you have to purchase then?
2013/10/12 20:09:10
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) bigwally wrote:
I am a tester and they never sent me a thing. No messages, no nothing.

I don't think I ever even downloaded it because I didn't want to have a feature I've always wanted but not be able to use it. Now that we have to pay $250 for it, I'm pretty sure I'll definitely never be able to use it.
2013/10/11 20:18:17
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) fazz68 wrote:
now we have the ability to hold things can we have a few animations for pick things up to complete the awesomeness

Unfortunately "we" don't have that ability...
2013/10/11 17:30:41
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) bigwally wrote:
What test version?

It was just before the change to "Muvizu Play." They asked us not to show the feature in any videos as it was just a Proof of concept. A few days later they sent us a second test version without the feature enabled. I wish I could be more specific, but that's all I've got.
2013/8/17 11:38:10
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback Finally had a stable enough internet connection to download the latest version. I noticed no new actions or accessories for the older cartoony characters. I also noticed both a win and a caveat:

WIN - when you select an action that is the opposite of your character's current position (sit or stand), he will automatically sit or stand to perform the action, no need to hit a button to change.

CAVEAT - the characters no longer go into a "neutral" pose when you use idle drumming when standing or idle guitar for sitting. This makes me very sad.

I'll keep checking around but those were my first thoughts.
2013/3/8 12:31:11
To the community at large fazz68 wrote:
i dunno about most people here but i dont have a pot to **** in, so if muvizu does charge for their software im afraid thats me done. its not that i wouldnt pay because i love messing about with muvizu but at the end of the day i just wouldnt be able to afford it.

What He Said

As the development seems to have been squarely on the heroes and villains pack lately rather than expanding the original and far better characters, charging a fee would probably do me in as well.
2012/8/20 13:08:22
More Hairstyles and Eye sizes carmz wrote:
More Hairstyles and Eye sizes

i agree
2012/8/1 12:44:41
New here! Audio/Video Engineer. Welcome aboard and I'm looking forward to your videos.
2012/7/26 16:55:44
Feedback Thread -v0.21b release (July 2012) I finally had a chance to tinker around a bit with the new version this morning. The tickmarks are back on the timeline - YAY! The wall textrures are back - YAY! There even appeared to be several new backdrop textures - YAY!

I haven't gone through to see what new objects, character attachments, or character actions there are. My guess is with all the focus on the three new characters, the answer to that is: not many (if any) - BOO!

Tonight I will play around further, I'm guessing it will load all my old sets just fine and look forward to using it frequently. I did notice, and this could just be me, it seemed to even run faster. As usual, thanks Team Muvizu!
2012/7/23 13:19:49
What do you like best about the latest update? kkffoo wrote:
Which of the new features do you love the most?

A character now has a hook hand.
The tick marks are back on the timeline (an old feature that was brought back)
kkffoo wrote:
If someone tried Muvizu some time ago what would you say to bring them back for another try?

The locomoation system for characters is GREATLY improved. There are also a ton more character add ons and actions as compared to earlier versions of the software.

I'm sure the addition of the hero and villain characters would attract people as well. I personally don't like them, but I can see their appeal to others.
2012/7/7 13:23:37
Now I can legitimately be a crotchety old g... WOOHOO! Congratulations! That's an adorable picture, too.
2012/7/6 12:41:15
Why are Character Actions Grayed out sometimes... Time to play Devil's Advocate (Danimal's Advocate?). Doesn't the greyed out button perform exactly the same function as a stand or sit tag? If you're character's sitting and the action is greyed, you know you can't use it unless they stand and vice versa.

Now to beat a dead horse: I'd much rather see the developers spend their time on something like a useable motion system for objects and cameras than adding in a graphic for something that's kind of intuative to begin with. As Marco said, a drop in the ocean. I'd like to see the ocean start dwindling to maybe a lake or a pond before we add more drops to it.
2012/6/28 12:37:47
Movie poster ideas All too true! It seems I saw this on cracked.com before, I think this author must submit to several sites. Still funny though, thanks for posting!
2012/6/24 23:57:18
Camera movement HayManMarc wrote:
I have found that camera manipulation while filming is incredibly difficult.

Really? I've always found it ridiculously simple.

HA! I kid of course, it's possibly one of the worst systems for moving anything anywhere and I have said so many times. But, as long as you never move the camera, it's a good system.
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