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2016/10/31 15:45:08
Lip Sync Nightmare Thank you for this editorial video.
I am inclined to understand that using the Record feature in Muvizu is going to lead to a lot of frustration when recording dialog.
I am used to recording Music using a Multritrack recorder, which looks similar to the Timeline recorder. I was kinda hoping I could drag several individually recorded clips into a single audio track, similar to my old Sonar Audio recording software, but it is not possible in Muvizu.

It would appear people get better results recording audio clips as lines into Audacity, and then merge them into a single clip there, before Importing the mp3 or wav file into Muvizu.
2016/10/31 15:26:31
Recorded Audio Cannot Be Named Yep - I seem to have the same issue.
Unable to name my recorded Audio, or merge them into a single Audio track for each character so I could set Lip Sync.
It would have been cool if you could save your audio clips in a folder somewhere, and do a tad of merging several clips into a single track onto the Timeline editor.
Never mind...
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