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2012/2/3 14:07:12
Every Body Can help me Neil wrote:
RainMan wrote:
I Love You Luscan xD

Hey! Get to the back of the queue! He gives me lollipops and bought me a stuffed puppy dog. True story.

Yeah only so you could vent your frustrations to it. :P
2012/2/2 10:14:39
Censorship by Muvizu ? I say we get IanS to look into it. Big Grin
2012/2/2 10:10:35
Every Body Can help me We have a Van listed under the vehicle objects but without seeing the model that you're interested in I'm not sure how much help we can be.

If you can find the object in Google Sketchup on the Sketchup warehouse you can run it through the ASE exporter to turn it into an object Muvizu can work with. Dylly has done some brilliant work and tutorials on the Sketchup-Muvizu process. Give it a look
2012/2/2 10:05:56
Microsoft Kinect Could be interesting, yeah :O
2012/2/1 16:55:27
Censorship by Muvizu ? And that's what I get for posting before coffee.
2012/2/1 13:15:42
UE3Engine.dll error Hi,

We've had stuff like this crop up before. Best thing for it is to install a patch for windows which you can download from here: href="http://jira:8080/images/icons/linkext7.gif" target="_blank">

Hope that works.
2012/2/1 11:46:33
UE3Engine.dll error Hi GFawkes,

does the error say 'ie3engine.dll' or 'UE3engine.dll'? Could you give more detail about the error message or is that all there is?
2012/2/1 11:45:38
Every Body Can help me You could try positioning backdrop objects so they look like the roof of the circus? Either that or, if you're feeling very technical, you could try to create a roof for the circus in a 3D program and then import it into Muvizu.
2012/2/1 10:46:28
Censorship by Muvizu ? The video that you posted wasn't listed on our database for some reason. It was listed as available but hadn't been pushed through to the list of videos that we review every day so we can put them onto the website.

There are three things we can do with a video when it comes through to us - we can allow total access to it (which is what we do with the majority of videos), restrict it (if there are rude words or adult themes we'll do this so you're shown a warning screen before you reach the video) or reject it. We reject the vast minority of videos that get uploaded to the website or through the application since they either need to have very objectionable content or be unrelated to Muvizu.
2012/1/31 9:16:24
We got guns :) Oh hey another thread about guns time for me to post this again Big Grin

Super-Shotgun is still the Best Gun Ever (tm). I'm interested in seeing how you've done it though
2012/1/31 9:05:50
Muvizu Awww, thank you <3
2012/1/31 9:04:31
Some more free stuff Dylly this stuff is amazing keep up the good work!
2012/1/23 10:27:21
Random requests! mysto wrote:
Maybe the developers can get Muvizu to distribute a nice frosty beverage while we are animating? Milk and cookies for the younger folks? I mean if they can do dragons...

We're working on a version of Muvizu that when you press a button on your keyboard it fires a puppy out of your computer at you. The puppies are designed to be cuddly fun bundles but they're not working as intended at the moment...
2012/1/18 16:33:36
Can't save sets and can't make videos Hi,

If you still have the 0.19 installer can you try to install it to a clean directory? If sounds a little like something's gone a bit wobbly in the update process. If you can install it to a clean, new directory and it's still giving you issues it could be something else but I think a clean install could be the way forwards.
2012/1/17 16:17:16
Blender export to ase py script is giving me prob Hello,

This looks like it's a problem with Blender. Might be best to ask over on the Blender support forums.
2012/1/9 10:36:13

Tend to post this every time someone asks for guns in Muvizu.

budunha wrote:

But programmers MUVIZU, could make a paid version at around 30 to 50 €, which was already semi-professional movements for arms, horses, ability to add characters from other 3D software and have the movements in MUVIZU automatically. Movements with cutlery, glasses, ... Just program to get the object added by hand. Maybe even earned some more money, it was good for them and for us.

Muvizu is free to use and will be staying free to use.

I'm afraid that there's more to the issue of characters holding objects than just throwing programmers at the problem until it goes away. We have brilliant programmers here in Muvizu towers and we're always trying to push technology and make it do things that it finds a little difficult and holding objects is no different. I know it's annoying to hear but we really are working on it
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2012/1/5 14:40:28
Muvizu won't start Great. The updater can be a little finickity (technical term, that) sometimes. Glad things worked out
2012/1/5 14:07:47
Problemi importazioni file .ase One that knows loads about importing objects!
2012/1/5 14:06:33
Muvizu won't start Hi Haarvik,

Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with Muvizu. Could you tell us what graphics card you're currently using, what version you were using before the update?

There's a chance that you could be moving from a version that didn't require the new shader model to the version which does that could be causing your graphics card to have some issues. If you think you've got a solid enough graphics card for it then there's a slim chance that something went wrong in the update process. In this case I'd suggest a fresh install of Muvizu which can be downloaded from the download section of our website (
2012/1/5 10:26:02
Problemi importazioni file .ase ciao,

È possibile scaricare il Sketch-up plug ASE da qui:

Speranza che aiuta

edit - Wow, Dylly, you're a machine! Thanks
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