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2012/1/4 16:38:52
Competition thrashout Muvizu Moments - a 60 second maximum look back at great moments in history through the lens of Muvizu. Moon landings where the difficulty in walking around comes from a click-and-drag movement system instead of the 1/3rd Earth gravity? Michelangelo painting the Sistine Skydome?
2011/12/19 11:08:52
Has he been yet ? toonarama wrote:
Luscan wrote:

I asked for that!

I love you really, toonarama
2011/12/19 10:58:42
Has he been yet ? Yes.
2011/12/19 10:51:58
Has he been yet ? The North American Aerospace Defence Command Center (more commonly known as NORAD) is where the United States keeps its early warning systems. It's a big old building built into the side of a mountain that tracks radar information from hundreds of systems throughout the world. It tracks pretty much everything in the air throughout the world and every year they track Santa.

Santa's real, a billion dollar radar defence network told me so.
2011/12/16 15:09:21
Collision Questions I had a play around with the broom and it's a brilliant, brilliant piece of work Dylly! Absolutely outstanding.
2011/12/14 10:57:42
Scale within Muvizu The typical scale in Unreal is done in inches. One unit is one inch.
2011/12/14 10:50:34
Help Choosing a Computer Hi,

I'm not 100% sure on the spec of the laptop in question but I can take a shot at it. There are a lot of dedicated hardware websites that'll certainly be able to help you with this one. Take it with a pinch of salt

i7 processors tend to be better than i5 processors and there's very little practical difference between 2.4 ghz and 2.5 ghz that's noticable.

The Turbo Boost thing is a neat little feature in all modern i5 and i7 processors. What it will do for you is keep your processor running at a reduced speed whilst it's not on very heavy duty tasks to conserve battery power (running a web browser and a word processor isn't exactly heavy use so it'll cut back on a few cycles to keep your battery alive longer. You probably won't notice it though). When you really need it though (when you're multitasking a bunch of applications) it'll do a quasi-overclock on your processor and jam it into overdrive for a while at the cost of battery power.

The graphics card in this laptop will be able to handle Muvizu just fine. There are videos of a laptop with a similar spec running RAGE, Crysis 2 and Battlefield 3 at good frame rates so Muvizu shouldn't be a challenge.

As for finding out if you can upgrade your graphics card further down the line you will have to ask the manufacturer. The case of the laptop is what makes the difference here and I'm not sure any advice I could give you would be accurate.

Hopefully that helps.
2011/12/6 16:16:37
question about muvizu spec Could you try downloading and running the 32 bit version of Muvizu? See if that gives better performance?

It's available on the download page or on this link:
2011/12/6 16:07:26
question about muvizu spec Hi,

It seems a little strange that you're having issues like this with your computers spec. Whilst Muvizu has started to become a little more resource hungry you shouldn't be having the issue that you are. Could you tell me the sort of difference that you're finding between this version and the previous one? How many frames a second do you think you've lost going from the previous release and the current one?

What version of the application and windows are you running? (either 64 bit or 32 bit)

Thank you
2011/12/6 10:13:25
Help me! How do I do it? Hello,

Muvizu doesn't currently support Vietnamese language fonts. If you want to have Vietnamese letters in your scenes it is possible to import single objects so you could build models of the letters that you want in Google Sketchup and then import them into Muvizu.

Thank you.
2011/12/1 10:43:57
NEW UPDATE Thanks for sending us your computer's dxdiag. We've had a look and unfortunately it looks like your graphics card isn't up to the task of running Muvizu. If you wanted to upgrade we could recommend some graphics cards (such as the ATI GV-R667OC-1GI Radeon HD which is available for under a hundred dollars from

Thank you.
2011/11/30 12:29:13
Ugh! Muvizu is so frustrating! Hi Wizplace,

Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with Muvizu. Could you go into a little more detail about what's happening?

Is the application taking a long time to load certain sets or is it taking a long time to start up in general?

When you say "cause some other programs have not worked but I just reinstalled it and it worked perfectly" do you mean that the application wasn't working and then you reinstalled it so now it is working or were other applications on your computer not working but now are since you reinstalled them?


2011/11/28 11:17:49
Terrible quality of finished movie Hello.

Could you tell me what Codec you're using to render out your videos? I tend to stick with using DivX or Xvid both of which can be downloaded in the k-lite codec bundle ( ). If you think it's a codec issue download and install that and it should fix it right up.
2011/11/28 11:08:36

Could you tell me when this screen pops up? Does it happen before Muvizu starts or whilst it's starting?

Could you tell me what graphics card you have in your computer too please?
2011/11/24 12:24:37
White Wine in the Sun Ah yes but it has made it onto the Tim Minchin forums!
2011/11/24 12:24:02
(Stupid) Question Hi Ericksone.

Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with Muvizu. If you're having trouble getting Muvizu to render out pictures as well as sound then it might be your Codecs that are giving you troubles. Could you download the K-Lite codec pack ( and give rendering out your video another try?

Whilst Muvizu doesn't support text to speech it's possible to record audio directly into Muvizu using the Prepare Dialogue window which can be found under the Prepare menu heading.

Animating in Muvizu is done in roughly four stages.

The first thing you need to do (other than have an idea of what you want to make) is create a set and your characters. You can do this through the Create menu - there's a lot of options available to you here including different kinds of lights, hundreds of different props and characters. Once you've created everything that you think you're going to use you can right click the thing you've made and it'll bring up the Properties menu for that thing - this'll allow you to customise everything you've got. There are a lot of options available to you here and it might seem a little overwhelming at first and the best piece of advice I can give is either ask on here for help or play around with things to see what's right for you.

Once you've got everything you want to use you need to prepare your animation. You do this through the Prepare menu function - Prepare audio is good for putting in background music and sound effects. Dialogue allows you to load a second audio track into Muvizu that'll function as speech for your characters. Camera movement lets you set up how you want the camera that's going to record the movie to move (do you want it to be able to move fast or keep it slow? want it to be able to spin around really fast? that sort of thing).

The real meat of the prepare menu though comes from Prepare Character Actions. This brings up a window that lets you customise what animations you want your characters to play so that when you're Directing you know what's going to happen and when. You can preview the animations in this view too so you can start to get a feel for what's right for your story. Once you've got everything ready to go you have to direct it all.

Directing in Muvizu is done in passes which means you don't have to do everything at once. This makes everything a lot less stressful because you can take your time over things. The different menus in Direct should be pretty self explanatory. Open up the menu you want (like if you want to have your characters walk around open Direct Character Movement) and you'll see that you've got a long bar at the bottom of the screen. There's a little movie clapper-board icon in the bottom left. Click that to start recording. Once you're recording you'll can make use of your carefully prepared actions and stuff. You can use the Timeline (which is listed under Tools) to shuffle around actions and get things timed so even if you don't get things quite right after the first try you can get them right later.

Once you've done all this and you've got a movie that you're happy with simply go to Video and click Make Movie. You can click 'Options' and give it the settings that you want (resolution, if you want the video to have anti-aliasing or not) and then click Make Video... From there you can upload the video to YouTube through Muvizu to show it off to the world!
2011/11/24 11:55:02
my first animation from Russia Outstanding animation. Always good to see a dog in a viking helmet Big Grin
2011/11/21 17:11:27
Turn Turn Turn Well, there are probably people that do use it as a function. I'm glad it's there because it makes having characters turn in precise increments on the spot a lot easier. If I ever get around to making my Knightmare video it'll be really handy :P

What is it that you'd like to see happen with the movement system? Are the movements too sharp in your opinion or are they too precise?
2011/11/21 11:50:39
Custom Character Creator and Flying Objects Wow, this is a pretty old thread! Some interesting points brought up here though.

Since raptormarlins posted this thread we've added a bunch of options for characters. Users can now add all sorts of clothing options, hair styles and can manipulate the size and position of these attachments individually to suit their needs. You can also use custom textures on characters to make them look however you want and as some of our brilliant community have shown you can do some awesome stuff with it.

Give some of our tutorials a look! There's a lot of them that are about character creation and customisation.
2011/11/21 10:15:25
Doesn't works OK Hi MiOG,

I hate to sound predictable but have you tried uninstalling it and then re-installing it? If that doesn't work could you download the installer again from the Muvizu website and try doing a fresh install of Muvizu?

If you're still having problems feel free to get in contact with us again.

Thank you

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