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2011/9/2 15:07:42
Video joiner crash Hi Simon,

Does this trigger when the videojoiner is started up or does it happen when you're using it to stick videos together?

I've not seen anything like this so more details are always appreciated!
2011/8/31 10:32:11
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) Hello,

Since most of the links from earlier in this thread are down and we now have a Gallery section where you can (and should!) upload your .set files to I think we'll go ahead and follow Than's suggestion and unpin this thread.

I'd personally like to thank Than for the service that he provided in allowing users to download various set files over the last year and look forward to seeing more videos and awesome set files from him in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

We're taking a look at applying the beautification hammer to the website at some point in the future which will include our gallery with lots of shiny new features and ways for you to share your latest and greatest creations with the rest of the community. Watch this space...
2011/8/28 12:45:54
How can I Hi yankiankit1,

Probably the easiest way to import objects would be to use Google Sketchup. It's available from and you can download lots of free-to-use 3D objects. A tutorial on how to use sketchup and import objects into Muvizu can be found here .

Adding motion to the objects is done in the same way adding movement to any object is done. Simply select the item and direct out object movement.

Hopefully that helps.
2011/8/22 10:32:19
STAR WARS part one is now on you tube This was great, Hex. Big fan of Star Wars myself and I was thrilled to see Han shooting first, just like he should!
2011/8/18 15:44:06
Rough cut- Few minutes of movie Love it. It's got a lot of promise already - the main character's pretty funny but there's a bit at the start where he looks left, right and then walks to the left for a tiny amount of time before heading off screen to the right. There's a lot of good work that's gone into the shape and size of the characters eyes to make them really expressive especially with the size of their pupils which is a neat touch.

Did you make the big tall pine tree model yourself? It looks ace
2011/8/15 10:30:51
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) BayTheMoon wrote:
Hey moderators, all these links are dead ends.

Hi BayTheMoon,

Unfortunately these links all lead to a site that's not operated by us and as such we can't really do anything about them. We have a lot of sets available for download in the Gallery section of this website though so feel free to have a look through them and use them in your videos


2011/8/12 16:06:51
Feedback from New User Hi Dylly,

Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with Muvizu.

Would it be possible for you to send the .set files that aren't working at the moment to That way we'd be able to go through them here at Muvizu HQ to see what it is exactly that's going wrong to help you fix it.

Also, just out of curiosity, could you attach a copy of your DXDiag.txt to the email too? To make a DXDiag.txt file click the start button and then click Run (or 'search' if you're on windows 7) and type in dxdiag.exe. Once it runs click 'save all information'. If you could attach the file that it creates as well as the set files it would be a huge help.

Thanks and I hope we'll be able to get this sorted out soon
2011/8/1 13:51:00
no ghostbusters :( YouTube's found the copyrighted Ghostbusters theme song and switched off syndication. Sorry. :[
2011/8/1 11:37:44
Can't make movie :( Hi DylnCox,

Have you tried closing other applications that are running in the background? There's a chance that one of the other programs that you have could be using something that Muvizu needs to access to make films. Windows isn't that good at sharing I'm afraid.

If that doesn't work could you send a copy of your dxdiag.txt to ? If you don't know how to make a dxdiag then do the following:

Click start and then run/search for a program called DXDiag. Run the application and then, when the blue bar has finished filling up click 'save all information'. The file that's created is called dxdiag.txt. If you could send that to us it'd be a great help.

Thank you

2011/8/1 11:16:35
Muvizu Won't Install properly! HELP! Hi wizplace,

It's a little strange that DirectX9 says that it's not been installed correctly. It's an optional part that we bundle with Muvizu installs to make sure that people that are doing new installs of the program don't have any problems.

There's a chance that you might have a newer version of DirectX9 installed on your computer so the installer's seeing that it would install an older version and not copying over everything that it can. I'm guessing this is the most probable cause of this error message.

Hopefully Muvizu is working even though you got this error and it's not causing too much trouble.


2011/7/29 12:41:17
hi video not showing on Muvizu Hi Hexslayer,

The video looks fine on our end. Maybe something went wrong with uploading it? Could you try again?
2011/7/28 13:58:54
Instead of waypoints... It's one of those things that it's really difficult to not feel massively positive about.
2011/7/28 11:44:49
Instead of waypoints... Wizaerd wrote:
Although truth be told, free software does have one detriment about it. We all know that the Muvizu devs are very vocal and resonsive to our needs, requests, and "demands" (heh heh heh), but typically in a free software model, the philosophy is "hey, you don't like what we've added, or not added, go somewhere else, it's not like you bought this..." I've even seen other users of free apps say things like "what do you expect, it's free after all..." (agian, let me reiterate, I am not saying the Muvizu guys (and gals??) are like this at all.

Free software typically has a poor reputation, espcially free applications with great features. People's conception is "it's free, it must suck...". I work as a software developer myself, and even in my company we've lost potential sales because they customers thought our software was too cheap, so it must not be al that capable.

I like it when conversations go this way because I get to bang my drum about Free (notice the capital f) software and Open-Source.

Free software and free software are two different things. Free with a capital F is open source and allows users to download the program for free where as free (without the capital f) is what Muvizu is - you don't pay for it but you can't modify how it works.

Open Source Free is getting more and more interesting as people realise that it's still possible to make money from giving away your software. I believe that because all software can be copied an infinite number of times (you can right click, copy and paste any folder that contains an application or something as many times as you want) all software is without monetary worth. That's not to say it doesn't have any value - things are only valued at what the owner/user/possessor of the item ascribe to it (your childhood teddy bear is naught but fluff and fabric but to you its value is immeasurable).

What more and more Free software companies are realising is that they (under GNU licensing) can charge for support and feature implementation. I know at least four companies at the moment that will let you download their source code, all their test documentation, bug reports, minutes of their internal meetings and their applications for free. You don't even have to ask their permission - they just assume that people will do this and they're okay with it because the Worth of the infinitely reproducible software is zero.

So these companies charge for extra things. They charge for things that can't be reproduced quickly or easily and provide added Value to their product - you can e-mail them, if you bought a support contract, and say 'hey, our web client is broken! Help!' and they'll have an answer for you in a day or so. Hell, a friend of mine that works at one of these companies just spent four days doing on-site support for a company in Hawaii (and, notably, he requested a weeks holiday whilst he was still out there the cheeky sod).

This is something that is absolutely terrifying to the old school giants of the software world. Can you imagine phoning up the head of Microsoft Office development and saying "Hi, I bought your word processor and now I want it to let me add 3D lettering to my documents. Can you make that happen?" and instead of having them yell at you and ask how you got their number have them say 'Yeah, sure, we'll add that to the list'? What's great about Muvizu is that you -can- ask for that stuff and it -will- get added to the list of things to do eventually.

Added value isn't something just that software companies do - one of the most common added value things I can think of that just about everyone interacts with on a daily basis is breakfast cereal. Rice Crispies are my favourite breakfast cereal and it costs like £2 a box. The rice probably cost £2 for a a quarter ton. The added value is the fact that they managed to puff up the rice and turn it from a bowl of cylindrical carbohydrate bombs into something that goes really well with milk. That's what you're paying for there.

Just my two cents. Isn't it amazing what two cents can get you?
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2011/7/27 10:14:00
v0.16b Feedback ukBerty wrote:
So to sum up are demands are......

1) Turn off collision option
2) Way-points (cameras first)
3) More consistent shadows
4) And for me, an undo button that undoes / or a lock button that locks / or percent boxes on the sliders - any of these would stop the devastation that occurs when you try to build a complex set (actually "no collisions" would also do the job).

.....and I'm not coming down from the roof until I get them.

I think the word is 'requests'. It's only demands if you have hostages and I Neil's not (quite) gotten to that point yet. :P
2011/7/26 10:14:29
Problem! babybell11 wrote:
but i cant get it to work coz they dont show u how to get on they just show u how 2 do it after u got on it xx

Hi Babybell11,

When you want to make something in Muvizu all you need to do is move your mouse over the word Create in the bar at the top of your screen. In there you can pick to either create characters, objects, lights, effects or Backdrops.

As for animations, once you have created a character click Prepare and then Character actions.

Once you're in there you can change the Mood of the character (the sorts of animations that they have and the expression on their face - someone that's happy will have a lot more cheerful animations than someone that's scared, for example) and if they're sitting or standing at the start of the animation.

You can also click the different buttons next to the word ' Animations: ' and select an animation that you want your character to play. Once you pick out all the animations that you think you'll need in your movie close the picker and then go to Direct and click Character actions.

There's a little director board button in the bottom left of the timeline that's at the bottom of the screen. Click that. You need to wait three seconds but then you should press the buttons for your pre-picked animations when you want them to play. Click the stop button when you're done.

You can also use the Direct menu to open ' Character movement '. You can use this (again by clicking on the little director board/clapper board button in the bottom left) and clicking and dragging one of the arrows to make your character walk around.

Muvizu remembers what animations you've played in the past so you don't need to do all of it at once.

From there you can open the timeline and click-and-drag the different coloured blocks that show what animations played where around so you can get your timings right and get your movie looking great.

Hope that helps
2011/7/22 10:20:28
What are these features? Those are some of the bug fixes that went into the latest release. They're mostly tweaks to how characters walk around and stop moving and a couple of stability things, not new features.
2011/7/13 10:43:55
Interface & Timeline Look, do you want this dragon or not?
2011/7/13 10:09:59
Interface & Timeline Hi Si,

A lot of really good feedback here, thank you.

I'd just like to make a quick point that you can move the time-bar (the line with the pink triangle on the timeline) between cue points by clicking on the skip backwards and forwards buttons on the timeline. The skip buttons are the ones with the single triangle and the lines.

Thanks for the feedback!
2011/7/12 16:34:40
Layered Animations while moving It's really down to your preference. If you're happier doing the character actions first or the movement first, it's entirely up to you.

Even once you've done them, if you're not happy with your timings on specific animations or whatever you can go into the timeline, select the character you're not happy with and adjust things to your hearts content. Get two animations the wrong way round? Go into the timeline and swap them. Have an animation in where you don't want one? Right click the animation and press the delete button.

The timeline's a really good, really powerful tool that lets you tweak and get your movie just the way you want it.
2011/7/12 12:09:38
Importing and using still pictures You could do either one of those things!

If you have the image that a backdrop shows set to None then it becomes invisible and if there's another backdrop behind that which shows that images you want that would work just fine too. You can have as many backdrops as you want in a scene.

Stitching together multiple videos would work fine too and might be a little bit easier.
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