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2016/12/24 12:11:11
Latest Muvizu ? I am using the latest version and can't seem to import FBX. Just get a pop up saying I need to buy the license. I am not sure what license that is Using Muvizu Play+ with all the addon from the store.
2016/12/17 23:08:34
Guidelines - White Paper for content creation? Thanks PatMarrNC. I currently build for iClone, Daz and Poser with various other platforms thrown in for good measure. Pretty much in that order too. While I waited for the reply I discovered the wiki and was drawing the same conclusion you have outlined. The biggest blow being the fbx import restrictions with no rigging because if that was opened up there could be a great library of characters, assets and props from members submitting. I kind of like the low poly look it has and my original intended use is to create animations to drop MP4's into the screens of custom iClone TV, cinema screen props etc for a project so all is not lost. Just thought I would ask. Thanks for your reply.
2016/12/17 9:22:32
Guidelines - White Paper for content creation? Hi there
I am an animator and 3D asset developer and I am wondering if there is a white paper regarding content creation for this software. Thanks
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