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2016/12/31 19:46:35
Copy/Paste & Rotating Cameras... 35litretheatre wrote:
To make room to paste you need to move your view back to create enough space to paste the object. Sometimes you also need to move your view upwards. Hope that makes sense.

Thanks. I'll give that a try.

Solved the rotation problem. There is an "Enable/Disable 360 view" menu choice. Didn't know about that. I clicked 'Disable' and the motion stopped. 'Learn something new every day.
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2016/12/31 17:24:42
Copy/Paste & Rotating Cameras... I loaded the Church/Cathedral model, Then I shrunk down one of the columns. I want to copy & paste about a half dozen more, but everytime I select PASTE from the drop-down menu, I get an error message saying "There is no room". I deleted most everything in the scene, but it still says "No room". How do I get past this?

When I first opened Muvizu, the stage kept rotating. I discovered I had a Flight Sim Joystick connected. I unplugged it and all was well. Now, with the Cathedral scene, the Camera View Windows (two of them) have a 360 rotating view. There are no other controllers. Any ideas on how to stop the views moving?
2016/12/23 17:28:38
Bump Mapping... PatMarrNC wrote:
Hauksbee wrote:
But, to make sure, here's a link to Support: https://www.muvizu.com/Support
Please let us know whatever you find out

This morning, the Oracle of Glassgow spoke (aka Jaime Hill):

"Muvizu does not support bump maps, but it does support normal maps."

So, there it is.
2016/12/23 0:30:53
Can I attach a light source, or a camera to... PatMarrNC wrote:
... but you should be able to keyframe or direct the movement of both cameras and lights.

OK, thanks.

By the way, do 3DMax objects present any problems for importing?
2016/12/22 22:06:09
Can I attach a light source, or a camera to... I know that guns, paint brushes, coffee cups, etc., can be attached to a character, but what about light sources and cameras? Can they be made to follow characters around? Can a light be made to shine on one object and not the one next to it?
2016/12/22 19:33:40
Bump Mapping... fazz68 wrote:
yes you can. bump maps...its all been in the wiki for years...

Thanks for the come-back Fazz68. It's been in the wiki for years? I just got here last Saturday.

PatMarrNC: I posted the querry to Muvizu/Support. We'll see what they say.
2016/12/22 16:40:17
Bump Mapping... I know that Muvizu supports Transparencies, but what about Bump Maps? If I build an object in 3DMax and apply a Bump Map, will it show when imported into Muvizu?
2016/12/22 0:55:38
Newbie problem: the Scene Keeps Spinning ikes wrote:
Hauksbee wrote:
Just got Muvizu (upgraded to Play+) opened it, launched it...and the scene keeps spinning complete 360 degrees. How do I stop this?

Do you have any other controller than a mouse plugged in your computer? That could cause the problem...

Strange...Muvizu/Support asked the same question. I keep a PS4 on my desktop. While it's not connected to the computer, nonetheless I unplugged the controller from the box and the box from the monitor. 'Solved nothing. Later, as I was pondering the problem, I realized I had a Flight Sim Joystick plugged into the computer. I haven't used it for quite a while and had forgotten it. On a whim, I unplugged it. 'Problem solved.
2016/12/21 17:31:49
Newbie problem: the Scene Keeps Spinning Just got Muvizu (upgraded to Play+) opened it, launched it...and the scene keeps spinning complete 360 degrees. How do I stop this?
2016/12/21 16:13:30
The scene rotates 360 deg....continually I just bought Muvizu. Installed it, launched it, but, the scene rotates continually. Apparently there are two cameras open because I see one of them rotating with the scene. However, the view within the Camera #1 window in the upper right corner shows the scene 'not rotating'. How can I get rid of the spin? Muvizu Support suggested that if there is a game controller connected to the computer, that could account for it. I have a PS4 rig on my desktop but it's not connected to the computer; only to the monitor. Nonetheless, I unplugged the controller, and unplugged it from the monitor but the scene still spins ( and Camera #1 view does not) Anybody know what's up?
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