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2016/12/25 13:06:29
WHERE ARE YOU? Greetings from Germany
Well know for beer and bretzels ;-)

I'm highly interested in creating 3D and 2D animations for education. I'm going to create a series of short films on how to learn to read for kids. I'm impressed with movizu's animation style and the overall look & feel.
I really love how users interact here in the forum, help each other and offer content for free and how Muvizu enables this spirit. The most important part is that you can see great examples of funny movies made with Movizu. You rarely see things well done in iClone or Animator. In addition they (Reall****) have a very commercial way of pushing content and updates to users. Things rarely work as advertised...
So I rather work with Muvizu, its known limitations and its usage philosophy which lets me concentrate on the story. Love Muvizu and its concept and user interactions in the forum. Thank you.
Cheers Rene
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