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2017/1/23 17:59:24
Another newbie...Another first... Nice rocking guitar on the music track. It was good to see the studio set put to use and I liked you choices of animations for the musicians.
2017/1/23 17:49:45
My First Muvizu Video That was pretty funny. Well put together, too.
2017/1/23 17:44:51
Experiments in 3D Animation and Storytelling Cool set of vignettes. These mini-films look like a good way to experiment with the features and camera technique. I liked the smooth tracking that the key frame add-on has given you.
2017/1/13 22:01:27
Japanese song Unfinished project from last year. What a great look!

You've managed to create something here that doesn't obviously feel like it came from Muvizu.
2017/1/13 21:51:32
My First 3D Video I'm on the same learning curve.

I think it definitely makes sense to split things down into manageable scenes and then stitch them together once you get beyond a few minutes of content.
2017/1/13 21:07:14
My First 3D Video An interesting way to try things out and create your first Muvizu video

The TED talk presentation is an nice approach and makes sense for the delivery of the material you have chosen. The screens at the side of the stage are very appropriate (and use a technique I haven't tried yet!)

Something you could try for later parts is to have cuts to audience reaction - nodding or talking to the person next to them about a particular point raised in the presentation.
2017/1/13 20:37:53
Another first-timer - Music vid at "Sleazy's" @ritsmer The lip-sync isn't too bad; it surprised me how well it coped with my singing as I tend to run words into each other quite a lot. It works a lot better with pure speech and hopefully that will show in my next video. As the song is an original by me I have the multi-track recording to work with so I was able to load individual files into Muvizu for the lead and backing singer. If I didn't have that I think I'd probably be better off recording a vocal track for each character into Muvizu to help the lip-sync algorithm then replacing the audio in an editor.

@Pat I normally take part in two online songwriting events each year - FAWM (February Album Writing Month) and 50/90 (which runs through the summer) and I've found that people there also tend to be creative across multiple media (lyricists are often wannabe novelists; a lot of the musicians dabble in video) - it must be a trait of the amateur creative. This community is a little less active than the songwriting ones (probably due to the relative work involved in producing something finished), but it seems to have the same level of camaraderie. Looking forward to getting more involved.

@roroduck Thanks for taking a look at my video. It's always encouraging to know someone took the time to view.
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2017/1/13 17:05:26
Another first-timer - Music vid at "Sleazy's" Thanks for your comments Pat and for taking the time to give the video a watch. I got into music-making as a way to understand the process and deepen my understanding of an artform I love. As my tastes have moved more into the visual field I'm attempting to do the same here.

I'm hoping that Muvizu will let me learn a bit about framing and lighting at least - though I'm not sure how well my storytelling will go. And as for voice-acting, well that's going to be a real challenge!
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2017/1/12 19:00:38
How to create dialog tracks with Audacity To go back to the pitch-shifting done to get the other voices - another really useful tool that is in some audio software or via plug-ins (can audacity take vst plug-ins?), is the formant shifter - this is better at shifting male to female or vice versa as it changes the harmonics in the voice, not just pitch. Formants are big part of why male and female voices at the same pitch still sound distinctly male or female.
2017/1/12 18:40:40
Another first-timer - Music vid at "Sleazy's" This is being uploaded a little sooner than I wanted. Unfortunately file corruption meant I lost my Muvizu file before I had added the audience and tweaked some camera and lighting settings. I will save a number of versions in future!

To get a feel for the product I just took an old song of mine and created a simple gig video using the Sleazy's stage set.

As well as a first use of Muvizu, I also downloaded HitFilm 4 EXpress having seen it positively mentioned in a thread on this site, so it's a first use of that software too - used for the very basic beginning and end titles.

Next stop is something story based ...
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