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2017/2/27 15:26:58
Key Framing Packet I'm not no expert, or anything with this. But. I can say that the keyframe tool makes my experience using Muvizu a lot easier and faster. Yes, it does what you say it does. The real advantage to me is how much smoother the movements are when done with the tool. I am sure I could do the same without it, but not as clean. And certainly not as quickly. It is as simple as choosing direct, picking your spot on the timeline, placing and pointing your camera where you want it to be at that spot. Then click insert keyframe, choose type of motion. Move on to the next spot on the timeline and repeat. The same goes with actions to effects and such.
2017/2/27 4:39:44
A little band humor for a laugh today... I have a good friend that plays drums here in Vegas. He almost always wears some kind of mask, including a gas mask. And luckily, he has a good sense of humor. Hope you do too...
2017/2/18 21:11:59
Video for a friend... Thanks for the time to say all of that Pat. The boys at 'The Tone Factory' here in Vegas, did a very good job on that mix and master job for sure. And I'm working on the 'wow' factors. For instance, I just got the key frame exp figured out. What a tool! It is going to be very easy to make the videos much more MTV'y for sure. All those things you mention are on my mind. It is just a matter of getting the right elements, tools, time and experience to implement them...yeah? I am gonna get it down though...I gotta say. It is realy fun playing "Mr Movie Director". I have a whole different view of what it must take to make a full length film of any magnitude. There is a lot to do!
2017/2/18 3:03:50
Video for a friend... Thanks for the compliments Rocque. My friend liked it a lot. I wonder how Phil Keaggy would feel knowing I have his younger alter ego playing drums? This was my fourth video. I used a few of my unfinished (no vocals) songs for the first ones. This one had vocals, so I had to do lip syncing for the first time. I just got the key fame tool. So, there will be lot's of camera moving in the next.
2017/2/17 0:52:08
Video for a friend... My buddy is liking muvizu's animated video look. He asked me to do something with his bands song. So, I took PatMarrNC's skwerlefest set and put my friends band on that stage. I think the lipsyncing came out pretty good. Now, to ge the shadow thing down...So much to learn...
2017/2/3 1:38:14
First Muvizu video - The Distance Great job. Nice piano and strings. Way cool to see the band logo in different places...So...Can I have my hair back please?
2017/1/28 19:27:56
It's a SkwerleFest! Thanks Pat. The person that was going to do the vocals for that song moved away and I was going to shelf it. But, I seen your set and bam. You guys are going to get sick of me fast. I have a hundred songs just sitting around and I think before I am done I will use every set available. Great job replicating the Merle Fest stage too. It looks like that event is a good time for all. It's got to be super fun being around all that talent and fans for a bit.
2017/1/28 8:21:43
It's a SkwerleFest! PatMarrNC made a set with a banjo and mandolin. I have a cowboy song that features a banjo and mandolin. It just seemed like the thing to do was have a SkwerleFest...
2017/1/28 7:23:35
Set won't open My two cents. I recently used that set and had the same issue, among others. After looking things up I decided a upgrade to a video card was in order. I had a onboard 124mb set up (silly me) and switched to a 2gb nVidia. Not one problem since...
2017/1/25 6:03:27
Funeral March for a Clown...(music)... Ok. I'm getting better at this. A good grafix card really helped. Next thing you know, i'm gonna have characters moving around and stuff...
2017/1/23 23:37:54
Another newbie...Another first... Super glad you like the guitar Drazi. It seemed to me the studio would be a popular set with musicians...
Lava lamp...There's a lava lamp Pat? That's what I get for not taking the time to check out all of the available elements. And I am already checking out better video cards. Holy cow, some of them cost more than my pc...But i am gonna get one for sure.
The compliments are a great motivator and nothing is better to me...Thanks people!!!
2017/1/22 16:39:53
Another newbie...Another first... Thanks for the nice words Nahton. I Usually play everything myself, as on this one. Except for the drum track, I programmed the drums using BFD. Ohhh, if I could only sing!
I record many different genres of music lately and have my newest posted at www.soundcloud.com/jammer-roberts. I am going to make a video for every song there, I think...
2017/1/22 6:39:26
Another newbie...Another first... Hello people. I am Jammer, from Las Vegas. I've been making music for about 40 years and have wanted to make a animated video to help deliver my music to the masses. I think I have found an answer. This program is great. Aside from wishing more elements could be slide adjusted, copy and paste-able in the timeline and drag and drop-able into the time line, things went pretty well (spoiled by DAW). My PC is optimized for music production, so I think that causes a bit of lag while playing in the timeline itself. That causes some difficulties trying to time things out proper (besides the SLOW render). I think I may migrate this to another PC and make that a video machine too see if things smooth out a bit. Anyway, The song is one of my latest and a bit bouncy. Hope you like the work...

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