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2018/4/16 5:55:56
error are you using a new computer is that why you can use it? if so if you can get the mac from your old pc you can still use it on the new pc i got my problem fixed needed to update drivers i downloaded everything from this site before it went to the way it is now
2018/4/12 22:59:06
error hi ive paid for muvizu tried to install it on my new pc but keep getting this error when i start it an error has occurred there was an error reflecting type please help as i use this for making kid videos and im late at making a video for my subs also how can i change my license to a new computer
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2017/5/4 8:54:11
Horror zombies not showing thanks a lot yup you were right they are right where you said they would be thanks again!
2017/5/4 5:12:08
Horror zombies not showing hey everyone i just got the Horror zombies set i installed it but its not showing up i looked everywhere and cant seem to find it any ideas would be great thanks...
2017/2/25 19:46:07
new items and characters No not yet but wow!! just what i was looking for thanks a lot great job!!
2017/2/23 4:40:42
new items and characters Ok cool thanks again cant wait to see it!
2017/2/22 2:47:25
new items and characters thanks for all the info and links yes if you don't mind making a ride on mower that would be great i can wait a few days again thanks
2017/2/21 5:46:15
new items and characters i was wondering if there were any other place to download charatcers and items for free or to buy i looked on this site and only see a little bit of characters looking for ride on lawn mower kid characters and zombles etc...
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