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2015/10/25 18:12:34
Problem insert object Hello MrDrWho13

I have an old pc now but i not problem using other soft (es udk, unity and c4d

Acer TravelMate 6593 As for technical specifications, this notebook has a 15.4-inch screen with a resolution of 1680x1050 pixels, a processor Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 with 2.26 GHz frequency, 1066 MHz FSB and 3MB of cache L2, a RAM up to 4096 MB, a hard disk up to 320 GB, the burner, webcam, memory card reader, Bluetooth and 4 USB ports. Has, of course, also the Wi-Fi connectivity

I do not understand

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2015/10/25 17:42:42
Problem insert object Hello at all
I have this problem with Muvizu.

If I download a complex set, Muvizu is ok.
If I build two / three objects he tells me memory problems.


Thank at all

2015/10/25 12:48:56
Animate sky Thank you drewi
Now it work, if you need material texture hi res contact me.

God job

2015/10/25 9:43:12
Comedy sketch collaboration Hello

It depends on what you need to do.
I will want to do short scenes with Muvizu montarler and then after effects or avid.
It is simpler and less heavy.
2015/10/25 9:37:22
Animate sky Thanks friends thanks for the quick answer

I saw this tutorial but missing a few passages.
I just get this effect inside the camera but I do not see the same effect in the background for sky and water.

How can you fix in your opinion?
2015/10/24 19:42:43
Animate sky Hello guys
How to animate the background of the sky?
Thank you
2015/10/24 19:40:28
Lucio Hello Boy

I'm new with Muvizu....its fantastic
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