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2011/5/25 17:43:43
Size does matter after all. Hi Admin,

Very new user only a week into the mission. Gradually 'getting the hang of it'.
This afternoon I downloaded the new update version. Removed all traces of old version first, including the Muvizu folders in programme files.

All unpacked without any problems, but then, splat, I'm now out of the game, sadly.

Muvizu wont load as video card does not support Alpha Blending with floating point render targets.
D3DFMT_A16B16G16R16F (Which is required to run this game, evidently.) Sounds interesting though.
Video Card is Ge-Force 6200.

Enjoyed my short stay, have fun.


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2011/5/23 18:29:19
Does Size Matter Pass!
2011/5/22 13:22:25
Does Size Matter Hi Jim,
Thanks for the link. I've also downloaded one of the sets and 'taken it apart'.
I can now see how set construction is achieved.
All good stuff!


2011/5/21 9:15:21
Does Size Matter Hi Admin,
When creating backgrounds externally is there an optimum size for the image to fit the workspace area.
Thanks for your anticipated help
2011/5/20 22:11:30
Download MWSNAP.
This application is great, I've used it for several years now. Excellent 'Screen Capture' shots and can be saved as JPEG or Tiff's.
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