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2011/5/26 0:59:01
The newest Muvizu release... Confused Oh no! when I import a sound file for prepare Dialog, Muvizu crashes......
2011/5/25 18:32:00
Industrial-scale collaboration Drink Ok, now we have decided on the Title and story I just want give my outline of the story so far so stay with me Cool
Neville Chamberlain's famous Paper of peace cock up story to start with.
Chamberlain can't live with this, so teams up with Turin to build a time machine. Chamberlain is instructed by Churchill and Roose to go Back in Time to stop Hitler's mum and Dad from getting together.
Chamberlain Travels back to the 1885 in the Time machine, but unknown to him drops his famous piece of paper when he arrives, sparking the Nazis to know the Allies weakness in the future resulting in Hitler taking over the world with devastating technology ( TERMINATOR THEME )King-tron......
So, because of Chamberlains double mishap, the Nazis send a Terminator Back to Eliminate Churchills Mother or farther ( I was thinking A Hitler or Himmler model Terminator Model 1945 ?)
In desperation, the allies in the future send a protector ( A Historical Hero?, Robin Hood ? ) Who warns him about the danger of the terminators, and the future!! but apart from that he is as much use as a chocolate Teapot!! , so later on they send back a robot Churchhill - ( Hitler Robot vs Churchill Robot, say no more )
In the meantime, Chamberlain breaks up the courtship of Hitlers parants to be, and discovers he has lost his
famous piece of paper.
Robot Churchill turns up telling him to find that paper and to get Hitler parents back together again to stop Joseph Stalin from taking over the World.
This task is now difficult because Hitlers mum has taken a shine to Neville!
even worse, he is told by Einsteins dad the only way to produce the power to get him back is by Channelling a Large Methane Explosion, which they do by a future event , maybe a farmyard cow hut explosion ? )
After a lot of comical mayhem, and a one night stand with Dame Vera Lynns mum he eventually gets back to the future...........
All great, until a radio broadcasts that Great Britain is surrendering to germany.
You see, our Dame Vera Lynn does not exist..... thanks to Chamberlain not keeping his pants on, on that one night stand in the past which has left our brave troops limp without there famous girl singer.
just before the end Turin and Stephen Hawkings turn up in the time machine warning him about his distant cousin Brian Cox making a Black Hole with the Hadron Collider....... THE END

Just a little starter, any ideas?
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2011/5/25 13:33:24
Muvizu movie Vote Nice one
2011/5/25 10:39:48
Industrial-scale collaboration I think we will be spoilt for choice with Time Machine designs on Sketch-up.
have a look, there's loads ha ha ha
2011/5/23 8:52:42
Industrial-scale collaboration This story is getting better, maybe the Russians make a crappy time machine
which brings back Vlad the impaler who wants to take over and kill
Everybody? , maybe a twist , where everybody has to fight against him, ha ha ha
Lots an lots of conflict that's what we want.
can you imagine Hitler on the phone to Churchill or Chamberlain asking for help!!
But hey, wait, what about USA, who come to the rescue, with Ta taaar,
Only George Washington.... or if you want why not George Dubb Ha ha ha
Love it!!
2011/5/22 19:29:37
Industrial-scale collaboration This sounds promising, like the Idea of time travel, lots of comedy mayhem there. Neville Chamberlain made such a cock up over Hitlers plans, and was
probably jealous of Churchill, maybe he could be the one who builds a time
I could just imagine him sitting in that old style machine.
Maybe, the brits in desperation bring back old British Heros?
Like the Terminator theme, bringing back Oliver Cromwell, or old scientists like Isacc Newton? or bringing back Robin Hood
To send him back to kill Hitler, ha ha ha.
Anyway, just a few things I thought about when I
heard your pitch.

Chreers, artpen
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2011/5/21 0:06:17
website collaboration features Yeah, something like that, or just an option where you could just click on your special friendsBuddies
and BINGO, your assets are locked to them only.Police
2011/5/20 23:44:45
website collaboration features Hi Dreeko, Sounds like a good idea, I have also been thinking about our assets on our profile pages.
I think they should have a locking system where you can lock down your assets, and can only be browsed
by people involved in the project, or by your chosen friends.
I say this because I think our community are a very creative bunch, and I think there will be a lot of prying
eyes out there looking for and stealing our stuff naughty
I might seem paranoid, but I'd hate to see our hard earned work, scripts, sounds, and ideas stolen.
Honestly, you'll be surprised how many computer Wizkids are out there with no imagination.
Anyway, I would like to help in any project, but we need to lock down our assets first.Drink
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2011/5/19 18:37:01
Muvizu movie Vote Hi again, if any muvizuers are interested, I would be happy to get the spoof I've
Got be a collaboritive project from the start, I think the character deserves it, and
It would be a shame not to give it a big lift from the start.
I don't want to give it away here, for fear of any other ( moviestorm, icloners,)
Reading this....

Let me know,
Love to help, artpen
2011/5/19 10:17:11
Muvizu movie Vote Hello fellow creative minds.

I'm going to start by saying a comedy/spoof will be a big hit on youtube giving
Muvizu maximum exposure.
I for one love a good comedy, and if it's a spoof, even better.
If you think about all the big cartoon comedys now like Family Guy, Simpsons,
They have always been a big hit when they include a spoof, like the star wars
spin off in family Guy for example.
Muvizu, has comedy appeal with it's zany looking goofy puppets.
Anyway, I'm busy working on a spoof myself, I've done the sets, audio, and just
Need to finish it really.
I have completed three 7, 8 min scripts for it, if everybody likes it, I'm happy to
Share the next 2 episodes? Don't worry, you'll love this famous character spin off!

If anybody's interested send me a private message, even for a bit more info and
ideas, come on let's get cracking!!
Thanks artpen
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2011/5/13 18:36:55
Coming soon Love it, love it, love itCool
2011/4/20 12:58:59
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork Top stuff, I'm chuffed for you mate, nice to see talent shine
2011/3/28 17:21:45
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork Very nice artwork stonehead, great stuff
2011/3/25 11:52:39
Sets/Objects - Works in progress You're wrong dreeko, that's not a blob, its the horses brain..
Top class surgical cruelty

Good stuffs dreeks
2011/3/24 14:55:11
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Go on Emily, jab em! Stick it to em!!!!
2011/3/22 14:18:46
Sets/Objects - Works in progress LOL, top stuff, Yeeeeeee haaaa, com on
2011/3/22 11:33:14
New feature vote? Hello again, because the list of future improvememts is as long as the Great Wall
of China, this vote could shrink it to the size of Hadrians Wall

Thanks again
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2011/3/22 11:08:20
New feature vote? Hi team, muvizooers, now that the upcoming update is almost ready, do you think it would be good idea for a vote on new features and improvements?
I say this because of your heavy workload, and to keep everybody happy.

Thanks, artpen
2011/3/21 14:49:50
Ziggys new animation Yo Luscan, I pity the fool who jibba jabba

Greetings oh great one....
2011/3/18 18:51:50
Random faces/heads When there's no more room in Hell, Jim will come....
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