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2011/5/27 0:44:28
nothing available in the program nope, no luck again im afraid. I deleted the original install file and downloaded the 32 bit version again.
Sadly the same problem. I think the program is working ok, it just doesn't have any scenes, characters or objects
2011/5/26 23:17:55
nothing available in the program hi thanx for your quick reply. Im using the 32 bit version i downloaded last night from the site. There are a few lights and some effects but nothing else available in the "create" menu.
I tried uninstalling it and then reinstalling it but with the same problem. I've uninstalled it again and will delete the file and try downloading again to see if it helps. I just used all the usual install options, changed nothing. Wish me luck, i'll let you know if it works.
Matty -

windows vista home premium
dell core 2 duo 2.4ghz ( i think)
4g ram
2011/5/26 13:11:28
nothing available in the program I'm sure it's just me doing something stupid, but I downloaded the program and installed it today. Loaded it up and all ok so i went to the tutorials to get started. The problem is that in my program I don't have any of the scenes, people, objects or anything to chose from. All the boxes to choose a scene etc are empty.
Can anyone help me, do i need to download these seperately?
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