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2017/4/24 13:30:23
Music Video collaboration Thanks for the suggestion, yes I should probably have a go myself. I only discovered Muvizu last week and it looks excellent, but I have been reading comments on here that the company may be closing so I hadn't bought the software yet in case it's not supported.
2017/4/24 12:24:43
Music Video collaboration Is anyone interested in collaborating by creating an animation video for some of my music. I'm afraid there is probably no money in it other than being able to use the finished item to publish yours and my works. Many thanks
2017/4/21 13:10:16
Music Video collaboration I am a composer of music for stock libraries and would like to create one or more animated videos to use for promotional purposes to send to music publishers and libraries as well as on LinkedIn, Myspace etc. Musical styles vary from latin, French, world, retro, pop, rock, jazz, new age, synth, dance, action, horror etc.

I would not plan to sell the videos but yours and my names would be in the credits, so it could be useful.

If anyone is interested let me know and I will provide sample music I had in mind.

Many thanks
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