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2010/9/13 21:47:32
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Yes I agree with Than there..... subtle stuff. Nonchalant, if that counts as a category! Lots of classic toons work on that contrast between the lazy super-chilled and the extra active, hyper almost. Think Droopy, Foghorn Leghorn...
Also perhaps a library of job related stuff... sweeping, directing traffic, hammering, all that sort of thing...
2010/9/5 16:22:30
My first video Great idea! Good story line and script too.... enjoyed that....what they gonna do next??!!
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2010/9/5 12:12:53
Update Problems Yes, am getting this too- updates to a point and then fails. However, Muvizu then opens and runs fine, and I guess there's plenty to catch up on already!
Gets to Muvizu.exe-186dd576 etc then comes up with
ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.....Wrong local header signature...
ah well, keep you guys off street corners...
2010/9/4 21:51:29
Jacob Patterboon Well, I'm amazed! Very impressed with the moving story and cameras, titling and effects.... I don't have the technology or patience! Bring on the next...
As for sound- you might consider an external sound card and a matched pair of condenser mics. This will unfortunately set you back 150-200, but will resolve your sound probs. Cards (boxes more like) usually come with their own software (i have an edirol (roland) that comes with sonar) that in my experience has a cleaner sound than audacity. All my Rome stuff was done on that. External card takes the analogue/digital conversion load off your inboard processor. Software also has vast array audio effects and plug ins etc.
But then again, I should probably invest in video stuff- photoshop, after effects etc....!
Crack on....
2010/8/26 9:37:29
point A to point B animation Hi Jasonh. I generally try to avoid precise stopping points etc, it's all a bit random, though in fact some great things often come out by chance. If I have to though, I put down some marker object- plant, rock, pencil and then drag the dots to it.
2010/8/25 12:56:35
List of improvements And how about some kind of rope/wire/vine to swing or walk on? Am thinking Wile E Coyote, Tarzan, superheroes.....
2010/8/24 17:10:52
List of improvements Being able to have a character whistle and have his hands in his pockets would be cool!
2010/8/24 11:01:50
Muvizu thoughts?? I agree with all the above! Muvizu is my first venture into 3d animating- I have some experience in stop motion plasticine workng with kids, and in drawing my own 2d cartoon strips. After gingerly poking my nose into maya and such like I realised what is so good about Muvizu- it's a brilliantly quick and transparent tool for getting the products of the imagination up and running while they are still hot. In other words I find the story and ideas drive it- rather than getting bogged down in 3d vector creation, mapping and all that. An analogy would be the difference between the detailing of high art painters and the speed and movement of the impressionists. Only an analogy, no pretensions to high art here! It's brilliant and I look forwards to seeing it develop.
2010/8/24 0:03:21
VideoJoiner fails Hello davidbowman2001. I don't know the technical debugging stuff and issues- however I was wrestling for a week there trying to join my short vids up. Muvizu joiner failed to join anything- which is alittle odd as it did a fine job on my previous piece (Agincourt). I tried several aspect ratios and codecs to no avail. I then tried several downloadable free video joiners- ezjoiner, free joiner, allfree joiner and several others. They have their plusses and minuses, but my problem was the audio running out of synch by about part8 (of 15). In the end I went to windows movie maker (I'm on W7) and it did the best job of all! Great resolution and quality on video and audio- only slight downer is it doubled the total file size. I felt it was well worth it though, it's free, already installed and I'll be using it again- until at least Mvz come up with a wizard replacement!
Good luck with it
2010/8/23 17:12:35
Trouble uploading vid Jim-....That's it! Up and running, after another couple attempts...this time at tea time. Thanks for the time and advice.
2010/8/23 15:06:34
Trouble uploading vid Ok Jim, thanks for getting back to me on that, I will try again till it goes up, it's gotta be done!
2010/8/23 13:38:05
List of improvements Hello folks just a small thing but would make life easier- a visual graded scale on the 'scale' box for people and objects, and also one for the volume on audio and dialogue- especially useful for when using same background audio in different sets. It would be more functional than the little paper mask I sometimes use!
2010/8/23 13:12:35
Trouble uploading vid User name is TheRabwelsh, and it was uploaded I think between 11.30 and midnight last night.
It's the 'Fall of Rome part1'
Thanks for the speedy response!
2010/8/23 10:35:17
Trouble uploading vid Yes hello folks- firstly, great progress on the program, I am liking the way it slowly organically develops, and how responsive and helpful the team at Muvizu are. Very much appreciated.
Enjoyed making my new vid (at last!), but am having a few problems uploading. Went through the Muvizu assets upload portal a week ago to you tube with first attempt (avi file, PAL, cinepac radius codec) but it entirely failed to appear anywhere. I took the chance to re-render, (1280x720, xvid mpeg4) and uploaded again last night- message came up on your site saying successfully uploaded (as it did the previous time) but again a mystery disappearance into the ether.
Any ideas?
2010/4/26 22:38:32
No thumbnails :( Hi folks- I got the same problem as Matt. Let the updates load- no characters, or animations, but did have objects. Did complete reinstall, and not into program files (running the joyous Vista), and no improvement.
2GB RAM, Vista 32 on a Dell Inspiron, Pentium Dual Core, T2060 2x 1.6, ATI Mobility Radeon X1400. Was running enough before though.... so am now also stuck for ideas.It's the right version and date on the splashscreen.
2010/3/29 21:20:31
Vista updating? Is there still an issue with Vista automatically downloading any updates to the programme? I noticed there's now the option to make shorts on a character, but can't find this in the programme- so the crunch point is do I have to redownload and reinstall if I want to do, er, for example, some lederhosen fantasia thing....
2010/2/25 11:20:44
whishes list Hey Tappit, I run Vista 32 on a Dell laptop (!) - I had to reinstall OS to get Muvizu to run at all. Previously got a full page of error messages, and after much struggling bit the bullet and reinstalled. I have kept other stuff to an absolute minimum and now it creaks along slowly- though this is probably due to just scraping by on the graphics card front as well! Laptops a pain, but hey there's a great creative challenge working within limited parameters...I keep telling myself! I might hijack one of the kids desktops though and run it on XP- seems happier so far. Good luck!
2010/1/28 23:32:27
Codecs and uploading Thanks for the advice there- I'm no expert either! Piece was 480 x 360 res, and 4 minutes long, which isnt too bad- but yes a ridiculous size- made in Microsoft CRAM. Right enough Cinepak is less than a third the size for the same piece. Time to reshoot anyway.... (though I can foresee real problems
when I come to my 9 hour epic reconstruction of Gibbons Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire)
I'll stick at it and with luck get something up for Sunday... nothing like a deadline to get you going...
2010/1/22 20:54:32
Object interaction Hows about some musical instruments! Obvious stuff guitars etc but also fun stuff... bagpipes souzaphones and lord knows what else... there is a pile of fun to be had animating music......
2010/1/22 12:51:35
Codecs and uploading Hello folks, having a hoot animating to my old MP3s. Am using Vista32 on a just coping laptop- but could use some advice on codecs. Do any of them compress more than others? A piece I made, even in lowest res, still came in at 667megs. Its also not quite large and sharp enough to see detail. Any thoughts? Is the max upload size 100?
Also I'm struggling to upload. When converted to a video, its saved off to file, but I can't find how to access the upload for it! No doubt something blindingly obvious....
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