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2011/8/26 16:07:25
Newbie.... Neil wrote:
Can I just chip in with something here...

We're going to someday have characters holding props. We may or may not make weapons for it, depending on how we feel about at the time. But whatever wieldable props we make, you're probably going to think of a hundred other things you'd rather see anyway.

So whenever we do this, we'll try to reuse the object importer that we already have. That way if we don't make the exact gun / sword / rocket launcher /
you so desperately need for your clips, you can always make them yourselves (or find one on that there interweb).

How does that sound?

As long as the importer works good (and hopefully for objects other than ASE), and we can tell it where to hold it and how, I'm completely happy. Just that one aspect (well ok two aspects, holding/using props, and better object import) would satisfy a whole lot of people.
2011/8/26 16:05:45
Newbie.... tomas wrote:
claireq wrote:
We are looking at characters interacting with objects but none will be weapons for censorship reasons as a lot of young children also use the program.
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What happens if you use after effects and trackiing to process the image and replace the guitar with a machine gun. Currently working on an animation using the tutorial at http://www.videocopilot.net/tutorials/demon_face_warp/ to face warp a muvizu character there are loads of free after effects tutorials on this amazing site. Nearly as inspirational as Muvizu.

This has certainly peaked my interest. I've recently received AfterEffects Pro CS5.5, and am overwhelmed with everythin git can do, and the videocopilot site is certainly a great resource. hadn't seen this face warping one yet, but I've got it bookmarked for this wekeend. Any chance of you sharing some of your attempts of using this on Muvizu characters?
2011/8/25 16:17:43
Newbie.... Marco_D wrote:
Hi yankiankit1,

Welcome to Muvizu.

Unfortunately our characters cannot hold weapons or objects.
Holding objects is something that our team is thinking about, but as for weapons there are no plans to add that feature.

How would you amke that determination. How will you differentiate the character is holding an apple v.s. holding a gun? Holding a fork v.s. holding a knife? Holding a spear v.s. holding a rake?

I'm sorry, if the character is going to be allowed to hold objects (and they really, really, really should be able too) then they should be able to hold any and all objects. And if characters cannot hold or interact with objects (props), it is severely limiting in the movie making process.
2011/8/23 21:45:05
Start making movies After downloading, install what you downloaded. Then open what you just downloaded and installed. And be sure to check out the tutorial videos available on this site.
2011/8/12 15:34:10
THE END "fixed Link" I love the song, too bad you had to alter it so drastically so YouTube wouldn't recognize it, thus block it. The Wall is certainly one of my all time favorite albums. The atmotshphere and camera angles were good. But it's certainly not my forte, in terms of message, but to each his own...
2011/8/11 20:08:04
Need some help on video, suggestions... bigwally wrote:
Fall not in love, therefore;
It will stick to your face.

(No x-rated stuff).

That leaves me out... LOL
2011/8/11 18:34:08
Which video editing software do you use? toonarama wrote:
Wizaerd wrote:
Ack... Where were you when I was getting ready to purchase it...

Yep, that's a shame I would have liked to have passed it on. Must admit I had planned to buy it myself but with Iclone 5/plugin/kinect all (hopefully) in the offing things are getting a bit expensive and my birthday/Xmas/Ebay money will only stretch so far!

I don't do much with iClone, although I have owned every version since 2.5, and I have a crapload of the content addons. I swore version 4 would be my last version, but this upcoming 5 is intriguing...
2011/8/11 16:01:45
Which video editing software do you use? toonarama wrote:
Hitfilm does look good (if processor intensive) and you can download a workable demo of both the Standard and pro versions. I have used the companies products for many a year and been very happy.
Because of this I have a "40% off" and a "20% off" voucher code for Hitfilm Pro. The vouchers must be used by the end of this month and can only be used for the Pro version.

I can't afford to buy it just now so will not be using the vouchers. If anybody here can make use of them just let me know in a reply to this post. Each voucher can oly be used once.

PS Berty

I have Sony Vegas Platinum Home Studio (or whatever it's called) and have no problems (so far) with loading Muvizu content.

Ack... Where were you when I was getting ready to purchase it...
2011/8/11 0:07:33
Character movement with Keyboard iClone has this "feature", and truth be told, it's my least favorite feature. No offense, just giving my opinion on this, I'd much rather be able to lay out a path using waypoints that the character would traverse as opposed to manually controlling him via first person or third person view. Same with cameras, since I've yet to actually control a camera smoothly the way I want with this method of moving.
2011/8/10 21:22:37
Which video editing software do you use? I use Vegas Movie Studio Platinum v 11... Upon upgrading from v9, I too noticed some skipping and jittering when using Muvizu output, so changing to the Cinepak codec, it worked fine.

Depending on your budget, and you needs, HitFilm has released a fairly affordable compositing & effects editor, with regular video editing capabilties as well. My initial experiments with it give me a favorable impression of it.
2011/8/6 5:52:25
Western Showdown I was gonna do something similiar to this, with a director yelling cut, then ranting and raving that the actors never actually pulled a gun, instead using their fingers... heh heh heh Ahhh, someday when (if) Muvizu gives us the abiity to actually use props...
2011/8/3 22:46:13
Break Up Stories:- Need a few Animators... Ahhh toonarama... hadn't even noticed there was an HTML in the editor itself...
2011/8/3 16:59:22
Break Up Stories:- Need a few Animators... IanS wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:

So you dont put in a hyperlink? What do you do, then? (I'm asking for future reference, in case I put in a link to something else).


If you want to link to another site then just click the hyperlink button and put in the URL. However, for videos, if you just type or paste in a YouTube URL then the forum will pick it up and make it in to a video. You can use either the URL of the page on YouTube that the video is on or the URL that comes up when you click 'share' under the video.


Really? because I've typed up a few postings where I've pasted in YouTube URLs, and they show up in the forum strictly as URLs... as shown in this message: http://www.muvizu.com/forum/topic1149-2-new-videos-from-a-muvizu-beginner.aspx

Those were YouTube URLs but they show as links...

Let me test this again... Here's a youtube video url of an older movie I had made in another app...

Now let me add the message and see if I end up woth a link, or a video... it's a link, not an embedded video... and all I did was paste the youtube url
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2011/8/3 16:54:03
Random requests! ukBerty wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
....but the Muvizu logo leaps around aswell obviously.

I had this and worked round by filming a wider view than required. Then in after effects I zoomed in past the shaking Logo and applied a static logo via chroma key on top.

Obviously you lose a bit of quality thisway, but once it's on Youtube it doesn't really matter.


I do this alot in video editors as well, especially for different camera shots such as zooming and panning... It's a good way to work around limited cameras in the animation app itself, regardless of what it may be. However, how does Muvizu feel about having their logo "cut out" so to speak?
2011/8/3 16:51:59
Random requests! Dreeko wrote:
A popular technique used by a lot of users to workaround various problems is green screen (chroma key) . So is it possible for this feature/filter to be built into Muvizu?


Just my opinion, but chromakey or greenscreen filter being applied in an app outside of a video editor application would be very difficult to implement. it's a fairly large "filter" in and of itself, and a lot of video editors have oodles and oodles of code dedicated to implement it.

As ong as I can create the greenscreen, which obviously I can, I'm good with doing the real work in a video editor.

Not saying it's a bad idea mind you, I just thing it's be a real bear to implement.
2011/8/2 23:46:56
Break Up Stories:- Need a few Animators... Ziggy, this was very, very well done!!!
2011/7/30 18:45:07
Upload pictures?! skydiver wrote:
sorry, do you know any software (free) that can create a .ase file to open with muvizu? i have google sketch up... but it dosn't save with a compatible file... or not?

If you watch the tutorial on importing objects, specifically Sketchup objects, I believe it points to where the plugin for Sketchup to export ASE can be located. I don;t know it off the top of my head...
2011/7/29 19:51:33
Sci-Fi Dungeon I'd love to know some specifics... how long did it take, how many different individual scenes were it (I assume put together in an external editor), what problems did you run into, etc...
2011/7/27 16:14:57
Instead of waypoints... toonarama wrote:
Wizaerd wrote:

Keyframes are most certainly not a Flash thing, they are a standard element of any type of animation,

Yes I knew that! I was just trawling around the 'net for a definition of the differennce between KFs and WPs

PS Wizaerd - how you getting on with hitfilm as i'm thinking of purchasing too?
edited by toonarama on 27/07/2011

Truth be told, I love the concept, and it is most certainly more affordable than something like Adobe's After Efffects, but it is still a bit of a perfromance dog. My experience with the demo was positive, so I purchased the Ultimate version, then tried to actually do something for real with it, and it would barely run. I updated my video drivers, and it got better, but it still much faster and easier for me to use Vegas Home Studio 11. I don't really mind my purchase, because like the Muvizu guys, FXHome is very responsive, and are always working on making it better and more efficient.

I plan on doing some more with it over the weekend, to get a much better feel for it's performance limits. Although I am also considering a new computer as well, since mine is several years old and most likely obsolete. Ugh, the speed of obsolesence with computers is most irritating...
2011/7/27 16:09:10
Instead of waypoints... Danimal wrote:
I've seen across numbers of threads the notion to "pay for more features." I'm pretty sure the Muvizu team always replies to this with "Muvizu will always be free." Honestly, I hate software that tiers its features. Make it as is and sell it for a price. Or in this case, give it away for nothing. Let me choose what I want to use, not your price structure.

I'm speaking way out of turn here, but I don't think that the Muvizu team hasn't implemented the features we want because we're not paying for them, more like it's just taking them time to get them implemented correctly.

I wasn't really suggesting that Muvizu change their model, if they want to keep it free, I'm sure they have their reasons, and I'm good with that. I was merely trying to demonstrate that for what Muvizu is capable of currently, and with the right type of features added, it is more than capable of competing with the applications that cost. As I stated, I've been more than productive with Muvizu after a week or so, whereas I've owned every version of iClone since verion 2.5, at significant cost, and have never been productive with it. It Muvizu did cost, I'm be more than willing to pay for it, based on that fact alone. I wasn't saying "hey I'll pay you if you add these features..."

Although truth be told, free software does have one detriment about it. We all know that the Muvizu devs are very vocal and resonsive to our needs, requests, and "demands" (heh heh heh), but typically in a free software model, the philosophy is "hey, you don't like what we've added, or not added, go somewhere else, it's not like you bought this..." I've even seen other users of free apps say things like "what do you expect, it's free after all..." (agian, let me reiterate, I am not saying the Muvizu guys (and gals??) are like this at all.

Free software typically has a poor reputation, espcially free applications with great features. People's conception is "it's free, it must suck...". I work as a software developer myself, and even in my company we've lost potential sales because they customers thought our software was too cheap, so it must not be al that capable.

Errr, I kinda lost my train of thought... So I'll drop it... The point was I am gald Muvizu is free, I'd still be willing to pay for it, but that's not a bribe to get things added...
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