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2011/7/9 6:23:45
Changing Moods Yup, a new user. New to Muvizu, but not to animation in general. I've been browsing this site for the last couple of days, watching and re-watching tutorials, and watching some of the fine films people have made. I finally convinced myself to give it a go, and it is indeed fun.

However, as I understand it, in the Prepare Character Actions, you can set an initial mood. During the course of directing, if I choose an action or pose from another mood, should the character then change to that mood? According to the tutorials 13 & 14, I believe this to be the case. But when I attempt it myself, he stays in his Happy mood, with that big ole goofy grin. Please tell me if I am doing something incorrecctly?
2011/7/9 5:13:18
audio jumping around! Dreeko wrote:
If you allow multiple audio tracksfor Muvizu with the ability to assign each one to a character at a time then you won't have to worry about the bug... Yes?



Is this something that is indeed planned? I've done a lot of animation (attempted to do a lot of animation) applications in other programs, and I know that timing is variable. By using only a single audio file, you cannot change your mind in production to either extend or shorten a scene without re-cutting the entire dialog file again. Having only a single file, seems to be, to be a rather severe limitation. Well that and no interaction with props, but...
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