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2011/10/13 2:45:07
The Russell Parkinson Show (ADULTS ONLY) My latest animation.
2011/10/6 12:35:17
The Tomahawk Kid I like.
2011/10/2 15:12:06
up with the cock

Tongue in cheek effort and my first attempt at using a video editor.
2011/9/27 21:19:21
custom templates Cool. Thanks

Your reply was fine btw
2011/9/27 18:26:07
One of my first movizu movies It's incomplete but thought I'd post it anyway.

Hope it's not against any rules but behind the band is an easter egg code.
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2011/9/21 19:34:52
custom templates lol
Reminds of the joke about the man who lifted the tail of a strangers dog and kissed its bum.
"What do you think you're doing?" asked the owner puzzled.
"I've got sore lips" replied the man
"Does that help?"
"No" the man replied "But it stops me licking them"
Anyway the problem seems intermittent so it's not a massive problem.
2011/9/21 16:39:56
custom templates Works great except I'm having problems with the lips, any tips or tricks?
2011/9/21 10:43:25
custom templates Wow that's an amazingly fast response!
Ta very much!
I'll post later to say if it helped, I'm sure it will.
2011/9/21 8:39:36
custom templates Hi. I strip my character nekid as per tutorial but when I press the get custom template button nothing happens. I had a good look on the forum but cant find any indication of any known issues. Can anyone help me with this please?
I would also like to say how great muvizu is!
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