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2011/10/7 6:08:19
Hello!!! Been playing around with Muvizu. Great work amazing graphics too. It has a bit of a lag but that is due to me running it on my laptop. No worries though.
I've read through the forum and haven't seen anything to answer any question I have about it.

Is there a way to make the characters less cartoony?
What 3D animation program can help me create new objects?
Will that program save them in the correct format to import them into muvizu?

I do like how well the characters mouth moves when I record my voice.

One more little thing, when I grabs the bottom part of the building with holding the left mouse it wasn't dragging the building so I could move it. It did a little but kept glitching on me. didn't know if it might be something I did wrong. Anyways thank you for making a K.A. Program!
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