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2015/10/6 21:05:07
real scenes thank you very much for your answer

2015/10/6 20:49:46
real scenes Hi,
how can I combine live action with Muvizu cartoon characters?

thank Gianluigi
2014/12/27 8:10:43
character does not walk Thank you ziggy72 ...also for your patience
2014/12/26 10:25:39
character does not walk Hi,
After recording the movement of a character, pressed play remains stationary.
In the timeline there is a rectangle but there is no movement.

Thanks for the answers, Gianluigi
2014/12/23 8:58:18
unstable charactersr hi,
I do not understand why the character A, was under the arcade at the first record, after a re-recording of another character B, the character A is located above the arcade, as you can see from the two pictures. about "Can be stood on" yes or not, the character "sinks" in the floor.

sorry for my english. ciao gianluigi
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2014/12/23 5:50:47
unstable charactersr Hello, is not a problem of collision. recorded the movement of the character A and after the characterB, the character A starts from a different height. for example if I have registered on the arcade, in the second recording starts from above the arcade.

Thank Gianluigi
2014/12/22 8:21:54
unstable charactersr Hi,
Why after recording a path of a character starts at different heights? for example from above a house? Sometimes they disappear from the set.

Thank Gianluigi
2012/1/26 18:53:04
no import dialogue Thank Danimal! It's all rigth now.
2012/1/25 19:18:41
no import dialogue Hi,

clicking on the menu "Prepare", does not appears window of import dialogue, but the window of "talk or shush".
To import as I do? I have already seen tutorial 02

2012/1/6 10:05:41
Sketchup to Muvizu It's all rigth!
Thank Dylly
2012/1/4 20:51:02
Sketchup to Muvizu Hi Dylly,

I followed step by step tutorial glasgowjim "Importing from Sketchup Part 1"

except the first part of the downloading from the wicked hq and the subsequent setting with U PAINT because the site does not open. I installed this plugin:

I imported the same model ford mustang, the problem may be the setting for sketchup?

thanks again
2012/1/4 18:33:42
Sketchup to Muvizu Hi, please help me

when I save a model (.ase) in sketchup gives me this message:

at least one of thr 500 meshes has more faces. Should you only created many pieces With That If They Are Likely to be used only for the hightest ounces or of a multy-detailed LOD LOD obiect.

when I import in Muvizu is not possible to color

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