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2011/11/20 19:26:12
Custom Character Creator and Flying Objects raptormarlins wrote:
I think there should be a Custom Character Creator. Where you can shape its head. Determine its age. Add makeup. Choose a hairstyle and clothing features.

Also add it where you can make objects fly. Im working on a Back To The Future type movie in muvizu so flying cars would be appreciated

I agree, not only that but if they made the software more powerful people could make there own characters they wouldn't have to get permission and they could make more money with it (Either a small subscription fee for the pro version or a small one time charge) . In this case I'd say they'd make way more money then they do now....

But keep in mind this is just a Beta release so far. So they might do that down the road. I can say for a fact that if they make it like 3dS Max only so simple anyone can use it I'd buy it for my work.
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