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2011/12/2 12:41:48
Mixed Muvizu / live action Hey Jon, that's pretty spectacular.

Thanks for the tips guys.
2011/12/2 8:32:49
Mixed Muvizu / live action First, my snivelling apology. I took out the logo again as it followed the character around, and I didn't use the uploader as it wasn't me doing the uploading. Anyway, here it is, created with Muvizu, a green screen and Vegas.

2011/12/1 13:26:42
HELP! Hi Nutriproject

The problem you are getting is caused by the function SafeNativeMethods.Gdip.GdipImageRotateFlip trying to operate on locked bits. There are two reasons they could be locked.

The first, indicated by your machine getting hot, is that you haven't got much memory to spare and .Net's garbage collector is shuffling memory around. The heat could be coming from all the context switching between native code (the avi or windows stuff) and .net to do the imagerotateflip.

The second is that the codec you are using is doing something nasty. There is or was a problem with the K-Lite pack 7.0.4 which caused the same problem, so you might go for an older or newer one, or more simply choose another codec. I have had most luck with a lagarith lossless codec.

I haven't used the video joiner myself as I prefer to get the clips and mix them and the audio in Vegas.
2011/11/23 14:24:05
Pinstripe Blues

Here is a Muvizu animation for my music video "Pinstripe Blues"
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