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2012/4/4 3:38:54
Object movement OKay...this might be a "can't believe he's asking that" type question! But, how do I animate objects? I want to have a ball "bounce" across the screen, but for some reason, I can't seem to animate it.

Any help or tutorials for this?

Thanks a lot!

2012/3/6 2:02:11
Character circles after movement Thank you! Looking forward to the next release!
2012/3/5 15:01:52
Character circles after movement For me, I did the arc "drag" walk to a point, then let go of the mouse. The character is set to "walk only" as well.
2012/3/4 19:37:07
Character circles after movement Jamie wrote:
Steven547 wrote:
Here is an example I uploaded to youtube. Hope this works. Character is supposed to stop on the "object" and hopefully face forward. But when letting go of the mouse, he steps forward a few, then circles.

Hi Steven, can you send the set file with this happening to

Thank you. I've sent you an email with the SET file.

2012/3/4 15:57:54
Character circles after movement WozToons wrote:
Snap Dylly, I can't duplicate it either. I had the same problem yesterday using 0.19b patched.
I read the thread and attempted to produce a video demo but I can't get it to happen now. Have tried all possible walk options including changing them mid walk, in the same environment that produced the bug yesterday.

If it happens again I will definitely make a video to show the problem.

Sorry not to be more help but at least we know it does happen.

Here is an example I uploaded to youtube. Hope this works. Character is supposed to stop on the "object" and hopefully face forward. But when letting go of the mouse, he steps forward a few, then circles.

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2012/3/4 1:58:09
Character circles after movement Hi everyone.

When I move(walk) my character, then let go of the mouse button, he doesn't stop. He just keeps turning in circles. Why is this and how can I adjust this?

2012/2/19 0:17:12
Multiple Character Lip Sync? Neil wrote:
In the "prepare dialogue" window, select the same audio track for each character, and make sure they're all set to "talk" rather than "shush". Hope that helps.
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Thank you!
2012/2/18 21:47:17
Multiple Character Lip Sync? I have 6 characters on screen. Is there a way to have them ALL lip sync at the same time? Or do I have to sync each individual character? I thought I saw something like that, but no luck now...

2012/2/18 1:12:25
Muvizu - My personal thoughts... Have to agree with all that was said. Yes, there are the "latest and greatest" animation software out there. But if you look at what this program has to offer, you'd be surprised how much you really can do with this. Every animation takes time and patience. But this program completely rekindles my creativity and reason why I moved out to Los Angeles.

Also, the tech support you receive on this site (from users and developers) is simply amazing! That's probably all that needs to be said! The program and the community speak for themselves.
2012/2/5 21:36:34
Censorship by Muvizu ? Does a lot of what you allow on this site have to do with copyright? I uploaded a video about a week or so ago. I was using the song "Rainbow Connection" (Sung by Kermit). I'm thinking it's a copyright thing? If so, how do we go about getting that copyright or permission to allow us to post?

2012/2/5 7:16:50
Future of Muvizu after BETA I have hopes that this program advances with more features (being able to have more control over the character path / actions, etc). If it does increase in features, and a dollar value is assigned, I would have no problem paying it, to be honest.

This program is definitely a good way to learn the basics of computer animation. You also learn the tedious endeavors required, and appreciate what goes behind any project. In theory, any software program released is basically a "Beta" version. There will always updates / fixes needed.

As of now, this program, and not to sound like an 80's nerd, is "totally excellent". For a "beta", there are a ton of things you can do with this program, so I wouldn't really look at it as a BETA, but more a "work in progress" that keeps getting better.
2012/1/30 15:07:52
How do I move a character then turn him? Thanks for the replies. Heading off to work so I can't post what it looks like when I delete the middle movement. But from the camera angle being in front, it actually looks pretty good when he turns. It appears as though he made one turn towards to camera instead of two separate turns.
2012/1/30 6:48:08
How do I move a character then turn him? Thanks. I actually thought about the camera angle soon as I shut the program down. Trying to think of a way to "smooth" his turn...right now it's kind of "turn...pause...turn" kind of movement. One idea is to have two cameras in front, and when he makes the final turn to the audience, cut to camera 2.

On his FIRST turn towards the front, switch the camera angle to camera 2. This way, I would miss the initial turn, and catch the 2nd turn (which would fool the audience into thinking it was a smooth transition turn.) Or maybe not? But something to experiment with tomorrow.

update: Might have figured it out. Each movement of his is an action. After performing BOTH actions, I deleted the FIRST movement. Now, he comes out and it appears he turns a full right angle to face the camera.

However, some actions in my timeline are now "RED"? What does that mean?
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2012/1/30 6:07:50
How do I move a character then turn him? Having a hard time with this action. What is the easiest way to have the character walk into the camera view from the side, then turn towards the camera? Whenever I try, my character never lines up correctly, or he keeps turning in circles...


2012/1/28 15:57:17
Avid are a pain in the arris! I use Corel Video Studio. Ton of effects and simplistic to use.
2012/1/25 0:23:42
Holding guitar, Light movement... Thank you very much! I forgot one question though! Sorry, was at work and couldn't remember what it was....

On the TIMELINE, is there a way to view ALL the action of all the characters? Right now, you click a character, and it only shows that one characters actions. Is there a way to view them all?

Thanks again!

2012/1/24 21:22:18
Holding guitar, Light movement... Hi. Just a couple questions if I may.

How do I have a character in a sitting pose, hold the guitar? When I select the guitar pose, he (the dog) just sits there, and the guitar just "floats" in front of him.

Is there a way to have a spotlight turn on during an action or does it have to be on the entire time?

And can that light or a light, "follow" a character, like a spotlight? Is there a way to "lock" that light onto the character in other words...

2012/1/22 20:13:17
Reset head movement so action can happen? Thank you very much for the help!
2012/1/22 18:36:38
Reset head movement so action can happen? Thanks! So I understand this, AFTER the head movement, RELEASE, then I can have the other actions implemented, right? Would this basically be the same method for all other actions then? Especially with the "eye" movement, etc..
2012/1/22 17:35:29
Reset head movement so action can happen? I have an action where the character does the "head banging" action (think it's Mosh pit?).

The first step, is he looks around. (Using the head movement action). Then I implement the "Mosh pit" action. However, because I've moved his head, the head does not perform the "mosh pit" action, instead he does the action, but the head stays up, instead of headbanging.

How would I get it to perform correctly? Is there a step prior to adding the "mosh" pit? A "reset" of sorts?

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