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2013/9/27 17:15:23
Let the OBSESSION begin: The Passion Competition Only 3 weeks left to enter. Deadline is October 19th. We are hoping to see some fine work from the Muvizu community.
2013/8/30 17:33:47
A new video ad for the TMU Community Rik Vargard, a very talented machinima artist, has created a very good advertisement for the TMU community. It showcases many of the different programs and engines we use to create our videos including Muvizu.

Check it out.

TMU is a place where you can upload your videos for others to watch and in the forums section get help in many different ways. Don't limit yourself to just posting your videos on the Muvizu or YouTube sites, share with everyone.
2013/8/24 17:28:10
Let the OBSESSION begin: The Passion Competition The submission threads are now open for videos and stories.

Let's make this the best year for the Passion Competition we have seen yet.
2013/8/3 10:49:50
Let the OBSESSION begin: The Passion Competition Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, writers and filmers, I proudly present to you, the 2013 Passion Competition.

This year we will explore the realm of obsessions. Obsessions can be of benefit to someone or they can be the persons downfall. Which is it for you?

Write a short story or make a film about obsessions.

To learn all the details, go here.

Let's make this year the best one yet.
2013/6/11 12:37:32
2013 Passion Competition Greetings. The annual Harb40 Passion Competition is approaching once again.

The competition theme will be announced on August 3rd and the submission dates will be August 24th to October 19th. Great prizes as always will be up for grabs including animation software, special effects and video editing software and more. We have also added a short story category for those who wish to write instead of film.

A new and improved forums section has been added to the website which will also be the place to enter the competition. Registration is free and easy.

Check out our newest

Also check out our

We hope to see the Muvizu community be more involved this year.

You can also find us on Twitter: @Harb40PassComp
2013/5/3 10:07:23
Passion Competition website updates The Passion Competition website has been updated with the new sponsor Scrivener, a new updated Moviestorm logo, some info on the 2013 competition (listed under the Contests/2013 tab) to include some info on the new short story category and a new forums section.

I have left the old forums up for now but will remove them in a few weeks. The new forums are ready to go. Unfortunately, anyone who was registered on the old forums will have to register anew on the new ones since I was not able to transfer the user list over. The new forums are cleaner looking, more functional and have more features than the old ones.

I hope everyone will drop by and have a look. More info and threads will be posted as the competition and membership grows.

I do hope to see some participation from the Muvizu community this year. The video editing software alone should make it worth a look.

2012/12/9 20:11:25
2012 Passion Competition Results Myself and the judging staff wish to thank everyone who participated in this year's competition and now we present to you:


by AnimaTechnica

2nd Place: Remember Me by Chatnoir Studios

3rd Place:
by King Pengvin

4th Place:
by Fallen Thomas

5th Place: Postal by Joster285

Once again this year, judging a winner was very difficult since we saw such great films it was hard to decide. Once again, congratulations to the top 5 film makers and thank you to all who had a hand in this year's event.
2012/11/19 8:04:44
Crimes of Passion -- the 2012 Passion Competition Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to closed the submission thread for the 2012 Passion Competition.

The judges will now finish their viewing of the films and tabulate their scores. Results will be posted within a couple weeks.

Thank you all for considering the competition and good luck to all the entrants.
2012/11/18 1:37:36
Crimes of Passion -- the 2012 Passion Competition Just over 24 hours and the Passion Competition will be closed for 2012.
2012/11/13 18:57:16
Crimes of Passion -- the 2012 Passion Competition urbanlamb wrote:
I entered a quicky movie my problem with a lot of the contests is I dont actually want to win (wierd I know) but most of the software offered I already own and feel like if I do by some offchance win I am taking it away from someone who could actually use it.

The prizes are transferrable as long as you don't install and register them first. Several previous winners have given some fo their prizes to others they know who don't have the software yet. Maybe they can be Christmas presents for a friend or family member. Or a birthday gift.
2012/11/12 18:56:17
Crimes of Passion -- the 2012 Passion Competition Less than 1 week left to enter. Remember, the deadline is November 18, 2012, Midnight EST.

Time is growing short.
2012/11/1 16:25:32
Crimes of Passion -- the 2012 Passion Competition Just a reminder, the deadline for submitting your film has been extended until the 18th of November. YES, that means an extra 2 weeks. We hope to see many more films submitted.
2012/10/22 23:51:36
Crimes of Passion -- the 2012 Passion Competition After careful consideration, the entry deadline for the 2012 Passion Competition has been extended until Midnight EST, 18 November, 2012.
2012/9/29 19:00:03
Crimes of Passion -- the 2012 Passion Competition It is now the half way point of the competition. 4 weeks left to enter. The deadline is November 3rd.
2012/8/27 19:22:53
Crimes of Passion -- the 2012 Passion Competition Ladies and Gentlemen, with the help of 2 very talented people, Josephkw and A_N_D, I give you the official 2012 Passion Competition Promo video.

You can see it here


So, put on your thinking caps, put pen or pencil to paper, fire up your engine of choice and get creative.
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2012/8/23 17:31:58
Crimes of Passion -- the 2012 Passion Competition I apologize if I didn't mention Muvizu directly. I believe I did last year. If you notice in this thread (which you also responded to), I did mention Muvizu as an engine that is acceptable.

As for your question, yes, November 3rd, midnight Eastern Standard Time, is the official cutoff for submisssions. In the past, we have been a bit flexible on that though. Last year we allowed entries up to the point that a notice of 'Stop' was posted closing the entry submission period.
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2012/8/15 18:33:39
Crimes of Passion -- the 2012 Passion Competition Crimes of Passion

2012 Passion Competition Rules and Guidelines

A Crime of Passion, or crime passionnel, in popular usage, refers to a crime in which the perpetrator commits a crime, especially assault, murder or rape, against someone because of a sudden strong impulse such as sudden rage or heartbreak rather than as a premeditated crime.

A typical crime of passion might involve an aggressive bar patron who assaults another patron following an argument or a husband who discovers his wife has made him a cuckold and proceeds to brutally batter or even kill his wife and the man she was involved with. Maybe the scorned wife finds the husband cheating. A diner goes into a rage over someone else's cell phone use. The soldier who loses it on the battlefield after seeing a fellow soldier killed (revenge or retaliation). The possibilities are endless.

The task at hand will be to make a film showcasing your interpretation of a Crime of Passion.

Rules and Guidelines

Dates: September 1, 2012 to November 3, 2012 (12 midnight EST)

Film Length: The film can be any length. It is preferred if the total length is not over 30 minutes but longer films will be accepted. All judges are required to view the whole film so the longer the films, the longer it will take to judge.

Film Age: This can be a new film or one you have made previously.

Engine: This film can be made using any program you desire (iClone,Moviestorm, The Movies, Poser, Daz, The Sims, game engines such as Halo, GTA, COD, WOW and more) or live action. Any form you desire.

Required Theme Element: Must involve a crime of passion. Any films not done in English must have English subtitles so the judging panel can fully understand thedialog.

Where to upload: Can be uploaded to any site (YouTube, Vimeo, TMU, etc.) but a link must be given in the submission form. (example below) Keep in mind that if the site you upload to requires registration or membership, the videos might not be viewable by the general population. It is preferred that sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and others be used.

Warnings: Since this competition is open to all ages, if any strong language or nudity is used, a disclaimer must be presented either at the start of the film or on the film page.

Credits: Any use of voice actors, music not supplied with the program of choice or composed by yourself, any mods not made by yourself or an official add-on is recommended to be credited either in the film or on the film page but is not required.

Persons not eligible: Due to the nature of the prizes, the 2011 winners, Josephkw, KV and Kibishipaul are ineligible for entry this this. All winners are ineligible for the next year's competition but will be eligible the following year.


Henrick Safegaard (Safegaard Cloneartist)
Joseph Kwong (Josephkw)
Simon Stanisauskis (KV Pictures)
Craig Harbison (Harb40)

Sample Submission Form:

Copy and paste the following and edit to fit your entry:

OnlineName: (Your user name --Required)
StudioName: (if different than your user name - not required)
RealName: (voluntary- not required)
FilmTitle: (The name of your film -- Required)
FilmLength: (Minutes and seconds in length -- Required)
Genre: (comedy, drama, horror, etc. - not required)
FilmLocation: (a direct link to your film -- Required)
FilmDescription: (a brief idea of what your film is about -- Required)
AdditionalInfo: (Cast, credits, posters, etc. if you desire)

Using this format will make it easier on the judges to find and keep track of your film. All entries must be made through the Harb40 Passion Competition forums thread.

So, start filming, enter and Good Luck.

Any conversations you wish to have in private about your submission need to be sent here. Check the competition faqs section of the forums first. Your questions might be answered there already.
2012/8/1 3:47:06
The 2012 Passion Competition Prize list and websit The 2nd video ad for the Passion Competition. Joseph Kwong shares his thoughts on passion.


Joseph Kwong

Made with iClone5, Moviestorm, Sony Vegas, Audacity, Magix Movie Edit Pro, After Effects

To learn more, go to http://www.harb40passioncompetition.com.
2012/7/30 9:37:01
The 2012 Passion Competition Prize list and websit The first of a series of video ads for the Passion Competition is now online.

You can see it here

or on Vimeo.
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2012/7/21 18:14:31
The 2012 Passion Competition Prize list and websit Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time to reveal the prizes for the 2012 Passion Competition. I am sure everyone will like what they see this year:

1st Place:

iClone Animation Pipeline (3D animation and Game development software)
Moviestorm Max (Perpetual) or 10,000 MS points (3D animation software)
Hitfilm Ultimate (Special Effects and video editing)
iClone for Beginner's Guide
Sony Vegas Pro 11 (Video editing software)
Sound Forge Pro 10 (Audio creation and editing software)
Acid Pro 7 (Music creation software)

2nd Place:

iClone5 Pro
1 Year Moviestorm Max or 10,000 MS points
Hitfilm Ultimate
iClone for Beginner's Guide
Sony Vegas Pro 11
Sound Forge Pro 10
Acid Pro 7

3rd Place:

iClone5 Standard
1 Year Moviestorm Themed Bundle or 8000 MS points
Hitfilm Standard
Sony Vegas Pro 11
Sound Forge Audio Studio 10
Acid Music Studio 8

4th Place:

Crazy Talk Animator
3 months Moviestorm Themed Bundle or 2500 MS points
Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum Suite (includes Hitfilm Standard)
Sound Forge Studio 10
Acid Pro 8

5th Place:

3 months Moviestorm Themed Bundle or 2500 MS points
Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum Production Suite (includes Sound Forge Audio Studio 10)

** MS Points are for those who might already have the Moviestorm program **

To learn more about the competition, go here. Don't forget to sign up for the passion competition forums. The forums are where you will submit your films this year.
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