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2013/7/27 3:50:29
uploading sets Exactly how, and to where do you upload a set you've created for others to use. sounds like a fun project or set of projects, just have no idea how. I can find sets I've created, but have no idea where or how to upload them to muvizu.
2013/7/27 3:30:09
MY FIRST ATTEMPT tried a little of everthing, lighting, camera movement, and a few other things.....a little more complicated then I'd imagined, especially directing both character movement and actions
2013/7/26 4:43:36
I'VE HAD IT I have a fairly high end pc, can run pretty much anything on the market and doesn't skip a beat. but as soon as I try to upload a video to YOUTUBE from here, EVERYTHING freezes up.....been trying for nearly 2 weeks. Have done everything to sync youtube and muvizu and it signs in, but the second I click UPLOAD....everything freezes.....I mean EVERYTHING.....This isn't all that complicated, and I'm by no means a computer whiz...but I've made MUCH more complicated videos in a number of places with no problems whatsoever. As much fun as it is to create and edit here....it's not worth the aggravation. I miss the old antics.....if anybody even remembers that great program.....too bad, this seemed very promising.....but I'm done
2013/7/20 14:16:21
Get "muvizu file is malicious" message Yea, I finally just went ahead and re installed it and it seems fine with the exception that I still do NOT get a property window when I want to edit the character appearance. and why can't I seem to find an address here to ask the Muvizu creators THEMSELVES about these kind of issues.
2013/7/20 4:00:49
Get "muvizu file is malicious" message The property box would never appear when I wanted to edit characters. I uninstalled it and redownloaded it, but when I click on the install, I get a message that the file is "malacious" so I deleted it. Have done it twice tonight and get the same message both times. I'm downloading the full program each time.
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