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2012/1/11 16:07:35
Google Sketch Up I have made something in sketch up but dont know how, i think it needs to be exported into ASE or something but have no idea how to do that and through my searches i saw that some said to export the google file to blender, then from blender to ASE, but that keeps failing. i have run out of ideas thus i am consulting you lot XD

Many many thanks
2012/1/10 19:30:25
Bit More Realism I am completely new to this and have never animated/directed ever. However i have written alot. All of the stuff i have written has always got quite a serious edge to it which clearly the basics of this software do not provide from what i have seen. Is there a way to (i know you can create objects) make things like a bit less cartoony?

i haver really got much patience with something like this which sucks but I will do my best with any information you can give me.
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