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2016/10/17 21:01:38
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers Phwoar that meta tag must be ancient. They probably wrote it as they set up the site for the first time.
2016/10/16 10:41:05
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries tonyob67 wrote:
Ho, those are Just examples, not entries on this competition, am I wrong?

Yes, these are just examples, but taken from a competition which Muvizu ran in 2012.
2016/10/16 9:39:39
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries tonyob67 wrote:
AllClass wrote:
Congratulations to Artpen, Ziggy and Woztoons.

All great entries. Funny, trippy and visually impressive.

Excellent use of shadows and sound FX. The set design and lighting (in particular the establishing shots for Ziggy) are some on the best I've seen on here

What entries? am I missing something?

The entries of the 2012 competition in my first post.
2016/10/15 20:06:35
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers unlimitedmagic wrote:
Shouldn't there be a main topic for Desired Muvizu Improvements? There the discussion could be on the many scattered ideas to improve the program and a central place for the developers to respond.

I was just thinking that many of the character actions are too extreme for me. It would be nice to have a slider to be able to set the intensity of the action. I would think that would be a fairly easy improvement as you aren't adding a new feature - more of adjusting the range of existing movement.

Hi unlimitedmagic.
I don't think either of these things are going to happen. A new thread for improvements would fill so quickly that it would probably take quite a long time to load the page. So many improvements could be made to Muvizu, and the staff are always adding to and working through the list. (Albeit incredibly slowly)

The feature you suggested sounds simple in theory, but (to my knowledge) each action is hard coded into Muvizu, so any small changes to an action would have to be made from scratch. This could take hundreds of hours for the developers. Even very simple suggestions such as changing the speed of the actions seems to be out the the scope of what the devs can do. However, I do think more actions are needed for Muvizu and that this would be a good use of their time.

Sorry to be the bringer of bad news.
2016/10/14 16:50:50
How do I place things inside a building? Have you tried removing the 4th wall?
2016/10/13 10:14:09
Customizing clothes questions. Handling SKIN. If you leave it blank, it should show the skin colour rather than transparency.
2016/10/13 7:01:38
Anyone recommend good editing software? AllClass wrote:
Have been using windows media player, which I believe is pretty terrible. For some reason when rendering my muvizu projects, a 7 second clip in HD ends up being a 2GB file and Movie Maker cannot sustain it.

If anyone knows a work around, or just decent, free editing software would really appreciate the tips

I would agree with Rocque that HitFilm is the best free video editing software out there.

As for the 2GB clip issue, that's caused by the AVI version which Muvizu uses, so to fix it you should use either MP4 or Image sequence outputs rather than AVI. Image sequence are the best output since they're not compressed in any way, but you do need to use a video editor/compositor to import them. (Unlike MP4 where it's just a video)
2016/10/7 13:43:13
Lip Sync Nightmare The first thing is a limitation of Muvizu, but can be solved with any audio editor:
The second thing sounds like a bug and I'll test that out later.
2016/10/6 21:32:22
Opaque Parts Of The Galaxy PatMarrNC wrote:
aw crap! I just spent a friggin hour writing a detailed review of your video, and when I submitted it, I got dumped to the LOG IN screen with no warning and no way to retrieve what I wrote!

Sorry, but I'm not doin' it all over again. Rest assured it was all highly favorable.

Yeah the forum does that sometimes. If you write a long post then you better copy it to the clipboard before posting just in case. Sorry you had to work it out the hard way.
Anyway, great work Ziggy! I'm very happy to see you've fixed the minor issues I pointed out.
2016/10/2 17:13:33
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries It's October already, but there's still plenty of time.
If you've just started with Muvizu, remember your film doesn't need to be blockbuster length!
Here's a very short horror film:
2016/10/2 9:22:04
error saving the scene Definitely sounds like a bug. Hopefully you can work without the hat for now. You can report the bug here:
2016/9/30 20:29:53
Help! Hena wrote:
I'm new to Muvizu and have a few concerns.
I recently purchased 'muvizu education' for double the price i.e. $71.99 whereas the regular one is around $30.I saw that there's only the chemisty set particular to education. No class scene or educational characters like teachers etc. Also, my cameras don't rotate on right click and I'm having a bit of a trouble here with the over all view which seems to go out of coordination with the mouse commands. I dont know if it's like this or just with me. Can anyone clearify?

The "Muvizu Pro" package probably has all the add-on packs featured on the store: in addition to the standard upgrade.
You probably want to read through the instruction manual:
Have a look at the wiki:
Or watch some of the basic training tutorials:
There are many classroom objects that you can use to build a classroom scene, and characters can be modified to look like teachers/students/etc.
To rotate a camera, click on it to select it, then when your mouse is still over the camera, hold right click and move your mouse.
2016/9/29 20:38:38
Am I missing something? Maybe you'd like to enter our Halloween contest:
Even if you don't enter, having something to base your video on can give you more focus to learn some Muvizu skills!
2016/9/29 20:35:53
Am I missing something? daddycoolj wrote:

  • Hey guys !! I have only been working with Muvizu for a few short weeks but feel like I have actually come a long way. In this short time I have also become familiar with sketchup and importing models into Muvizu.
  • I have come across a few situations already where you are trying to place a character within a fairly complex model and because of either too many collision points or the lack of them I have wanted to just float a character slightly above an area or item without the use of invisible objects because they can actually become lost and you cannot regain control of said object again i.e. invisible block. Is there no physics to just suspend a character in the air without the use of other objects?
  • Another question I have is on timeline editing. Let's say you are wanting to edit a character action and it is packed up against other actions on both sides. Is there not a way to shorten the duration of that action so that it can be adjusted? I have right-clicked on the offending action and it brings up edit or delete. I choose edit but all that is available to edit is the start position. The duration time is not editable in my paid version of Muvizu. It would be so nice to just be able to split the action and delete one of the two sections like you can do in such programs as Sony Vegas. Am I just missing something about this edit action function. Can you do it from only a certain timeline like tools/timeline or maybe direct/timeline. If this function is not available to be able to shorten an existing action etc... The software sure needs to have this option.
  • My first Muvie !!
    yes I did borrow from some already made sets afterall it was my first time.

1. Welcome to Muvizu, I'm glad to hear you've been learning quickly, especially the slightly more advanced features like importing from Sketchup.

2. Unfortunately, you can't just suspend a character in the air, they need to be stood on something. If you uncheck the "visible" property in the edit menu then it should still give you a translucent shape/ground plane to work with. If you lose one of these items, you can find it in the scene menu. (Ctrl+W)
3. The action system is very locked down. You can't edit or import your own actions, and the action speed can't be changed. You can stop an action mid-way by using the "idle" action though.
4. Your first video looks good! You might want to try using the image sequence output if you're using Sony Vegas because you won't have any compression issues. To improve what you've done, you could experiment with Muvizu's lighting and shadow settings.
2016/9/26 7:04:19
new here PatMarrNC wrote:
You can turn that off if you right click on the pool table then click EDIT

In the edit menu you'll see an editable feature named PHYSICS.. click on it, and its options will appear. Make sure CAN BE STOOD ON is not checked. (That basically turns off collision so other items pass thru it without interacting like two solid objects)

Unfortunately, that also means any balls you place on the table will fall thru the top.

To compensate, you'll need to create a ground plane, size it to match the top of the pool table, then EDIT its physics properties so FLOATS is checked (So you can position it at the top of the pool table's playing surface) and CAN BE STOOD ON is checked (so the balls don't fall through it)

Pat, I'm fairly sure this only works for character-object collision, not object-object collision. To get balls to sit on the table, you either need to use key-framing or import your own pool table with Ziggymesh collision.
2016/9/25 14:41:50
Muvizu on Steam ziggy72 wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
Something you might want to note when implementing the Steam overlay on Muvizu. F12 toggles lighting in Muvizu and takes a screenshot in the Steam overlay.

I think you can turn off the steam overlay in your account settings - I'm pretty sure I had to when running Skyrim.

Yeah, you can, but some people may not know how. (Maybe you can change the screenshot shortcut when you upload a game to the store?)
2016/9/25 14:09:15
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries Just a brief example of how lighting can completely transform a scene.

2016/9/25 14:02:57
Muvizu on Steam Something you might want to note when implementing the Steam overlay on Muvizu. F12 toggles lighting in Muvizu and takes a screenshot in the Steam overlay.
2016/9/23 21:21:20
Muvizu on Steam If you're looking for free Steam games, download Team Fortress 2. Some of us have 1400hrs clocked on it. Twitchy
2016/9/23 20:05:21
Muvizu on Steam PatMarrNC wrote:
What's their payment schema? Do you buy tokens or credits in order to make purchases on Steam? I was wondering if only people with tokens can say what they are willing to buy.

Especially given the nature of their green light system, I can understand why they might make it inconvenient for people to create accounts for the sole purpose of voting.

You can load credit onto your account, but you can also pay for games directly with any payment method.
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