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2012/8/8 16:29:56
Dreeko's Tutorials Dreeko wrote:
Ah! Explosion lighting! Request noted..

2012/8/8 10:28:35
Dreeko's Tutorials Dreeko wrote:
All suggestions for part 3 are more than welcome!

Can we have explosion lighting please? (possibly in use with the explosion effect?)
2012/8/7 15:28:54
how can you get characters in a car? Have a look at this, by dreeko:

2012/8/7 11:49:35
Dreeko's Tutorials WOW, Thanks again Dreeko!
2012/8/7 10:26:26
Guns and Performance Yes, there is talk about holding guns in the future, but I wouldn't make any plans for using them yet...
2012/8/7 10:19:40
Get well soon Eef! Get well soon!
2012/8/5 10:51:48
animals stoneantproductions wrote:
I'm planning on making a movie with lots of different animals in it, for example, bees, termites, a chicken and a lobster. But I cant find anything that has any animals in it. Im new to muvizu, and I was wonderign if I could get some help in finding animals?

There is a dog and a blob, but to make other animals you have to play around with character attachments (and custom textures: ), import some backdrops with pictures of animals, or import some 3d models from Google sketch-up (
2012/8/2 21:14:16
Oculus Rift Count me in!
2012/8/2 20:11:05
Dreeko's Tutorials Dylly wrote:
Part 3? Ah yes but what series?

The lighting one!
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2012/8/2 18:30:39
Dreeko's Tutorials I'm waiting for part 3...

Love the sneak preview of part 2!rock on
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2012/8/2 18:28:49
Using Muvizu and Facegen modeller together... I like it!


I LOVE it!
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2012/7/30 19:49:55
Talk and Shush Speaking of smiling, I think that there should be facial expression options.rock on
2012/7/29 12:14:00
ballgown missing What has happened to the ballgown for the heroine?
2012/7/25 18:42:00
Olympic Animation AMAZING!
2012/7/24 10:00:01
Hi ^^ WOW, It's great for your first video! Keep up the good work!
2012/7/23 20:12:06
apply my face layer to a muvizu custom character spex357 wrote:
marietto2008 wrote:
Can you explain better ? I don't understand what to do,which kind of layer I should delete ?

You are at this point with two layers visible and (layers pallete open) (eye icon) untick the template icon and select the layer you have your work on, both are still in the list, but only one as the eye and that one is the blue active one. Go file "Save a Copy" name it as .png, you should not be able to see the lines from the template at all on your shot, layer is still switched on if you can.
A new Export file window pops up , make sure "Merge Visible layers" is ticked and click export. Job done.
The workflow above created this fine fellow

Thanks, spex, I'm not that good at explaining. Thank you
2012/7/23 18:37:03
apply my face layer to a muvizu custom character marietto2008 wrote:
Can you explain better ? I don't understand what to do,which kind of layer I should delete ?

If you look at your Muvizu character, you can see that he has many lines on his body. To get rid of these lines, you have to delete the lines on gimp so that all you see is your face.

Do you understand?
2012/7/23 17:18:09
Hello a short parody urbanlamb wrote:
Dylly wrote: did you get the insect to flap its wings? I've got to ask...impressive shot.

that was the only part that was not a piece of muvizu i got a bit carried away in my demo and decided to make a model in other software and create an overlay

Its simply an animated 3d model using other software not so impressive you can see at the end he is just an overlay and not part of muvizu that and the splat are outside of the muvizu realm haha. The bug was made in Blender like anything not hard once you learn how
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Great effect anyway!
2012/7/23 17:15:30
apply my face layer to a muvizu custom character You still need to delete the frame layer for the final piece.
2012/7/20 21:38:54
Custom Textures for Heroes and villains freakmoomin wrote:
Download the appropriate uv set here and then make your custom texture:

then for example:

1 - create beefy
2 - select 'top' under the appearence tab
3 - select your custom texture from the properties dialogue box at the bottom right of the muvizu screen
edited by freakmoomin on 20/07/2012

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