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2016/8/15 8:03:01
On the left is version 1.7, the February release (The installer for this version is at that google drive link). On the right is version 1.8, the August release that has this bug. Both running on Windows 10 (with anniversary update) side by side.
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2016/8/15 7:55:02
ANALYSIS OF PROGRAM COMPATIBILITY in WINDOWS 10 If you uninstall all current versions of Muvizu from your computer, then install from that link, the effects will work. I haven't tested mirrors yet though. The official thread for these bugs is here:
Don't click update when it says a new versions is available.
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2016/8/14 22:19:03
Windows 10 is no longer causing issues in Muvizu. The issues you're experiencing are from the most recent update. Install the previous version from here:
Don't click update when you open Muvizu since it will just update to the broken version again.
2016/8/14 10:36:55
Version 1.8 Feedback 08.08.2016 "Has anyone else noticed that, after installing the most recent update (build 2016.08.08.01R 64 bit), it is now no longer possible to tilt the camera while snapping is enabled?" - rexel666
2016/8/13 18:06:22
Version 1.8 Feedback 08.08.2016 Rodrisilva wrote:

I need to confirm another 1.8 version bug. Is Dry Ice effect working for you ?
It didn't work for me, even after a clean install.

Confirmed. Here's the previous version if you need it:
2016/8/13 14:42:53
Settled in Tennessee Thanks for the update, Bigwally!
I'm glad to hear that you're in better health.

I don't know much about US geography so I've no idea how different Texas is to Tennesee.

Layers are restricted to DX11, and I expect that trend will continue with upcoming features. I'm sure you know Muvizu is a bit more power hungry than your average windows application, so I wish you luck in your future computer upgrades.
2016/8/12 10:53:09
This is my Olimpic games video IanS wrote:
The forum video glitch has been fixed guys so videos should show up again

Thanks Ian!
Oh and we got an upgrade to HTML 5. Nice!
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2016/8/11 20:25:21
Crocodile Rocque wrote:
None of the images are showing up for me. Maybe I have too many windows open. I will check back later to see if others are having this problem.

They're videos automatically embedded by the forum. I've sent in a bug report so hopefully it'll be fixed soon. (I suspect it's YouTube retiring the flash player in favour of HTML 5)
h ttps://
h ttps://
(Remove the space after the h for the links to both)
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2016/8/11 16:34:55
Competition? PatMarrNC wrote:
I'm not sure what "without premio" means. In general I take this to be a request for a contest using the free version only. (Is that your take, MDW13?)

Yeah, I assume fosforino meant the free version.
I'd be happy to run a competition for beginners in the future, but Digimania would need to co-operate since the natural prize would be a licence.
2016/8/11 15:20:21
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] Since that worked, I think your problem was your file was toto.bmp.bmp
The others can help with the textures.
2016/8/11 9:59:56
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] Try putting this file in the UT3 folder to see if that works: (There's a download button in the top right)
Maybe try capitalising the u and t in your folder name.

Also which exporter are you using? The Muvizu ase exporter or the Ziggymesh exporter?
If you're not using Ziggymesh already, I think you'll prefer it:!downloads/rmmoz (It removes most of the collision so Muvizu doesn't have problems with it.)
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2016/8/11 9:00:16
Competition? I think you're right, fosforino.
Either Pat's competition(unless your plan is already made, Pat), or the following one should be based on the free version.

Not sure how the prizes would work with that competition though.
2016/8/11 8:52:55
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] I think you've made a jpg or PNG file instead of a bmp file. Open that up in paint then save as then select bitmap/bmp. If that's not the problem, I might have got the dimensions wrong.
2016/8/11 8:48:39
Sweet Home That is a very abstract video, but well thought out. I like how even the pendulum was in time to the music.(I've no idea how you got it to swing so smoothly).
I liked the way you made the train move with the parallax effect.
Was this an old project or did you just prefer 0.23b?
2016/8/10 12:49:58
random side project Ha, that's an interesting video. I like what's going on in the background, lots of detail!
On YouTube the video has black bars on all sides because you've exported from Muvizu in 16:9 then exported from the video editor in 4:3.
2016/8/10 11:03:01
Assets saved locally ikes wrote:
You can. If you change a texture under the proporties, there you can import a new one, or edit the existing. It opens in your default image editor, where you can save it to what you want. Note that you probably loose transparency by this, but you can find the png in your appdata/local/temp folder after you clicked Edit.
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Wow Ikes. I've been using Muvizu for 6 years and not once have I noticed the edit button. I feel like a right dunce! Duhh
2016/8/10 9:22:41
Assets saved locally You can't access the backdrop files, but here are the aspect ratios which you can use for dimensions:
2016/8/10 9:20:41
Trying to create a "minion" Could you upload that to the store? I can see that some people could be interested.
2016/8/10 7:52:05
Where is all of the content? New features are being added to play+ slowly, but only really minor ones now (eg: mp4 and PNG export). You can no longer upload fbx or ase assets to the store(formerly the gallery), but i think the old ones are there, and you can upload a set with the assets anyway.

The paid content packs are still pretty well priced, so it's not really a problem. (I suggest you get the keyframe pack)
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2016/8/9 22:40:59
Beautyqueen hair Either create-->import or go to your character, right click, edit, hair, then the wireframe box symbol with an arrow in it to import.
You need Muvizu play + for this.
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