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2018/1/1 17:53:44
is it finally back.... As of yesterday, it appears that all previous licences are working again.

A reminder of what the error codes mean:
E2 = You need to run Muvizu as an administrator.
W2 = You've used all your licence attempts so need to contact Meshmellow asking for them to extend your licence.

W3 = Unspecified error with the licencing servers, try again later maybe.
W4 = Muvizu can't connect to the licencing server, check your internet connection.
2017/12/21 19:51:05
Is movizu useless for professional animation Hi

The Meshmellow staff are very unlikely to read this forum so I would instead contact them directly:

Also please stop spamming the forum. It's an easy mistake because it errors when you post anything, but each time you refresh the error page, it creates a new post.
2017/12/21 19:49:18
nao funciona Try the Anizu website instead
2017/12/21 4:17:14
Unable To Use License Key fabiovisq wrote:
Any news about this subject? When can we solve the horrible w3 error?

At the rate they're currently moving, I don't expect this fixed for at least another year. To get a Muvizu licence, you need to email them (Probably paying for the new licence €79) and install their modified version of Muvizu. Their version is a bit buggy so you probably want to port it after to a newer more stable version with this method:
2017/12/20 6:23:01
Is Movizu usazble for serius work? evil EULA Hello again.

While it's not clear in the EULA, they have explicitly stated before that any watermark-free video output is your own IP and you are allowed to monetise it in any way.

As for the individual characters, I'm not sure. You certainly can't claim that the entirety of the character design was your own because you are using the base of the character which is a core part of Muvizu. You could probably get away with it depending on how you word it. (And I doubt that Meshmellow are in any position to hunt down people who push the boundaries of their IP)

Also it's Muvizu not Movizu

2017/12/8 3:55:41
Licence Key Not working anymore If you have an active copy of Muvizu on your old computer, you can transfer your licence with this method:
2017/12/2 7:10:17
Timeline won't appear askadiga wrote:
Thank for your response. my problem is different. I try to download the muvizu software it takes 1 in 2 days for full version. How can i proceed to download it ?

You can find a faster download here:
2017/11/25 6:23:36
is it finally back.... t AllClass wrote:
Can it be!??

Muvizu is back?

I'm trying to download and re-install on my computer, it's estimating 10 hours download?
If anyone knows if it's up and running yet or any info...?


You can find more info and faster downloads at while Meshmellow work on Muvizu behind the scenes. They appear to be trying to get Muvizu up and running but I think they expect to take at least a few months. (And that's before they even start pointing resources towards the website)
I believe they are only a very small team, perhaps smaller even than Digimania.
2017/11/21 16:30:03
Unable To Use License Key drewi wrote:
'but old licences wont work why should they ?'
perhaps because of loyalty, honour, decency, goodwill ?

They have said that they will honour previous licences, and you should be able to obtain a new licence by showing your proof of purchase from before.
2017/11/11 20:51:33
Some news on Meshmellow's progress omenka01 wrote:
LoL! Why is the forum server repeating my posts??? Pretty strange. I'm I being singled out or what?

You probably refreshed the page after posting - which would cause it to post again each time you refreshed.
2017/11/11 1:25:23
Some news on Meshmellow's progress omenka01 wrote:

Thanks for the info!

But why isn't the company posting that information here on the website, where they are charging/charged people money????? Is the company running on Facebook now?

It's unclear whether this message is actually from Meshmellow or someone posing as a representative for malicious purposes.

Yes, Meshmellow are doing a pretty poor job at communication. But let's face it, Digimania weren't exactly a shining example either.

As for your last point, I'm pretty sure sales have been suspended since May so they haven't taken anyone's money as of yet.
2017/11/10 1:34:49
Some news on Meshmellow's progress Newbie54 wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
Here's what they wrote in a Facebook post on 1st October:

"Hi Everyone. We are pleased to announce that the company Meshmellow has acquired all Digimania assets and software. You may have noticed that the website is now back in action. We are currently working on the licensing system and will report back when we have found a solution.Meshmellow is a Hong Kong registered company with development offices in Shanghai. We will endeavor to continue the development of Muvizu and hope you will support us along the way. As you can appreciate Muvizu is a complex software and please bare with us whilst our team settle into the code."

THE BBB will like to hear about you clowns

I hope that will make you feel better about the situation. We are all frustrated but have to be patient. Meshmellow is a small company and you can't expect them to know the program (Especially one as complex and convoluted as Muvizu) inside out in just a couple of months.
2017/10/29 19:51:26
Unlimited licencing question Newbie54 wrote:
Server down but they have no problem sucking people`s money to buy thier lousy Muvizu tho do they.

Sorry you've lost me there. I'm fairly sure purchasing has been suspended since May due to the activation problem. They're not taking anyone's money, and all the previous money went into paying for Digimania's administration fees. Meshmellow recently bought the rights to Muvizu and therefore haven't taken any of anyone's money so far.
2017/10/29 19:42:53
Unlimited licencing question Newbie54 wrote:
Muvzui Crooks is better name for it.
I have not reached 10 and it still does not work, and no tickets just say try later.

Licencing has been suspended since the server went down at the start of June. The information above is from May and is now invalid until the licencing server is set up by Meshmellow. I assume Meshmellow don't yet have any English-speaking support reps yet since they're a small Chinese company.
You can find more information about the current licencing situation here:
If you have any computer with an active copy of Muvizu:Play+, you can transfer your licence using those methods.

From your profile, I can see you've been using Muvizu for many years and have clearly got your money's worth.
2017/10/29 16:25:35
Unable To Use License Key Newbie54 wrote:
Muvizu BS bought code does not, try to submit a help ticket and it says try later
Muvizu crooks!

You're 6 months late for the saltyness
Back in April the original company called Digimania went into administration, and only recently has the new company, Meshmellow, taken control. You need to give them time to work everything out since they haven't worked on anything like this before.
2017/10/29 2:18:55
can't able to run the muvizu . Sounds like your computer is not capable of running Muvizu. What are the specs of your computer/what computer do you have?
2017/10/27 17:39:10
Render Muvizu output in realtime It's worth noting that this won't be the same quality as if you rendered in Muvizu, and could stutter if your PC struggles with Muvizu anyway.
Interesting solution though.
2017/10/26 2:47:03
Unable To Use License Key fabiovisq wrote:
fabiovisq wrote:
Eu tenho uma licença Muvizu ativo, mas ao tentar atualizar o programa eu recebo a mensagem: Código de erro: w3. como resolver isso?
Obrigado por qualquer ajuda.

I have an active muvizu license but when trying to update the program I get the message: error code: w3. how to solve this?
Thanks for any help.
thank you

You can't fix error W3, you need to wait until the company, who recently bought the rights to Muvizu, get the activation server up and running.
2017/10/24 17:47:34
Unable To Use License Key RobinPRDM wrote:
Thank you very much for the info!, so it is patients with a little bit of hope...

I rechecked today, it's still "W1" as error.

So, getting the folder from the dead drive...that will be expensive.. , but before using such service I will look through my Backup (images), maybe i am lucky and can retrive that folder from a backup...

Do I then copy the complete old folder content over the newly installed on the new HD? Or just a specific (licence?) files?

Anyway, I will inform what happens next, when it happens.

If it's the same computer using the new drive, you should only need to copy over the playplus.lic file to the same place in the new folder and it should reactivate.
2017/10/24 4:55:19
Unable To Use License Key RobinPRDM wrote:

it is October 2017 and my HD crasched, so I needed to reinstall Muvizu (this time on Win10, no XP anymore..)

I cannot upgrade to plus version again, getting a "w1" error code!

Any clue what to do? I learned they are "Under Administration" and no support, etc. but i really really want to continue this great (purchased) product!

Lots of educational projects ahead...

Help! :-)


I don't remember what causes error W1. I would expect error W3 unless they've changed something on the server. (The new company are working on setting it up.)
At the moment it's a waiting game while Meshmellow (Who recently bought the rights to Muvizu) get everything up and running unless you can recover the Muvizu folder from your dead drive.
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