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2016/6/13 18:35:42
Coming Soon 2016 Oh nice chair. Strange headrest though, can't be very comfortable. Maybe that's why the strap are there, to encourage people to sit in the nice chair. You're doing a kids film right?
On a slightly more serious note, I love the incredible detail you've put into this. The phone, the straps, the pipes/wires going up to that box. Brilliant work as always!
2016/6/13 18:13:21
An idea for a contest You should go ahead with whichever option you prefer. Personally I like having a theme because I'm not a very creative person so it's good to have a pointer for what to make.
2016/6/13 16:29:53
license issues You need to right click the Muvizu icon on your desktop and choose "run as administrator"
Your licence should activate after that.
2016/6/13 11:46:35
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. It would probably be easier to do the overlay in an external video editor where you don't need to worry about codecs etc.
However, it is less direct which makes it slightly harder to line things up, and to see what it will look like.
2016/6/13 10:42:34
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. ikes wrote:
Well, to stay a bit on topic here, if this gets through to the developers at all.

I'll try to give work arounds for a few of these but they're all pretty good feature suggestions.
a move, rotate and scale gizmo on selected objects.

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this. Do you want to animate the scale and stuff or are you saying there should be separate controls for each of these things while setting up? If you want to animate scale there's a chance you can by directing properties.
keyframed movement and rotation of groups, of characters, of head and eye-movement and open / close mouth

You can keyframe each object separately and they'll all move together. (Not too sure about rotation though). Not an elegant solution but it's what we have for now.
import of 2D flash and gif animations in textures, camera overlay, ...

You can, in theory, import transparency enabled avi files on to backdrops, so I assume you can also use this for any available texture slot. (It's very picky with codecs though)

That's all I have in terms of work arounds right now. It might be a while for Muvizu to implement any of these features properly.
2016/6/13 7:22:53
An idea for a contest I like the title idea, but it's probably worth experimenting a little with each competition if we are running a few in a row. Think of these next few as testing.
Also, thanks for the title suggestions! (Less than 2 minutes is pretty good; is less than 1 minute too short?)
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2016/6/13 7:12:24
license issues Thanks for the heads up. I'll try answering this once anyway.
Looks like you got the licence working in another thread. Error E2 means you need to run Muvizu as an admin when activating it:
If you get W2 from trying too many times you need to contact support.
2016/6/12 20:02:02
Minimaker....New Digimania Product Sorry to crush your hopes and dreams but it looks like this software is not related to Muvizu in any way. Rather it is for designing characters to 3D print to get people interested in 3D printing. Render Digimania is another example of software from Muvizu's parent company that's not linked to Muvizu. Hopefully we'll get a character with attachment slots for every part in order to create our own characters in the near future, but for now we're stuck. Sorry about that. :/
2016/6/10 20:15:02
An idea for a contest Don't worry Clayster, you go ahead with the first competition. (Your first duty as a Mogul )
I still have just over 3 weeks left of the college year so the timing works out quite well.
I'll probably try out different contest rules so we can build up an idea of what works best.
2016/6/10 16:23:44
An idea for a contest Ok, first of all we might as well stick to this thread rather than have the two running simultaneously.
3 weeks sounds like a good time frame. (If you disagree please say so)
If we have many little challenges (each with a best video and randomly selected winner who each get the prize) then it might encourage users to pump out videos. It may also be too many for people resulting in barely any entries, but you don't know until you try.
I'm alright at set design but the modelling for custom sets may be slightly out of my comfort zone (I'll give it a try anyway!).
I like the idea of starting with a set and making a video from there. Each challenge could have its own concept, picking words, having a set etc.
I agree that you shouldn't be able to put the prize set up on the store for free, but how about as a paid asset?

So, Clayster, you're first!
2016/6/10 8:13:32
Competition? I like the idea of the moguls being a panel of judges which might give more chance to newbies?
I was thinking it should be based on some summery themes, but if clayster is running another contest, maybe this needs to be put on hold for a month or so, so we don't clash.
2016/6/10 8:07:38
An idea for a contest Wow you're way ahead of us in planning this (see )
This seems like a fairly big project for people to do, but I'd be interested to see the results! I might enter myself (unless I'm disqualified because I'm a mogul )

Any chance of you joining forces with us?
2016/6/9 19:51:32
Competition? Thanks for the different point of view urbanlamb!
Would the theme thing rather than a competition with a prize work better in your eyes? Is there a way to form to rules allowing for inexperienced users to have a good chance of winning?
Not sure you can do anything about the deadlines though.
2016/6/9 17:37:26
Competition? A time limit would probably be a good idea, perhaps somewhere around a minute? Maybe 30 seconds would be better.
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2016/6/9 17:18:14
All of my Star Wars Characters for "FREE" clayster2012 wrote:
I could whip up set pack for the prize.

That's not a bad idea. Thanks for the offer!
2016/6/9 17:11:07
Competition? I like the idea of a title and then freedom to do whatever based on it.
Zombie Holiday sounds good, but maybe something to keep for Halloween.
I like the comedy sketches which match the whole cartoon feel of Muvizu. hmmmm..... what would be good titles?

I like the holiday theme, and it's a good time of year for a holiday/vacation based competition.
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2016/6/9 14:00:28
All of my Star Wars Characters for "FREE" ziggy72 wrote:
No, they don't go in your mouth...

I was going to mention this but couldn't put it quite this nicely.
2016/6/9 13:33:42
All of my Star Wars Characters for "FREE" Aha! So you survived the initiation!
Congrats Clayster!

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2016/6/9 8:36:04
Competition? Ah interesting! I like the idea of a challenge since if the Muvizu staff are to busy, it could still be run by regular users. (And maybe more effort can be put in to keep the rules consistent )
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2016/6/8 23:01:15
Competition? I enjoyed the competitions in the past, but there hasn't been any for so long. Since it's been such a long time, many users who are regularly on the forum haven't even experienced any. (I'm thinking AMD fusion, and the various Christmas and Halloween ones)
Would you guys like Muvizu to have another competition? If so, what type would you suggest? What sort of video duration or competition opening time? Would people working on large projects want it later on in the year or next year? Are prizes a good idea?

So many questions, it would be interesting to hear what you all have to say about it.
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