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2016/6/8 20:21:10
Hello.. Police Hat UV Map Other than the colours or position of the hat, you can't really do much with it I'm afraid.
You could try to find one on the Sketchup warehouse and import it, but often the faces are around the wrong way and it comes out screwed up.
The two realistic options are you use the existing hat, or make your own in Sketchup or Blender and import from there.
Having said that, there's a chance you might be able to convince some people here to make one for you if you ask nicely.
2016/6/7 20:45:20
Thinking of getting this software Welcome to Muvizu!
Here's a very quick overview:
  • Free/very low cost compared to other similar software
  • Easy (It fits the old slogan perfectly: Direct, don't animate)
  • Fast to animate (Which is good for quick silly sketches, although there are actually some feature length films in the works)
  • Great community support for how-to guides etc and very good tech support from the staff


  • Updates aren't as frequent as you might expect since there is only a small team of developers
  • Sometimes bugs are introduced with newer versions so it's best to install the new version separately and test it before moving your sets over.
  • You're limited to the cartoony characters that come with Muvizu
  • When importing objects, Muvizu tends to be a bit picky about the formats, collision, and complexity.
  • Muvizu uses the Unreal 3 engine underneath, so if you don't have a reasonably powerful graphics card then you might run in to lag here and there.

I think that's covered the main points.

In terms of learning how to use Muvizu, check out:
The tutorials:
The wiki:
And other posts here on the forum.
If you can't find an answer to your problems in any of these places, then we're happy to help out. Just post your questions on the forum!
2016/6/7 8:04:56
Minimizing collision on Blender FBX exports Thanks for the update. Good luck with your video!
2016/6/6 20:44:53
Minimizing collision on Blender FBX exports You might be better off trying out just putting the collision cube on the centre point of the axis and doing a bit of trial and error before the others are online to help out.
2016/6/6 20:40:35
just about to give up with this program You can have multiple versions of Muvizu installed provided you change the folder name during the installation. Can you be more specific about the render problems? Does your computer meet the minimum requirements?
By the way, you may notice that the price is low compared to other similar animation software and that's to reflect that there is actually a very small team working on the application so you can't expect updates quite as often as with other, larger software companies.
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2016/6/6 19:54:22
Minimizing collision on Blender FBX exports Muvizu uses Unreal 3 so the tutorials for that should apply.
2016/6/6 18:55:35
Minimizing collision on Blender FBX exports What sort of problems did you have when importing? ASE is quite a dodgy format, but it tends to work quite well in Muvizu.
Are you able to make a layer called collision_node? If Muvizu's automatically making collision, then making your own should stop it.
2016/6/6 18:47:46
Minimizing collision on Blender FBX exports The people you'll want to speak to are Ziggy72, Fazz68, urbanlamb, Clayster, or ukBerty.
Some of them will probably turn up later this evening to help out.
Unfortunately, as far as I understand, it's not as easy to remove collision from an fbx files as it is an ase file.
There's some details here:
Are they relatively complex models? Muvizu has a limit for the number of polygons before things go very wrong.
2016/6/5 21:41:53
Depth of field and layers In the import menu there should be an option for image sequences. Are you using this? The other layers should be identical in format to the background so I'm not sure why it's getting treated differently.
2016/6/5 21:35:19
Depth of field and layers Do you mean you can't import the layers as an image sequence or just because they're layers? I don't really understand what you mean by not being able to get the layers in.
2016/6/5 15:29:49
Arm Yourself! +1 For the pun.
I'm not sure if the smoking one covers this, but how about a pinching position?
2016/6/4 16:42:20
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. Rocque wrote:
I hear it is beautiful and a great place to live

Especially if you love rain! When I went up a few years ago, they informed me that it's only sunny one week per year if you're lucky.
2016/6/3 18:52:36
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. PatMarrNC wrote:
speaking of which.. is the Muvizu headquarters open to visitors? If I ever travel to Scotland to research my ancestry, do they let wild-eyed foreigners inside to look around?

They used to, perhaps that's something to ask Jamie. Might be a change from "Add more features" or "Help my Muvizu is ded"
2016/6/3 16:29:49
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. PatMarrNC wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:

However, I would certainly like to see what's currently in the works vs what's highest on the current to-do lists but, unfortunately, I doubt they'd release this information.

we need to find a covert agent who lives in or near Glasgow to "drop in" and casually look at the bulletin board... then report back to the rest of us. ;-)
Know anybody? ;-)

Sounds good. Agent Dragon perhaps?
2016/6/3 16:18:22
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. I think you've hit the nail on the head there, Pat.
The devs have quite a lot on their to-do list. A few years ago they had a physical post-it note board with the suggestions but they rapidly outgrew this with the number of suggestions and lack of resources. To have more features added, they'd need to employ more staff, which means the cost of Muvizu would increase rather dramatically.
However, I would certainly like to see what's currently in the works vs what's highest on the current to-do lists but, unfortunately, I doubt they'd release this information.
2016/6/3 8:24:47
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. primaveranz wrote:
Removal of the collision system and physics - they serve no function and in fact reduce usability.

I agree except for the collision of characters walking on objects. (And the collision with the ground)
However, as Berty says, this is most likely an Unreal problem so there's not much we can do about it.
primaveranz wrote:
The ability to keyframe character positions (if not actions).

I'm not sure how this would work, since the running and walking are set speeds yet keyframes are designed for varying speeds. I'd be interested to see if this could work but it would mean a redesign of the whole movement system.
primaveranz wrote:
The ability to copy and paste keyframes (especially for cameras).

primaveranz wrote:
The ability to keyframe object motions accurately e.g. to allow rotating wheels and helicopter blades.

Yes, but I think this is just possible with the current version if you manage to work it out.
primaveranz wrote:
Better transitions between actions - some "jump" in a very jarring manner.

I'd like to see this, but (again) the action system is baked right into Muvizu so would probably need a redesign for this.
primaveranz wrote:
Less exagerrated actions e.g. runs
Less exagerration of starting actions e.g. before a run.

I think this is as easy as adding another action, so this is quite likely.
primaveranz wrote:
Pop up screens which are context sensitive, i.e. when I edit a character his form appears, if I click on another character the form remains but applies to the new character or object.

primaveranz wrote:
The timeline to stop disappearing from the screen all the time.

primaveranz wrote:
The ability to have multiple dialogue clips for a character.

So many times this has been requested, but it would probably require an entire audio editor system since people would soon ask "Oh can I change the pitch or speed a tiny bit, and perhaps split the audio clip". So yes but it would need work.
primaveranz wrote:
And by far the most important - the ability to stretch and compress actions on the timeline.

This seems quite easy in my head, but the staff have yet to comment on if this is possible. Currently the little clips are keyframed in by the devs with set intervals between each tiny movement to build up the whole movement. It would need to be possible to have this as a variable timing.
primaveranz wrote:
Having 360 degree video ability is of short-lived interest, but I'd swap it for any single one of the above.


Also, Clayster, would it be possible to add a couple of full stops here and there?
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2016/6/3 7:14:04
Is this by design or a bug? Sounds like a bug to me.
2016/6/2 21:27:29
CHinese History pack issue Are they in a character attachment slot? Right click a character (One of the potato head ones like man or woman) and go to the hands section. Is there anything there?
2016/6/2 18:00:17
Using Alpha Channel Instead of Chroma Key in Post Thanks for spending the time to explain this. I've tried to cover this on the Wiki but it's a bit all over the place (Layers separate to the transparency and exporting). Do you mind if I borrow some of this wording for the Wiki?
2016/6/1 20:06:36
My first published Muvizu Video While you're editing, you could put most of the unimportant stuff in a single layer and then hide the layer while you're working on it. When you come to render the video, just make this layer visible again. This will certainly help your PC deal with the workload.
Is there anything specific that would make the forum/site easier to navigate? I've been here so long through a few iterations of the site so I'm sort of used to/blind to any issues.
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